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  1. My wife got me a copy of the book "Marguerite Wildenhain & the Bauhaus". It's a book about the famed Pond Farm potter and was edited by Dean Schwarz who was a student of Marguerite and my college pottery instructor. I've admired this book for several years and was so surprised and thrilled to get it!
  2. I threw pots in college...as did many folks...but I was a rather lacklustre student. I enjoyed it...but never caught the fever. Over the years I developed a fascination for ceramic bowls...I collected them and displayed them and used them...but never had the opportunity to throw. Fast forward 34 years...my wife asked me if I would like to take lessons from a friend who is a professional potter...I thought why not? After the first lesson I was hooked...and my life has been forever changed! I am addicted to clay for the peace it brings me. I have often said that when I am centering clay on the wheel I feel I am centering my life. There is great joy in taking a lump of clay and guiding it and allowing it to guide me to the pot that is to be found within. When a bowl or vase or platter is forming in front of me I find such great satisfaction in the process and the discovery!
  3. Well, I am 56 and just sat back down at the wheel two years ago after a 35 year absence. I still work at a full-time job and spend my nights and weekends in the studios or at art fairs. Since I came to this in a backwards way...being that it will be my full-time profession once I retire...I don't envision retiring from it until I can no longer lift a ball of clay. It has changed my life...in a VERY good way...and I ain't a goin' back! Live fully...live centered my friends
  4. In 1976-77 I took 2 semesters of pottery at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa under the tutelage of Dean Schwarz who was a student of Marguerite Wildenhain...this was a rather lacklustre attempt at ceramics and I spent the next 34 years as an avid lover of other people's pottery. I collected bowls and pitchers, but never thought that I would again sit at a wheel. Well, 2 years ago my wife asked me if I would like to take a class from a good friend of ours who is a full time potter...after one lesson I was hooked! We have since moved to a new home where I can have a studio with a kiln...I own my own ez-up white tent...I'm booked at several art fairs and my life has been transformed in ways I never imagined!!! I still work my day job and will continue to, but my off time is spent bent over a wheel, at the glaze table or loading and unloading my kiln. In my 20's I wasn't ready for clay...but in my 50's it has captured my life!
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