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  4. I was sent exact dimensions and product photos. If they like the prototypes they'll send some finished examples so I can see more closely. I've already thrown 4, have thrown spouts and pulled handles so I should have some finished by tonight.
  5. I bought a porcelain mug with a lovely frosty blue glaze and an exposed 1 1/2" bottom area. First use with Lemon Zinger tea revealed a hairline crack going up the exposed area. I suspect that the thickness of the wall as well as the tension between glazed and unglazed both contributed to the fail, but also the relative density of porcelain Exposed porcelain will never really look pristine again after it leaves the kiln. Granite stoneware still looks fine after 20+ years. Most red stone wares also still look good with no staining.
  6. Good luck Liam! Do the have to contain an exact amount of fluid? Friend was making 1litre port bottles with elaborate label...clay sprigged on. She nailed it for years. Hot summer temps sent her crszy though
  7. Thanks Liam. Appreciate your help

    Regards richard 

  8. The cone 6 glaze will be very under fired at 04. Most likely it will be very dry, having not melted.
  9. Is it ok to mix mid-fire and low fire glazes on the same piece and fire at cone 04? What happens with the cone 6 glaze when it is fired at cone 04 temps? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new here but my 2 cents - I think it's a good idea but using Google auth is too slow, need to enter numbers. But there is other 2 factor auths - email link and etc, even QR cod scan will be better instead of entering numbers from the app. Regards, Ross
  11. I have been glazing and firing bowls all weekend, no surprise. But today I am making a few carafes for a company on the east coast to see if they'd like to do business with me. Just a little commission gig to get some money flowing. Supposedly 20 a month at 40 a piece, that's at least enough spending cash to buy more clay and feed my real addiction lol.
  12. I could but that would be really expensive here, my garbage service is 60 dollars a month for one 20 gallon can (60lbs) and we are a family of 4 with 4 animals so it's pretty much full every week. I thought yard waste would be a good fit since it's free and this is organics, but I guess they've had issues in the past with it gumming up their machines. Womp womp! Now if it really does kill vegetation I have about 500 sq ft on my property of ivy and blackberries that could use a clay treatment heh. Will more than likely ignore it until next summer and try to foot wedge it all outdoors.
  13. You can't put it in your Green Waste barrel, but you might be able to put in in the Trash barrel (as long as it doesn't make the barrel too heavy). Call your waste collection company and see.
  14. This is what the Art A Fair in Laguna did with everyone the year I was there. You told them how many you needed at which prices, then they printed them for you. With a large number of participants, this would assure consistency of printing.
  15. you might open some of them to see their interior condition. the ones outside will probably be very poor quality, nobody in business would put good molds outside to be destroyed by the weather. they are heavy and were probably put outside just to get them out of working space. look for crisp edges and details. if not there, your molds are trash. to see their quality, push a piece of soft clay into the most detailed area and look at the result.
  16. On my bisques I usually candle for 4 hours with the lid cracked, I have found that even pieces on the slightly moist side of bone dry are fine like that. If it's moist like in a leather stage I think I'd just wait a day or two.
  17. If you are just firing test tiles, made from white clay and nothing else, then once the tiles are bone dry the firing can go quickly allowing that they are not stacked solid in the kiln. If you take a room temperature test tile (or pot) and put it against your cheek it shouldn't feel cool. If it does then you need to either let them dry longer outside the kiln or do a candle (preheat) in the kiln to dry them out. If the tiles are still damp then a candle of 200F an hour up to 185F with a 2 hour hold should be adequate then I'ld just run the preprogrammed fast bisque program.
  18. OK, it's not exactly on the workbench, but it is close by Greetings of the season.
  19. @LeeU, thanks for the elaboration on your thoughts. Your input is appreciated.
  20. Test tiles, smart! White clay, also smart, less problems. My kiln is manual, hence not much help on programming your controller. Good news is your results should be much more repeatable. Also good news, your kiln and controller are well documented. Bisque load takes about ten hours for me (having run any water off the night before). Take good notes, and have fun!
  21. Thanks, The rampmaster has a slow bisque button and fires similar to that I mentioned above. The link to the ramp master manual is https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/3a9418_dc2236499ac84a71a2aaa5dab96eceba.pdf they also have videos available on you tube
  22. To give you a generic answer would mean to ask what kiln, what controller etc..... Instead let me say this: Drying, within a couple days - the green clay that was thrown needs enough time to thoroughly dry out, often referred to as bone dry first. The purpose of bisque firing is to burn out all the hydrocarbons and impurities while sintering your ware so time and temp are important Sintered Clay is still very porous and will absorb your glaze consistently. One popular temperature to bisque to would be cone 04 1945F The timeframe to fire is usually about 14 hours and does not exceed about 200 degrees per hour An initial period of drying time below 212 F is usually included just to make sure your clay is thoroughly dry so a sudden release of steam does not crack your ware. Having said all that we will need to know what kind of kiln you have. Below I have posted an 04 automatic cone fire schedule for you to see. If you have this control and pressed slow bisque to 04 then this is the schedule it would run.
  23. Hi hulk evenheat 3 cubic ft rampmaster controller stoneware clay white at this moment I’m making test tiles 60 mmx35 mm thanks
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