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  2. I know you’re right and I will check the Specific Gravity of my glazes. I thought it was OK to run excess water from a bucket before stirring and always have done so but I now know certain ingredients can dissolve in water and I would be running those off. It’s very hot weather here and I can put my glaze buckets in the sun and get the water to evaporate off. I didn’t see a link and so I don’t know who Min or Neil are.
  3. Hi Neil Thanks for getting back to me. The position of resistant points on the new Infinite switch put in from Paragon does not sit in the same positions as my old switch. I have 3 points where you can feel it click on. They would be 11o'clock, 12o'clock and 2o'clock. On the old switch it would be 12, 2 and 3 on the clock face. Through trials I have worked out that at say 11 o'clock it is cycling at 55% on with all elements on. At 12 o'clock (classed as off) it is on full high no cycling all elements on. At 1o'clock only the bottom 4 elements come on so I'm guessing it might be low or an overglaze position. Haven't got around to working out percentages around the rest of the switch. This switch is confusing as it's supposed to be put in upside down in the Duncan kilns. I did speak to paragon about the positions of the switch not lining up and they just agreed it was weird so I don't know. Is there any way to increase the power going through the switch to get it to heat more?
  4. Might get brown with Manganese....
  5. The University i use to work at wouldn't lead a paper clip out. And you could be reprimanded and or fired if caught. Seriously.
  6. Just learn to see what the backpresure at thge spy plugs looks like. You may want to do this at night as its way easier to see. Once you learn what to look for (blue or yellow flame ) on a spy plug it will become second nature. Not that hard. The only guage thats made it super easy is an oxygen meter. This tells you the atmosphere in a number form. I fired for 25 years without one-seat of the pants I call it -its pretty easy. The oxy meter means my wife can check it and dial it in . You do not need one-just another tool
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  8. Yes, we use instruments that read pressure often compensated for temperature. Accuracy is a thing and do we trust one reading as representative of the average or do we need more than one point. Any way you look at it, it becomes difficult to be accurate and yes the more accurate the more expense. Should we check for flame roll out as well? There are tasks that are relatively easy for humans to control precisely by observing secondary air ports etc... that are really tough to automate accurately. Learning how to fire a gas kiln by repetition and observation is truly a skill. And yes electronic pressure sensors can use any methodology that is accurate and repeatable. Piezo May have a use here. Strain gauge and know diaphragm distortion likely have a place here as well as other methods.
  9. Get your stuff bisque fired by other person. Look up firing in barrels or pits. Search these forums. Lots of examples and advice. If you feel too much, select pieces you love , glaze and get friend to fire,and put prices on your pots to cover your outlay of$$ Good luck
  10. From that pic. The glaze looks too thin even initially. Time to test the Specific gravity of glaze if need to reproduce effect. Great link by Min here re how to do that. Some glazes can handle water beung emoved from top of bucket after it has been allowed to settle a while thus giving you a thicker glaze. Forget glaze vanishing into the ether. Don't reach thosetemps in your kiln:-) Neil's method is a good one as it works for his glazes but as he gets on to say some glazes wont handle drying to that extent. Change one thing at a time she says.
  11. Diz, Have you tried Pottery Making? best, Pres
  12. what seems "fun" to some, seems overwhelming to others....
  13. Are you sure the switches are installed correctly and they're actually on high? That's the only thing I can think of. Do all the elements glow? Have you checked your service voltage? Is the power cord getting hot?
  14. I have no idea. I've only ever fired gas kilns manually. Automation takes the fun out of it!
  15. How does one monitor the pressure in the kiln? Does a person use a manometer and a water column, a piezoelectric plate, or is there a special guage that costs a bundle of money? Jed
  16. Hi, I'm wondering if any one can enlighten me on how the old Duncan kilns reached their cone 6 firings. If some body owned one would be great. These kilns just work with a sitter. I have owned this kiln for 12 years and have mostly fired earthenware cone 019 to cone 03 without a problem. In the past couple of years I have been wishing to fire to cone 6 due to some beautiful new clays coming out requiring cone 6 firing. I managed to reach cone 5/6 a couple of times in around 15 hrs before it blew out to more than 20 hrs. So I changed elements found a blown relay basically put in all new switches etc. After all the new parts I can't seem to reach cone 6 again. This kiln has a manual setting and auto setting. I've tried both to reach my goal of cone 6. It's rated to cone 8. Previously I had the settings on my kiln at automatic and it just ticked along with me not paying too much attention to what temperature it actually reached because it fired in a reasonable time frame and pieces turned out perfectly. I have been paying closer attention to the temperature this time around due to not reaching cone 6. My kiln reaches 1000 degrees celcius in around 6 hrs and doesn't rise above that. So any cones I reach are put down by heat work not temperature. So is this normal for Duncan kilns or should it actually be reaching a higher temperature and for whatever reason I'm just not getting there. If any one can answer this I would be grateful. I've had 2 electricians look it over and both say it's all good and should be performing. Thanks for your time Regards Kerry
  17. hope it was not a lot of your clay inventory. toss it or use the clay for making molds that you would cast in plaster. or around a plaster mold being made with cottles. or trash it somehow. firing a cone 10 clay to cone 6 would be just as waterproof as a paper bag. firing cone 6 clay to cone 10 might make you very sorry about the kiln. toss it without another thought.
  18. smokey, you will be happy to have those sides, especially if you are sited next to a "fragrant soap" maker. or someone who is burning something to make wood art. or an unsightly background you would rather not have your customers see behind your beautiful work. remember all the photos you have seen with some innocent tourist standing in front of a smokestack or something coming out of that little tourist head.
  19. Hello clay hive mind! I was happily making some planters and cups last week out of clay I'd marbled. I thought I'd used Laguna Speckled Buff and B-Mix (50/50), but no ... turns out it was Speckled Buff and Soldate. ugh - I'd grabbed the wrong bag. Is my bone dry greenware trash? Can I fire at Cone6 and get some use out of them? I'm thinking that the cups are NOT food safe (plus bonus: they likely won't hold hot liquid), but can I use them as planters? Some folks say that porous planters are best anyway ... (trying to find some silver lining here). I'd love to hear anyone else's experience or advice. Thanks!
  20. All good points Mark I decided to buy my own , 3 sides it is
  21. I am looking at a 181 as a test kiln. Is the 181 a cone 10 kiln? I will fire to 6.
  22. Normally side walls I think are a must but thats to make you and your neighbor separate . The sale you are speaking about is near solo ,so I think side panels are not needed-maybe one side to stop wind or sun. If you are thinking using this later after covid at shows then yes you will need them if nothing else but to close up at night in a 3-or two day show. For a one off show no need. Get 4 sides so you can wrap booth at night.
  23. precious, the temperature for firing bisque and for raku is about 1800 degrees f. some people think they can fire in an oven that cleans itself because it gets "so hot". that temp is about 800 degrees. scrap the idea of making a raku kiln from the old oven and forget about making anything finished in the 3 weeks you have. if you really want to make a raku kiln, look at the video on how to make one using a trash can lid. just the lid, some wire garden fencing and some very high temperature insulation sold by pottery supply stores. using all the skill you will develop, you might be able to finish something in time for christmas. the best video i have seen is by cindy bracker and is about 9 minutes long. you do not have to buy the kit she sells, you can get the parts separately. i have seen this kind of kiln fire over many years, it works so simply, i cannot understand why people fool around with anything else. remember, you do not start learning to bake by starting with a wedding cake. it really takes time.
  24. I will need to wash off a mistake from my bisqueware tomorrow AM, if I leave it outside in very hot weather will a few hours be long enough to wait then reglaze and put in kiln that late afternoon?
  25. How important would you consider side walls?
  26. Thanks so much for the info - not exactly what I wanted to hear. Spring/ Summer 2018 is the last issue I received with my subscription to extend for another year. Thanks for the offer to share your existing magazines but I have every issue printed, back to where it was more of a printed newsletter in the beginning. To students I always described Clay Ties as the magazine where the authors said "I made this and this is how you can too'. Articles shared info freely and you could tell the potter loved what he/she was doing. Hopefully someone else will start another printed magazine as I am one who loves to have the paper in my hand rather than a computer screen. Thanks again for the responses- this forum is another priceless font of information. Stay healthy and with dirty hands, arms,clothes.... Diz
  27. Decorative arts make the world go round.  Painting, sketching, pottery and sculpting are all excellent.

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