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  3. Huh, that's a good idea - to stick your materials for roasting in the kiln together with luster stuff!
  4. That's exactly how it worked (still does!) at the studio I used to hang out at! Toilet brushes and all!
  5. @prattcm, since you have a 3D printer you could print out a collar and use a coil of clay to attach it to the mold. edit: we posted at the same time, ignore what I wrote above. I'ld get the slip into the mold faster and start measuring the specific gravity if you aren't already doing that. It might need adjusting.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. This is what the mold looks like closed. I have two silicone funnels I put in each hole. The slip does not drop below the mold level during casting. These lines happen during the initial filling of the mold
  7. Yeah I use a red clay bisqued pot to calcine and haven't noticed any discoloration or ill effects, but I only calcine to cone 022-018 now so I'm not wasting energy during lustre firings.
  8. In a perfect world I'ld use a bisqued shallow pot. If you didn't crank the kiln up too fast my hunch is using a greenware dark clay probably won't make an appreciable difference to what is being roasted or calcined.
  9. Molds need a larger area at top of spur to fill extra so as the walls thicken it drops down but is above mold level.You can and may have to top this off as well as the level drops. Molds made without this reservoir will have issues.You can add this top with a collar to yours as it looks like this may be an issue
  10. @Josephine contreras Yep, just call Bartlett and they can sell you a new one that will fit in the opening. www.bartinst.com
  11. Got wet in the rain,Buttons would not respond to commands. Would not respond at all Removed from Kiln and box.
  12. Bartlett Instrument Co Fort Madison ,Ia I have the Operation Manual. What do you need to Know?
  13. Can you give us more info on the kiln, and the specific brand of controller? That's not a model I'm familiar with. Where are you located? Pictures of the kiln and controller might help, too.
  14. Unless you overfill (i.e. into a reservoir) I cannot see how you can add slip rapidly towards the end (or avoid the need for continual topping up). I don't know that this is a problem, but it feels all wrong. I would at least try with a clay or plasticine cottle so you can see the effect of filling the entire mold at full flow-rate.
  15. Looks good. Will have you have you come over and show me how you make your molds because mine are always ugly.
  16. Yeah I 3D printed the original model and made the mold myself. Picked a nice easy project to start with... anyway it’s stoneware slip and I think the shrinkage is around 11% if I remember correctly. I’ve looked and I think I should be able to find some dry mix that is close enough.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ahh ok! Your stuff looks 3d printed or professionally molded so you probably need a specific shrinkage as well, so that might be tough if it's already sized for the commercial slip
  19. I haven’t been doing this whole ceramics thing too long, but I’ve just been using it because of the simplicity. I’m sure I will mix my own before too long, but haven’t taken the leap yet.
  20. I need to replace my Controller a THP kiln 600 .Can I Replace it with the new one ?
  21. Ahh ok, in that case I don't think there is a lot you can do to fix that issue. Is there a reason you don't mix your own? There are some great easy to mix porcelain slips
  22. So I get this slip in 2 gallon bags premixed. I was wondering if this looks like there could be an issue with the mixture. I could try to talk to the supplier about it the next time I buy more.
  23. I have a 5 gallon bucket up on a shelf with a hose coming out of the bottom that I use. It comes out pretty slowly though. I can try a different way to fill it more quickly to see if that fixes the issue.
  24. Not only greenware !!! It did not happen with my bisque, but I can attest that it happened after glaze was washed off bisque & then reglazed & fired within 2 days.
  25. ... and if you're dipping your hands in while it's turned on - make sure it's plugged into a GFCI outlet.
  26. @Min Just curious: Would you still recommend against doing this with a dark clay if the pot is not going to be glazed, but only being used as a container for calcining / roasting ?
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