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  2. I put down a layer of wax, scratch my initials through the wax with a needle tool, fill them in with underglaze, and wipe off the excess.
  3. That's probably a custom made extruder, and it's much better for extruding those small coils than a typical wall mount would be. However it would not be good for extruding much else. For one, it's terribly slow. If I were to do something like that which requires a lot of force to move clay through a tiny hole, I'd modify a car jack. It would be a lot less effort than turning that screw. Notice how much force it takes for him to turn it.
  4. I don't do any recycling at my studio. It's not worth the time and money. Lots of full time potters do not recycle, because their time is better spent making pots or doing other things related to running their business. Do not feel guilty about it. If you can donate it to someone who can use it, then do. But if not, it's just going to go back into the ground.
  5. kraythe, the video is of a worker in an industrial factory, not a private studio. the machinery you saw is not just a common extruder but an industrial machine made by an expert in heavy machinery. is is not available for you to buy.
  6. That's a good idea. I'll look into this, thanks!
  7. are you anywhere near a school that teaches ceramics? consider donating if you have to do NO WORK at all.
  8. I wasn't sure what topic to put this under, but it's about clay. Sorry if this is a repeat subject. Our company recycles 100% of our clay that isn't considered to be contaminated. We have a reclaim system that one of our employees manages, but this person is moving on from the company in a few days. They get the clay to the right consistency and run it through the pug to be reused. The problem we are running into is that it's actually cheaper and simpler to order new clay than it is to manage this process and inventory. So here's the crazy idea that might upset some folks. What if we got an extra disposal container and threw our scraps away? Im looking for pros and cons here. Here are some I've thought of so far: Pros: Cheaper, no (known) negative environmental effects, more reliable clay consistency, fewer defects as a result of foreign contaminates, simpler training for employees Cons: Someone worked hard to get this clay out of the ground, sounds bad in marketing, Another option is to donate Thoughts?
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  10. So this talk from NCECA this spring, which I unfortunately missed in person, is now up on YouTube. The speaker worked at Etsy for a number of years, and is a former Etsy seller herself, and she gives a good insider breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of Etsy. It's a 45 minute video, but you can listen to it hands free while you work.
  11. @Min Square does sell a barcode reader it integrates with. It runs about $150 online, shipping time 5-7 days. I believe you need the stand and an Ipad as well, for another $200 for the stand and whatever the ipad runs for if you don't already own one. Barcode generation software is easy to come by, and I did find some of that for free. So not exorbitant, as far as till systems go, but it depends on wether it will be used again, or for how much volume as to wether or not something like that is cost effective.
  12. Probably not for free and/or cheap. Is there a budget you have to work with?
  13. I was wondering about barcoded labels, each vendor getting a supply of those with their pricepoints. Gallery scanning the codes at POS so the customer can get out the door quickly then scanned barcodes getting directly put in software file for each vendor. An app for smartphones that can scan barcodes maybe? Does a system like this exist?
  14. There is a fair bit of spam, we try and get it removed quickly. Members and guests can report a post if they think it's spam then the mods and admin get notified via a report of it. If it's obvious spam then we delete it straight away but there are times when a spammer tries to work the forum in a roundabout way so in those cases it sometimes takes a bit longer to verify that it's coming from a spammer.
  15. Used to dip the bottom of pots in wax when bone dry in the day, then scratch through the wax with a stylus to expose the bare clay, then use a sponge to water etch the surface. Negative, not raised, but still worked. Don't mess with it anymore. best, Pres
  16. If you're using Square, use it as the till system it is. Enter each artist's items, and enter their name under the "category" section. Then you can look up sales by category over your preferred time frame from the dashboard, and you can tell at a glance who sold what. It's a bit of data entry to get it set up, but it makes it way easier in the end. Someone familiar with Square should be able to set something like that up in an afternoon. Edited to add: We used this exact setup when we were working with about 60 different artists at a small one week show. The accounting at the end was very straightforward. added again: the only other software I have used myself would be designed for consignment situations, and it's more suitable for a permanent setup due to the initial software purchase and a bit of a steeper learning curve because it's got more functions you can get confused by.
  17. I have seen very little in the way of spam on the forums...most of the time what I have seen has been just a couple of times and usually on holiday weekends. Is this because there really isn't that much or that the Admin folks are doing such a great job of filtering before it gets to us ?
  18. Im the Plumber from Fallonator.com I interested in talking Reduction in electric kilns. send me a email
  19. Thanks OldLady, I should have been more clear in my post. Tags and inventory on a spreadsheet isn't a problem, it's the time the staff at the gallery need to spend getting the sales to the correct vendors that's the bottleneck.
  20. Thanks for your responses. I think what you all said is pretty much what I expected. I know the pitting isn't really a problem, just thought the coating might prevent the aluminum from reacting with porcelaneous clays. I certainly don't want paint bits in my clay! I think I'll just leave it alone!
  21. How about moving the kiln? Depending on the size of the kiln, forklift access would probably be necessary. I'd worry about damaging a used brick kiln moving it. I've never done it personally, but it seems to me like a headache. My propane kiln is much cheaper to fire than my electric kiln. Based on per cubic measurement.
  22. the gallery in frederick, md has used square for years. recently got a new terminal because the old one was unreliable. even i can use it now. our members are "categories" and their inventory lists are varied. some potters number every single pot with a brief description. their numbers range into the thousands. i was advised to list my items by price, calling the first one 001 and its price, going upward from there. i have 21 price points and i do not feel the need to identify things more closely. some have a group of pots identified by price and color. tags read Initials of the potter, inventory number 22 C to indicate the price and the color. that way, they can list 10 items as bowls at $35 and this one is green. letter D might be for brown. saves the cashier time searching for that particular item at sale time. to work the tags must be correct. the only problem i know of is the initials of the potter, they must be distinct so checks can be mailed to the correct person. (i have never seen as many AB names in my life!!) i could use some actual training on using it's features more efficiently but it seems to do the job very well.
  23. overheard at local JC ceramic lab "Manhandle the clay" "Be gentle with the clay" "Respect the clay" "Rule the clay" "Feel the clay" Each has some merit ...feel and respect covers it f'me tho'
  24. I've used Blick for Speedball underglazes; they have periodic sales as well https://www.dickblick.com/products/speedball-ceramic-underglazes/ ; looks like Clay-King beats'm by a bit...
  25. No foot at all really, Babs. The outside line of the pot was just straight down the wall (right past the level of where the bottom was inside) with a slight turn in at the very bottom outside to create a small shadow line. Amazing how it almost sheared off all the way around, just slightly below the level of the inside bottom.
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