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  2. I avoid loans of any kind. I really have not needed them. I have business friends who have gotten some of the cheap (and really free money out there now ) loans.I have not had a loan in a few decades.I started with not much money 47 years ago and have tried to keep it all within my circle of income. Ya I had a mortgage -paid off in 1993. I took out a 10k equity loan for 18 months againest my house in 2002 for my 2nd boat purchase -I no longer carry that line of home credit(long story but I gave my neighbor over 100 square feet (we did a line adjustment with the county from being harmed by anothers survey line) when I had that line of credit and Wells Fargo made me pay 300$ for them to approve since they where on the note. I let it expire and never looked back.I have always hated loans. I know a few who got the PPP loans and only used the free money part and paid the non free part back .I like the keep expenses low for potters as you never know whats coming.Now that money is no longer what it used to be I still like living within your my means. I like to put away money and have done a good job of that in my life.I own all my stuff outright and have most of my life. Its paid off in spades.
  3. Glaze days Monday -tuesday-large wholesale order locally at a Restaurant/gift shop I have been in since 1973. Will be firing a car kiln and the small  12  cubic footer in a few days-unload next Monday 

  4. Thanks a lot, tomorrow is the first test with cone 05
  5. Yeah 1230 C is right in between Cone 6 and 7. So you could still do functional wares at Cone 3 or 4.
  6. If it is 3 phase you should be able to change it over without an issue being that it has a sitter. If it is 208 volt it would require new elements.
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  8. My boss got an SBA loan just to keep us all with medical insurance. 20 employees, 686 dollars a month per employee, 3 months, that's 41,000 just in insurance premiums. Oof. We also have leased equipment and software licenses to the tune of 15,000 a month, so almost 100,000 just in maintaining the bare minimum. Insane. They have 5 years to pay it off, I think this was the second round of SBA loans wirh much better terms
  9. I've gotten 2 small grants and a SBA loan. I have one year to start paying on the loan and show what it was spent on, maybe not pay all of it back. Not at all sure if that will be the case. One of the state grants, which was $2k, I didn't even fill out an application. All this money floating around. I can't see where we won't have increased inflation.
  10. Unfortunately yes! Very realistic! Ausiefarm dogs really intelligent. No anthropomophic content at all Not mine!
  11. I recently received a kiln and several used molds that are in great shape. The kiln appears to be well cared for however I am unable to see if it is functional as my home does not have the proper electrical. I am interested in selling. Since I received the unit and accessories yesterday I have not been able to sort thru completely. I live in Scottsdale AZ and would be available for someone to come to my house to inspect. I do not have a truck so I can not meet. I am still doing research on the values of these items. I have included photos of the inventory and once it cools down a bit here in AZ; 112 deg F today, I will let you know more. So far there are molds for jars, animal shapes, jewerly, and much much more.
  12. hi, I never thanked for the help received. the wax alumina resist works very well!
  13. Is 1230 C° in cone 6!! I get it so maybe my kiln would be able to firing in cone 4 or 3.
  14. @Newby Carol On low and medium it probably won't get hot enough to see cones inside. Put it on high and carefully crack the lid after a few minutes with the lights off and see if all the elements are glowing. If they all glow, then go ahead and do a bisque firing and see how it goes.
  15. For safety, your burners need to have a pilot burner with a flame sensor and shutoff valve. A Baso valve is the simplest way to do that. The pilot burner could be a very small burner LIKE THIS that primarily just keeps the main burner lit but can get the kiln up to 200F overnight, or you could use a small venturi burner that puts out more heat. With power burners you generally only need two, so you just put a Baso valve and burner on each one. If you've got multiple venturi burners (some larger kilns have 6-10 burners) it can get expensive and complicated to put a valve and pilot on each burner, so they use a pipe with little holes (ring burner) that goes to all the burners, and a flame sensor at one end. I don't love those because if holes get clogged you could have a burner that doesn't have a pilot flame on it, but it seems to be the standard for that type of setup. I would just be careful to check the pilot flame at the start of each firing. If it's just humidity, I wouldn't worry too much about moisture in the bricks. It's not like they're getting rained on and soaked, and soft brick won't blow up since they're so porous.
  16. @Dan_W, which blue stains?
  17. Organic carbon burns out from approx 150–320°C. Inorganic carbon from clays burns out from 700–900°C. Sulfur will burn out from 700 - 1150C . So a bisque of 700C is just starting to burn out the inorganic carbons. The clay could be sintered but it's going to be a very soft bisque. I don't know enough about kohiki ware to know if a 700C bisque is the normal practice. Maybe it's a compromise between raw glazing and bisque firing to higher temps.
  18. Hmmm, I'm baffled. I've tried a lot of percentages of blue, even going for 20% out of desperation for the last failed attempt (the suggestion being 8).
  19. I would not sweat the low dirty flame either-it will all be fine even if it soots up for an hour or two on low while the bricks are drying out. My burners on natural gas put out soot at super low level-it just burns off later with no bad affects.
  20. I am my District's Visual Arts "Data Team Leader". Each grade level/ department has been collecting the data of their choosing for the past several years, in an effort to improve on a part of our practice, benefiting our student's learning. Not a bad concept, it can just be difficult to implement for many reasons, that I won't get into here. Like you, I pushed for visits to other districts. We took a couple, and found them to be quite beneficial, as much of the PD is never aimed at the elective courses. We haven't been able to do it the past two years though. Maybe again in the future?.. I am glad I have never had to deal with any materials that were overly toxic. I have some glazes that I inherited that do contain lead. I pulled them from student use, mixed them together and have been gradually coating "leftover" pieces in it, firing them, then tossing in the trash. The most toxic thing in my room, is the questionable dark spots on the ceiling tiles, from where the HVAC line drips condensate.
  21. @Cindylu What is the max firing temp of your kiln? That temp, that is listed by the manufacturer is the high end of what the kiln will normally fire to. It will reach this temperature with new elements a few times, but after that it won't be able to do so, unless you put in new elements. So, most potters fire a few cones cooler, than their kiln's high end temperature. For instance, my kiln is rated for Cone 10, but I won't go over Cone 6 or 7.
  22. When I was DC for our department and Music, I arranged trips to local art museums and other venues at least for one or 2 of the required meetings. Other times we invited in or visited other SD departments for PD. Back to the subject though, Latest teacher in my district found Barium in the supplies. . . asked about it, I told him to dispose of it with the Chem department as they had legal ways to dispose of materials. best, Pres
  23. Yeah, my son loves it! I wasn't sure if it was a show that was actually broadcast in Australia, or if it was just made to look like it was.
  24. Great. Thanks for your help! Shannon
  25. Those, who create them! Our current Curriculum Director is around my age, used to be a former teacher, and is someone I get along well with. I told her that I appreciated the fewer early out PD meeting days, that we had on the calendar. She said that she thought we needed more. I bluntly said, "No we don't!" She did not like that answer. I explained, that time with the students, is more valuable than pretty much anything we are going to do in PD.
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