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  2. I'm thinking it was only ^04. Haven't used them for a while, but it was mainly for bits for christmas mobiles, so wouldn't have needed to be be fired any higher.
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  4. My current box has plug in for the motor and foot peddle. To reverse the motor you just move the plug over 1 pin. The unit is so old that the plug has a standoff below it made of wood. You can just see it in the pic. If I knew it was that old I would have passed on it but into it now with a new bearing and belts. New resistors should arrive Wednesday. .
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  6. I agree with you that making a mold and slip casting would give you the most desirable result. Any other method will fall short of slip casting when it comes to uniformity and thinness imho. One thing to consider is the heat that can build up in an enclosed light fixture. If you use an incandescent bulb and don't have any venting it will get hot. Also since the form will be round on all sides and translucent porcelain is usually somewhat pyroplastic, you might consider making a cradle of sorts to support the piece in the firing (similar to th way bone china is fired). Best of luck. I hope you post pictures of the process and results!
  7. What plugs? Do you mean the cord grips? All boards are not equal. Some do a much better job than others, and have more adjustable controls than others. But if you're going through Laguna/Pacifica, they should be able to tell you what's involved. The bigger issue is whether or not a new one will fit into the current box.
  8. Your best bet is to contact Shimpo.
  9. Have you contacted Shimpo? They are generally very helpful.
  10. Hi, my Shimpo is grinding and I can't find any manual or online support that shows how to replace the wheel bearing on a Shimpo RK Whisperer. Can anyone help me?
  11. I need a manual for Shimpo RK Whisperer that shows how to change the wheel bearing.  Can anyone help?

    1. Denice


      You probably need to post this in the Use and Repair Equipment section.   Denice

  12. I have a shimpo RK whisperer and i want to replce wheel bearing but I cannot find any manual or video to guide me through the process. Can anyone help?
  13. I had a friend, who lived in Northern Maine. We always joked, that it was the moose antlers, that interfered with his internet and cell phone signal.
  14. Wax resist is applied to leatherhard pots then when the wax is dry you carve through it and brush underglaze onto the pot. Underglaze stays in the carved areas and gets wiped of the wax resisted areas then the pot is left to dry then bisque fired. Wax burns off in the bisque so glazing goes ahead as usual. (single firing aka raw glazing pots would't work with this method) Brand of wax resist makes a difference, some wax resists work better than others. Welcome to the forum
  15. What if you want to glaze over the whole piece afterwards?? What would you do? Thank you for your help. Manitoba
  16. If I replace the board with a newer model will all the plugs fit. I guess the board is only a variable dc power supply. Might be able to have them send new plugs as well
  17. Really unusual, I've never heard of this happening, curious to know if anybody else has had this happen? @suzannajean, could you post a picture of one of the glazed plates and a bit more info on your clay and if you are firing it to maturity?
  18. @SweetheartSister, another approach would be to fire them unglazed to your glaze temperature then use a lowfire glaze and stilt them how you already do when making them with earthenware. Since the clay will be vitrified when you glaze it I would use a brushing glaze, it will take longer for the glaze to dry between layers though.
  19. look for " bead trees" in the search function.
  20. Most clay companies will do it for you. You'll generally have to pay for a full batch (probably a ton) including the waste needed to clean the pugger. You may also have to wait a while until they can get it into their schedule.
  21. You wouldn't necessarily have to replace it with the same board. You could go with a newer model.
  22. What I was trying to say is that since only total watts matter for peak temperature, not watts per element, there is no reason to even try the 2-element test, and I can stick with the current 4-element design for even heating. (And I have to look elsewhere to get the peak heat I need, either plugging the lid leak or adding more insulation.) In the now-abandoned 2-element approach, I would have of course controlled the element voltage to have the same total power input. If I hadn't, halving the load resistance at the same voltage would have doubled the total power (for a few milliseconds until the breaker tripped). Power is voltage squared over resistance, so I'd have had to cut the voltage to about 70.7%. Each element is about 1 ohm and the original voltage was about 100 V, yielding power of 10000 / 4 = 2500 watts. With 70.7 V and 2 ohms it's about 5000 / 2, also 2500 watts..
  23. The problem is that I can't really dry foot them. They need to be glazed all over. They are very small, 1cm -2.5cm each. Surely there must be ways to stilt or suspend porcelain that needs to be glazed all over, such as dolls? These are the pendants (pre-bisque fire) They have holes in the heads where the pendant bails will go - they could slot onto wire uprights on these. 2019-09-14_12-59-59 by Rachel Brown, on Flickr
  24. Here is a pricing formula that has never steered me wrong.... if someone was to run it over with the their car how much money would it take for you to stop feeling so bad about it.
  25. Most of the paint your own pottery places around here are just names like "five line pottery" and stuff like that. They do really well, but they also are potters and do shows, so they're constantly out there advertising their paint your own pottery business as well. I see their offers on Groupon all the time so I bet that brings in a lot of customers too. Just a thought
  26. I think that educating others in various aspects of ceramics is something we "should" do when the opportunity arises. So in that vein, I honestly have to say I wouldn't use the word "Craze", which is usually undesirable as a glaze flaw, as a main element for a ceramics business name. "Paint your own" also makes me grit my teeth...people then learn to use the wrong term for a specific process using specific materials, which just perpetuates misinformation about ceramics. I am not wanting to sound critical--just raising some points for consideration for something as important as a business name and an activity for the public involving clay and glaze.
  27. What cone do you fire to o8?Have to belive it makes it thru a glaze fire.What is the clay body?? you could switch to boat plywood -there are a few choices but most haane mahogany as a skin outerside which will not be prone to mold or wetness issues.Ash and birch are not good wet choices.
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