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  3. In case it stirs your memory Freely available, but not cheap (change location and currency) https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?full=on&ac=sl&st=sl&ref=bf_s2_a1_t1_1&qi=DPUGysRcr1ZO3LIKrUsJIavjYUg_1497963026_1:2:4 ... but the shop seem to have a special offer https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/making-marks/
  4. Okay, here goes: I lay awake all night last night (well, I might have slept three hours at most), thinking about my mess, and I came to some realizations that I feel embarrassed about. The main one is that I realized that I already had the shivering problem by the time I went to Seattle Pottery in August. In fact, that was the reason I made a special trip there: I was going to completely replace my clear glaze in hopes that that would solve the problem. The problem had begun to occur just a week or two before I went, but all this means that even if I do have "paper clay," it appears tha
  5. Hey guys, back when I was in High School (I graduated in May of '96), I discovered a very interesting book from the School Library on unusual--but beautiful--pottery techniques! Unfortunately, I don't recall the title/ author of this book, but from what I recall it was a hardback with a mostly white or grey cover, and highly photographed. But, one of the techniques that I seem to recall was, the author was making an unusual lid to a beautiful box in which he or she seemed to change the texture of the clay by making it looser by--if I recall correctly--tossing the clay from hand to hand, whic
  6. One of the take aways here is always check what is loaded in the vehicle. This is not the 1st time I have heard about mistakes at suppliers-any supplier.
  7. We should leave bad reviews. That just sucks! It's frigging dirt! At CSC, we'd exchange your clay and give you at least one box for your trouble! Well, at least you're not crazy! Sending time and power to help finish the project! Sorce
  8. @w-m Pottery Here you go. DA 1020-2-4 Control Panel.pdf
  9. I dropped a needle tool in my lap yesterday. To keep it from falling on the floor, I closed my legs real fast. Now there is a hole in my leg! But I the tool didn't hit the floor! Sorce
  10. I'm looking for the wiring diagram for a Duncan DA 1020-2 I can find one for several others but not the 1020-2 thanks for any help
  11. I had the same thing happen about 10 years ago with 400 decorative tiles, I was using the same Laguna clay and glaze that I had been using for years, I was lucky another potter found out that Laguna was getting the talc from a different pit. I made up my own clay that didn't have talc in it to finish my project, I didn't trust any of the wet package clay at this point. Denice
  12. The glaze may well turn out glossy but at that temperature your stoneware clay will not be vitified. It will still be a bit porous and so unsuitable for functional ware. Also goingto a higher temp with some glazes means that they can get runny and drip on to your kiln shelf, damaging your shelfs and your pots And so testing cannot be avoided without risk. Fire test pot on a thin disc of clay to catch any possible drips. Prob not what you want to hear. Maybe be patient getf some lower firing clay and make more. Leave your already made pots to be fired at your class studio.
  13. Hi all, First post and sorry if its a subject which has been covered before. Am new to making and had a few night classes earlier in the year before Covid shut everything down. Should be starting up soon though. In the meantime I bought a kiln and have started experimenting at home. My question is can I use an earthenware glaze on Stoneware? Stoneware is bisque fired to 1000c and then underglazed. I want to apply a clear glaze over that. The stoneware is Buff stone from Potclays in the Uk. Firing range of 1150- 1290c ( https://www.potclays.co.uk/buff-ston
  14. I will admit that I have 7 employees and the lowest paid is $12.00 an hour. Most of us are family members. The capital investment to build the building came from selling my grandfathers assets, but from year 2 we were making a profit. With COVID-19 we did not lay off anyone, but we cut hours of a bunch of our employees to 32 hours a week (still getting full benefits). We will make a profit this year, but were only buying consumables. Inventory storage is tricky in any business, but can be a necessary evil and a lot of the new thoughts on inventory control say other wise. Good
  15. That's because copper lustre isn't made of copper It's usually a precious metal alloy that appears copper. Colorrobia makes one, not sure of any domestic versions. Most lustre companies are based in Europe, the exception being Duncan. I am working on a copper lustre but it's still far from giving good results. The problem with using actual copper metal is that a lustre coating of less than a micron thick, is that it will turn green fairly quickly due to oxidation. When the oxidation is polished off, the copper goes with it. Same goes for fancy copper raku glazes and su
  16. Hey guys, the summer before last at an annual yard sale event I spied some beautiful commercial ceramic mugs from World Market with a country-blue body and a metallic copper pedestal-foot (it was actually almost mirror-like in its shine). Nevertheless, this inspired an idea for a set of dinnerware that combines a gorgeous rose-colored glaze I discovered by one of the Big Glaze Manufacturers (I forget which, off hand) in addition to a shiny (dare I say, "lustrous"?) copper glaze! However, I cannot seem to find one. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that produces one? Heck, on a related note
  17. Usd to say to kids, now grandkids..Beat the mixture not the bowl!
  18. @Dottie Go do them. Don't waste enwrgy on chasing the Seattle folk right now. I bet that company has records,Be only one on the Planet which hasn't if that is the case. Keep us posted.
  19. Hello Saltedfire, thank you very much for your comment. Storage for me is kinda tricky, as my studio space is tight, but as my pieces are little, I'm gonna find place for them. Your experience is really inspiring! I hope I can live from ceramics one day. Regards,
  20. Here is the bottom of my personal sink in one of our baths. It has no overflow but if it did it would still look like this. The sink has been in use since 1983. The hardware is Brass duck bill (like you seen medical facility -made by Chicago Faucet -at one time a high end faucet. The sink has thrown foot and a inner slump ring-stoneware fired to cone 10 reduction. That collar is for the gap in threads -its siliconed to bottom of sink and is proud of foot. it would hold the overflow tube if I made one as it would be a flexible plastic pipe that plugs into that collar for overflows from a f
  21. Hello! Looking for some help, advice and possibly some used equipment leads for my new home studio. I know I love the Shimpo VL Whisper wheel- I would love to buy it used but I am having a hard locating one. I have never fired a kiln and I have no idea what to look for- any advice from more advanced potters out there? Any other things I should keep in mind when starting my home studio? I plan to set up shelves and have a working table & wedging table. I would also love to connect for anyone else in Northern NJ interested in ceramics. Thanks!
  22. Hello Callie, thank you very much for your kind words. Yes to everything you said. Currently I have my online store and a IG page. I'm planning to build a solid web presence via SEO and my blog, but it is a long path. It is OK, I was no expecting a blast in sales when I launched my website the last week, but it did pretty well for me being a total amateur. Also the people who bought was very satisfied with the product, so it is an indicator of doing things right. Slowly, but steady and constant. And got comissions, so I'm happy that people is seeing some value in my work. I need t
  23. Hi Mea, I'm a big lurker of your blog. It is like a bible to me in terms of the monetary aspects of the pottery business, and I'm really grateful for your effort into sharing your valuable knowledge. I'm also a graphic designer like you, but I prefer the studio life, so it is very handy to me. Thank you very much for your reply. I'm gonna make the best I can while having my dayjob. Pottery life is kinda tricky. Today was not my best day throwing, but tomorrow is going to be another day.
  24. Benzine, thanks for your comment. This had to be a specific problem as it occurred very suddenly in my work. See my comment to Neil above regarding the clay switch pulled on me by the seller's error. KristinaNoel, thanks for the suggestion. I've dealt with Clay Art Center in Tacoma in the past and really, really like them. Today, unfortunately, I went the other direction, to a place in Spokane, thinking the drive would be easier. It wasn't. And I ended up buying clay there from Clay Art Center anyway! So in the future, I'll be going to Tacoma. I just hate the crowded drive to get
  25. Okay, I've been gone all day, getting replacement clay so I can get started tomorrow morning. Neil, thanks for the info. Perhaps you didn't see an earlier post: It turned out that my clay supplier had given me "paper clay," instead of the white eartheware I have been using for many years. The "paper clay" boxes were mislabeled, so I thought the slight difference in texture when I was working was due to its being more moist than my previous batch. And, yes, I completely agree with your comment about their not keeping better records. Fortunately, and I don't know if I've mentioned
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