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  2. I'm participating in a 1 month Christmas gallery sale where there are multiple vendors (approx 45). The gallery manager used QuickBooks last year but found it too time consuming to enter the sales data for each of the vendors. They are trying Square this year, but are looking for other options going forward if Square doesn't work out. Basically they need to be able to upload our inventory sheets and keep track of the sales for each vendor. Does anyone have any alternate recommendations for accounts software?
  3. Curt did you trim a distinct footring or did your pot taper/trimmed to a base?
  4. Thank you for pointing that out. I thought it was beautiful.
  5. Had exactly this happen with a 15” round casserole dish I made out of a nice porcelain. First use in the oven the whole bottom cracked off just around the foot ring so neatly that I was able to save the (slip decorated) bottom and turn it into a nice cheese plate. Fine, tight clay bodies with small particle size and lots of glass in them when fired, do not like thermal shock is what I learned from that. So I would bet that the clay body is the issue in that use.
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  7. I never log in to the forums other than from my personal desktop... and rarely log out - but I would agree with Liam and Bill ... a captcha would be a much better option, than having to remember four different 'passwords'. (I may only have to answer one question each time I log in, but I still have to remember all three answers, because I don't know which question will be asked each time... of course, unless the system is designed to prevent doing so - one could provide the same answer to each question.) One of the downsides of security questions: Many sites that use that method use the same 'standard' list of questions... (Where'd you go to school, who was your first boss, where'd you meet your spouse, what was your first pet's name, what was your first car, etc...) If one provides the 'real' answer each time one of these question is used, it increases the risk of other, more sensitive logins being compromised if any of one of those sites are hacked. The alternative is to make up a different answer each time, and remember, or otherwise keep track of, which answer you gave on which site.
  8. We use them all but Amaco is popular locally. I definitely would encourage trying the matte over, you may really like the effect
  9. The IPad is auto login so it’s the only device, the rest would be as I described.
  10. Thanks Hulk and indeed an observation worth noting... Respect for self, respect for object ,respect for maker ,respec for clay, respect for the environment from which it came and so on.
  11. You log in every time you come to the forum? That's like several times a day.
  12. Under edge or anything serious, each time. On the iPad, never, allow auto login. Android device, each time I believe. If I am on a serious machine, I likely won’t login if my user name and password isn’t fresh in my head. I just counted I have very close to 200 Really strong passwords and likely three times as many authentication challenges in secure storage that I need to maintain.
  13. I get logged out on my computer for some reason, but on my phone I can't even remember the last time. It doesn't make this a good tool to stop spam though. Having made some automation tools in my past, two of the same factor (something you know) will stop no bots, but it will be annoying. Add something you have (phone, desktop/mobile app) and you can end the bots for good. Can't really use the third option (something you are), because it's now illegal in some states and countries (biometric data eye/face/fingerprint)
  14. @liambesaw @Bill Kielb How often do you actually log in? I haven't logged out in months.
  15. Still annoying, I’ll take text or captcha if forced to. Liam is right, two of the same factor is just annoyance to me
  16. This isn't 2 factor authentication. It's two of the same factor (something you know). How about a captcha or something less annoying than typing out what is essentially one of three second passwords.
  17. @Bill Kielb, to clarify, you would only have to answer the three questions when you initially set it up. When you log in, you would only have one question asked. Thanks, Jen
  18. A text authorization would be acceptable, three questions is annoying
  19. I buy them from Clay-King.com. If you sign up for their email newsletter, once or twice a year they have a sale where you can get pints as low as $6-7. Plus they're generally too thick in the bottle so you can water them down at least 25%. That's really cheap compared to Amaco Velvets. Their color palette is not as extensive, but you can do some mixing to get more colors.
  20. Please take a moment to let us know how you feel about two-factor authentication on the forums by clicking yes or no in the above poll. Thanks!
  21. The best you can do is look at the MSDS. It will list ingredients to a point, but won't give accurate percentages of any of them. They're meant to be pretty vague so that the manufacturer doesn't give away the formula. Their purpose is to inform the user of possible hazards so they can handle the material safely, and for medical treatment in the case of mishandling it.
  22. Look up the msds of the specific glaze. You won't find the exact ingredients, or exact percentages by weight, but you'll see a range which might be helpful.
  23. Hi Everyone new to this forum, i thought I might ask even if it's seem obvious at first sight.; is there any way to get a hint of the recipe of any commercial glazes? Or the complete list of material used in their composition? thank you for your help!
  24. Where do you get the speedball from?
  25. Have you decided where the kiln will be located, how you will be venting it, gas supply, local safety codes, etc? Gas kilns are not as simple as electric. Lots of prep work before buying one....
  26. I'd say a potential con is in firing the kiln itself. With an electric kiln there's a lot less involvement and monitoring of the firing. Also if using propane it's much more expensive to fire.
  27. I use Speedball. It's really cheap compared to Amaco and Coyote, and the colors hold up well at cone 6 for the most part. The red and royal blue have some issues with bubbling at cone 6, but I'm working on fixing that.
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