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  2. Hi, I plan to brush iron oxide as under clear glaze or over white glaze. How much amount of water do I mix them with and do I need to add slip with it? I'm totally new at this, how exactly do I mix it Thanks in advance
  3. I have never used sodium silicate but when I use Darvan I have used 0.2% And 40% water, both of the weight of dry ingredients. That means I multiply the dry ingredients times .002 to get the amount of Darvan and .4 to get the amount of water. So for 10,000g of dry material I use 4000g water and 20g Darvan (add Darvan to water, mix well, then add dry material). This is just starting point and the day after I mix the slip I measure the specific gravity and observe the viscosity of the slip to see if it needs adjustment. It sounds like you slip could possibly be over-deflocculated. Another thing to consider is the way gerstley borate gels, but I'm not sure 2% could have that much impact.
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  5. It does become slightly more liquid when I stir. Not quite liquid enough. But it gels again within a literal couple minutes.
  6. Hi guys, I always apply liquid bright gold for ceramics with a brush as a final touch over the item and then refire the product. Gold lustre can really make a simply pottery in a piece of art!
  7. Don't remember the last time I logged in, just leave a tab open in Chrome and it's there ready and waiting. Don't we have a delay feature where new users have to answer questions and be approved? Agree on Captcha.
  8. I see lots, must be the time of day I'm usually here. Although there has been much less that a year or 2 ago.
  9. From a buyer point of view, I don't understand Etsy. I can never find what I'm looking for, even when I know it's there. Searching is hopeless. (I nearly said the seaching feature, but there is no feature). I haven't found out how to filter or sort. I don't think eBay or Amazon are the place to buy hand-made stuff, but at least as buying "places" they do have search features.
  10. As above, plus moulds have a life of 20-30 castings before they start to deteriorate. (Put simply, one of the slip ingredients eats plaster.) In commercial slip-casting they are replaced regularly.
  11. Cracks usually end/start in a sharp point. Holes are smooth.
  12. My garden is on "naturally occurring clay". Plants thrive in it. It's me the gardener who doesn't like it, sticky, hard to dig, waterlogged in (a wet) winter, cracked wide open in (a hot) summer. Dumping processed clay on top of whatever the natural ground is composed of is no different to dumping rubbish or plastic. You're changing it.
  13. My first pottery teacher's answer was "you can't" when I pushed further she said "it won't work". When I pushed even further she said "try it!" I did. She and @neilestrick were right. It doesn't work, but don't let us stop you trying! And if you're tempted to try the other way, ^04 glaze in a ^6 firing, be sure to use a large cookie/catcher under your pot to catch the over-melted glaze and slumped clay.
  14. Hi, I bought this sticker holder from Japan this year. I'm very interesting on the glaze and the pattern above it. But I have no idea about how to have that effect, it would be helpful if guys share your ideas for me. Thanks Ming
  15. Somewhere in the internet world is an article that describes what happens when you ad not enough/ just right/ too much deflocc. I'll see if I saved it. Found it: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/527ac372e4b0d4e47bb0e554/t/527fd7f1e4b0c046bfa9b90d/1384110065234/Dispersant+Addition+Procedures.pdf
  16. You can try. Warm the piece first, it helps the underglaze to dry and stick to the now non-absorbent piece. If you don't like what you have, you have nothing to lose.
  17. Good morning, I'm new to the forum and I'm not sure if it's the right site, otherwise my apologies in advance. I intend to reform is outside. I would like to pave and partially around the pool and create a path through the Garden. I am looking at several options, currently I have doubts between extruded ceramic tiles and porcelain. Does anyone know or have previous experience with these types of materials? I provide additional information on concrete materials: https://www.extceramic.es/producto/denia/ https://www.small-size.com/alsacia/ Thank you in advance
  18. Hi, I have problems trying to find the answers to this question. I want the "paint" I use to be something like China ink, but that it doesn't run and that fires well to cone 10 without loosing color. Thank you for your help!
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  20. I was sent exact dimensions and product photos. If they like the prototypes they'll send some finished examples so I can see more closely. I've already thrown 4, have thrown spouts and pulled handles so I should have some finished by tonight.
  21. I bought a porcelain mug with a lovely frosty blue glaze and an exposed 1 1/2" bottom area. First use with Lemon Zinger tea revealed a hairline crack going up the exposed area. I suspect that the thickness of the wall as well as the tension between glazed and unglazed both contributed to the fail, but also the relative density of porcelain Exposed porcelain will never really look pristine again after it leaves the kiln. Granite stoneware still looks fine after 20+ years. Most red stone wares also still look good with no staining.
  22. Good luck Liam! Do the have to contain an exact amount of fluid? Friend was making 1litre port bottles with elaborate label...clay sprigged on. She nailed it for years. Hot summer temps sent her crszy though
  23. Thanks Liam. Appreciate your help

    Regards richard 

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