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  2. Thanks for the feedback everybody. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll figure it out soon.
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  4. On the other side of the discussion is the fact that things can be learned from using "failures". I have often used a mug, bowl or teapot that I did not like to see how it worked. Often you learn that a quirk in a handle even though visibly does not look good actually feels good. So, if it does not leak, if it holds up, if it is not going to endanger your health. . . try it for a while, learn about it, and then discard it. best, Pres
  5. Odd that you have to start enjoying smashing things to save money, but there you have it. Get your smash on! Using these things is saying you will never get it right. I believe you will get it right. Sorce
  6. You're supposed to store them sideways, since even a slightly warped one at the bottom of a stack can crack. I kilnwash and go straight to glaze fire. Some dots can be poked off with a needle tool, have eye protection! Don't store them under glazes, glaze materials, glazed pots, water, or anywhere they may adsorb water. Face to Face bottom to bottom. Sorce
  7. You should share pictures if it's ok. I enjoy living vicariously through other peoples kilns.
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  9. wonderful! somehow planet like.
  10. @Charleen Simple answer For air quality and decent oxidation put a kiln vent on it, minimum counterflow. If you want to remove the heat as well then put a hood above it. If you have a gas water heater make sure it has a source of combustion air. If you install a hood it will require decent outside air so as not to suck the fumes from the water heater if gas of course.
  11. my kilns have been in a garage for about 18 years. there are no windows in it, just a single door which i leave open. i sometimes use a fan halfway between the kiln at the back wall and the front door. that only moves some air out of the space. i close the door to the rest of the studio and only look at the electronic reading occasionally. some reasonable accomodations have been made toward safety. once i have done my best, i may be stupid but i just do not worry about things that probably will not have a bad effect on me or my things.
  12. I had to google the touchless tool!! Holy cow! I didn't know such a thing existed! Clever!!! I think I might need one of those!!!
  13. Try to find out how to increase the plastyicity of yuour earthenware without mixing. Was it aslways a short clay or just after recycle?
  14. Thank you for the link and YouTube link. There is not a lot of information out there that's easy to find. I'm going to tumble stack in the front part of my train kiln. I'll be stacking it in the morning. I stacked the back of the kiln today. I would not be doing this, but I have a guy that's bean after me to makes him a bunch of peaces.
  15. I second hand sanitizer, especially if it smells half decent.
  16. Thank you Dick. Spirit lifting on a rainy Sunday morning
  17. Why not do a quick and dirty Instagram poll in your stories? My vote would be for sanitizer. The poke at it tool you only usually need one of, but you can run out of hand sanitizer.
  18. Yes, I’m going to sell the pots online, and the advanced advertising for the sale will say “Free [item] with every purchase.” (edit to add) So the customers won’t be touching the pots while shopping, no subliminal messages will be involved. I normally pack all the pots into reusable grocery bags, but some grocery stores do not allow them these days, so i’m trying to think of a different gift.
  19. Gray skies from clouds so much better than from smoke. Happy to have the rain!

    1. Roberta12


      Amen sistah.  


    2. Denice


      The smoke it moving out of our area this week,  I finally got to see the sun setting in the smoky sky last night.  Pink sun with grey skies made me feel like I was in a Star Wars Movie.     Denice

  20. Would customers see the giveaway before getting to the sales area? If they would then the touchless tool might be sending a subliminal message not to handle the pots. I'ld be happy with either, can always use more hand sanitizer, I don't use a touchless tool but I do keep a box of nitrile gloves in my vehicle for pumping gas etc.
  21. I read the conversations but still have this question. With my electronic kiln in the garage and all solvents moved, Kim at least 18” away from walls and no automobiles, would having the 2-car garage door open be adequate venting? The water heater is in the garage but I could have the kiln a distance from it.
  22. Thin pickings: Jiggering in https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/06/Ceramics_Monthly_oct85_cei1085d.pdf P16- in thesis https://scholarworks.rit.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2470&context=theses If you have access (I don't) Mold Making for the Jigger by Bill Campbell Ceramics monthly June/July/Aug 1987
  23. The dark grit is probably manganese or glaze or a combination of both if you used a "speckled" body. Manganese tends to eject from the body pretty forcefully. I don't fire my shelves alone when I rewash them. I usually use them in a bisque firing. Yes, you can store them on their side.
  24. Hello! I have some questions about kiln shelf care and storage. — After my first glaze fire, some dark grit was left on the shelf surrounding some of my pieces. I’ll try to attach a picture. What is this? Should I scrape/sand it off? — I kiln-washed the shelves and fired them before firing any ware, per Skutt’s instructions. Going forward, what’s the best way to use kiln wash? I know when it gets old and flaky, you can scrape it off and reapply. Do you just re-wash the shelves, put ware on top, and bisque/glaze fire as usual? Or do the washed shelves need to be fired again before putt
  25. prateek, if you have access to the book "The Potter's Dictionary of materials and techniques" jiggering and jolleying are described in only two paragraphs with two drawings. not much help but someone else might know another source.
  26. what earthenware are you using? my friend uses white earthenware and it throws very well. what are you trying to throw that doesn't work?
  27. What do you think would be a better giveaway for this year's holiday sale? An pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer, or a metal touchless tool? I have personally been carrying both things with me anytime I leave the house. I use the touchless tool much more, but I'm not sure if everyone would.
  28. Molds for any jiggering machine are all about the same. The bottom mold is keyed to fit the spining head. The top of machine is usually a plexigalss or metal or wood edge that cuts the clay the outer shape.. You can pour the lower half and while its setting you can cut its shape on the machine with a edge you make to get the inner form you like. Hope this is clear enough. I do not have a jigger but have been around them. so for. plate as an example the lower mold is the inner plater shape with the cutting edge making the outside and foot on bottom. The inner form is paster the
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