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  2. Thanks for the feed back. I've been checking craigslist and the facebook market regularly. I have found a Cress FX23P on sale, but have not had any luck finding that model on the internet or through Cress's website. Does anyone know of this model?
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  4. Yikes! I hope stem cell joint therapy is finally FDA approved by the time I get arthritis. I know I can't afford it now, but there's a chance in the future I could if insurance covered part! Amazing how you can regrow cartridge with those therapies, and despicable how they are keeping it unapproved to make money.
  5. All answers are correct. The manufacture will try and maintain the wattage so as grid voltage has gone up over the years from 220, to 230 to 240 volts (today) as a result of utility companies trying to save wire costs on their grid this dilemma has developed. Most kilns, brand new are sort of underpowered for their size and insulation value. There are reasons for this but the end result is if the elements wear by 10%, most kilns can’t make top temp in a reasonable time so time for replacement. The kiln is basically designed for 110% capability so whether resistance goes up or voltage goes
  6. Or a friendly machine shop with a press. Take them about 2 minutes. Right tool for the job.
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  8. I reused the bags the new clay came in. Both for scrap collection and wetting and once it's pugged. I recycle the ties from lettuce for a better twist tie than comes with the clay bag. I have tortoises, so I have lots of lettuce ties. I think the best way to use recycle is to pug it wet and store it for at least 3-4 months. Naturally, it will dry out a little, but it usually seems to hit the mark for being softer and better throwing than commercial. Speckled Buff and B Mix are really different and should be a pretty interesting combination. The B Mix is like half porcelain, ri
  9. Went to a orthopedic surgeon last week. My biggest concern was some cysts that have appeared on the lt wrist, and the rt second finger knuckle. X-rays of both hands have revealed areas of arthritis on second joints of fingers. In the end the Dr. asked about my pain, I answered that there was discomfort, not pain, and that I would work in the clay when things got sore and it would go away. He said that when it got bad to let him know and he could fix it. How I asked? "fuse the joints causing the pain. I said Why would I do that, as I got up to leave! best, Pres
  10. I agree, just buy them already made. It's worth every dollar unless you've rolled elements before and have the proper setup to do it right. But yeah, I'd trust Euclid's. The only drawback is that if you pull more than 24 amps and you're on a 30 amp breaker, then technically the 30 is not up to code (breaker must be 25% greater than the draw). At 4.5 ohms you'll be pulling close to 27 amps, which means you should be on a 40 amp breaker. That would mean pulling new wire, too, though. It shouldn't flip the 30, though. You could also just go in-between the two recommendations and roll them at
  11. I've never made pots like these before. I'm not the guy who makes the same stuff over and over. My primary goal is to keep myself entertained, not pay the mortgage, so there's always a level of uncertainty. I don't like failure any more than anyone, but I do like to keep challenging myself. So I'm just trying to learn from advice as opposed to trial and error. Not sure where the "waster" concept fits for me. My drying process is initial slow drying in garbage bags, on paper initially, then on non stick bats. Plexiglas or masonite. Turned inside out daily. Then dried under towel
  12. @neilestrick, Sorry to say, but for coils, handles, and feet among other things my Ryobi electric caulk gun has been running for 2 years now, and is still going strong. The amount of torque the motor puts out compared to my hand is more than sufficient for these dies. I recommend it to anyone looking for a small hand held extruder. March 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly, contains an article written by Madeleine Coomey and I. You can also find it on my blog site. best, Pres
  13. @GEP thanks for the specificity and the picture! Also, thanks everyone for the discussion!
  14. Elements don't burn out, euclids knows what they're doing. It will simply draw slightly more amperage for a while. I would trust euclids, they are very knowledgeable about elements. I'd also have them turn them for you, it's not that pricey.
  15. I need to apologise for the confusion I may have caused in my last question about the 5 ohm recommendation by Euclid. It should have read 5 ohm from Paragon.
  16. Both the wheel and the kiln will last you 20+ years. Get a good wheel. The price difference between the low end and high end wheels isn't that much, so buy the more powerful one so you don't have to buy another one in 5 years. Brent makes good wheels, so does Bailey, Skutt, and Shimpo. I'm a big fan of the large splash pan of Skutt and Bailey wheels, because it keeps the studio much cleaner. I would not get a KM818 or other brand of that size. You'll quickly outgrow it, as well as become frustrated with trying to fit serving bowls or plates in it. Get a 23 inch wide kiln, like the 1018 o
  17. I am rebuilding an old Duncan DK820-2 kiln for testing glazes. I need to replace the elements because of age and plan wind my own. I have ordered from Euclid 14 gauge Kenthal A1. Euclid says that the ohm reading should be 4.5 ohm for each element. The problem here is that this is close to the OLD manual that says it should be 4.6 but the new elements from Paragon (the current owner of Duncan) are 5. I did the math and according to the formulations it should be 5 for the specs on the boiler plate of the kiln. Paragon sells 220V elements at 4.6 ohm, 240V at 5 ohm, my kiln is 240V. Is Eucli
  18. If you are near Northern California You can drop by and have my 30 gallon mixer . It also has a drain and pump tom pump slip or glaze. I need the space back.
  19. I had called Scott creek and just got off the phone, there XL clay gun, the largers hand held, is a 18×1 extruder! So it looks like 26x1 would most definitely get the job done.
  20. A slip mixer is the same thing (leman is a slip equipment co.) A clamp on mixer is pretty easy to come by. I have one on a 30 gallon barrel which I used to make slip. If you are handy a conversion is easy.A harbor freight 1/2 inch drill with a long stainless mixer shaft with blades will do fine. My question is are you dipping or spraying the glaze? If dipping the mixer shaft needs to be swung away.If you are sprying then any container will do. Is your galze premed?Like I have a ton of glaze made for me at Laguna every 5 years (my recipe) and its shipped in 50# bags. I only have
  21. Have you tried mason? A lot of these private label stains are made in the same factory.
  22. monitor for gas kiln


  23. Call northstar and ask them, they actually make them (unlike kemper or bailey)
  24. Do you have any of this stain that you'd be willing to sell, or do you know anywhere I can source it? I can't locate it anywhere and I've been using it in my work for many years! I think the product number was 21706. Thank you!
  25. Thats why I was looking into the higher thrust ratios for better support. I believe I'll just do the 26x1. I don't have the funds at the moment to get a battery powered one as nice as it would be. I called Bailey's inquiring of their Kemper gun's ratio and they had no idea what I was talking about. Kemper, whom they directed me to, hadn't a clue either. I wanted to know as a baseline what it was I was used to using in other shops.
  26. sile, where in the whole world are you? putting you location in your avatar would be very helpful for the future as well as today.
  27. I built one out of pvc and a manual caulking gun and the clay bent the shaft and plunger to the point where I couldn't remove it. It was that day I bought a custom made wall extruder on ebay. Was 250 bucks and it's a beast. There's a Canadian guy named TA Ironworks on ebay and he welds them himself. Love it!
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