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  2. I deal with people having clogged orifices all the time. I don't recommend power drills either. Milk of Magnesia or fleets enemas are much more effective......lol Jed
  3. Organics: most likely Ord or Muck variety humus. Both carry very high CEC values (plasticity), as both absorb and hold moisture. Not uncommon for these materials to take several days longer to dry compared to commercial clay. You cab burn off Organics by heating up to 1150F. Organics may be the only plastic material in your wild clay: burning them off might have adverse effects. Testing is the only way to know. There is a Facebook group- "Wild Clay Club" devoted exclusively to processing/firing locally sourced clays. Not many threads about it on this site. Tom
  4. I’ve been doing some experimenting with natural clays I’ve hunted down in my area. I’ve found one that fires well, but dries slower than any clay I have ever worked with. Anyone know what the chemistry of that might be? Or what might be a fix?
  5. fireworks have started in the neighborhood. dog is at my feet in 4 different places so far, hard to walk. he is under the desk right now and if i move 5 feet he will follow me. cat streaked by into the studio where there are nice dark places to hide under the tables, slab roller, corners with buckets between her and the scariness. it is a shame that they don't speak english so i could explain that it will be over soon and it is only noise, not monsters.
  6. You ever thought about not bisquing for a weekend?
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  8. These two burner fired a 60 cubic foot minnesota flat top using propane. I fired them up with propane and they worked great. Then the copper tubing got flattened . So I am repairing them. I have never fired them up using natural gas. I will drill them out for natural gas and find the best pressure they run at. To run the test, I will need to get a low pressure regulator Jed
  9. Bill when I got a gas main run up my hilll 1,000 feet from main line at bottom of hill. The crew showed me how to adjust my regulator on a large Spruage 1000 gas meter. You will see this size meter at any large resturant . They gave me a water filled inches device to adjust the meter (this would never be done theas days by any utility company)I gave them a mugs.This was 1973 since then they have replaced my meter 3 times now its a bit smaller-more effeciant -same large regulator . the 7 inches=1/4 pound is eched in my brain from that day. For all intent 1 lb pressure is 28 inch water column inches not splitting hairs. As a diver with two scuba compressors and 20 tanks (I'm a ceritifed scuba tank inspector as well) gas and pressure is what I have be using for another 35 years.Partial presures and some nitrox mixes are all pretty standard stuff.My usual presures are 3,200 PSI some 3,500 and some stell tanks ar 2,400 PSI. this low pressure natural gas stuff is easy for me. Now recalling orfice size I choose to keep my mind free of that stuff. Once you get the right orfice 40 years can slip by. On another note this past year I leaned that yoiur orfices can get slowly glogged up over time with impurities in the natural gas and hand reaming them out can work wonders with the right size letter drill (I use letter drills for all orfice work)Paul Giel turned me onto this info via a friend and he was right my friend and myself cleaned ours and the kilns are working much better. Small factoid .Only use your hand not a power drill to ream them out.
  10. Ben and Pres have given me my giggles for the day. Good therapy.
  11. No worries indeed! Good aussie phrase! Keep potting!
  12. @Brooke I'm guessing the torch is actually 500 000 BTUs. The one I use is only 100 000 and it works well. What did you use for insulation on your kiln? I assuming ceramic fiber blanket, but what weight? My big problem initially was that my ports were too small. Not enough air was getting in and out, so I wasn't getting good combustion, and therefore less heat. If you are having a lot of flames come out of the top, then this could be the issue. When I first started firing, I had the torch too close to the intake, and like I said, too small of openings as well. So I definitely wasn't getting enough oxygen in for proper combustion to happen. The end of the burner should be three to four inches away, so that air can get in with the flame. Also, don't think that cranking up the burner is always the answer. I rarely open the valve on my burner all the way. Generally all that does is put in more gas, that doesn't get used in the kiln, and gets those flames shooting out the top (Which is extremely cool, but unnecessary, and it worries the neighbors).
  13. Alas Ben, Van Gogh died, mad or insane, and alone. Greater painter he was, a rebel too, but it wasn't till many years later that his stroke of genius even though born of madness and depression was revered. So clean your brushes between your teeth, not worrying about lead or cadmium, but plastic and other inorganics. 'Nough said. Don't fool around when other art teachers are watching! best, Pres
  14. No worries Babs. I have nothing against masks, just stating what my State's current plans are. I honestly think things will change in the next month or so.
  15. Natural Gas Your approximation is good! 27.72 inches = 1PSI (2.31 feet per psi is how it’s stuck in my head). Just for information, Here in the States most appliances have their own regulator to drop the final pressure to 3.5 inches.
  16. Van Gogh did it, and he turned out fine...
  17. Same house for 47 years -same job- no kids. Wife (1st) for 26 of those years. staying home all day-been working on boat-firing an electric bisque-gas bisque was yesterday -Big glaze clay week staring Monday.Going to be in garden today as well-corn is 6 feet tall now.
  18. Usually that means an electric (I call them trash can kilns as they are round like trash cans)
  19. The inchs per pound are 7 inches =1/4 pound-so you can work that up if needed.1/4 pound is what house natural gas pressure is =7 inch water column . The home appiances step it down from there like water heater or gas range. Those burners are one of a kind homemade-they do have a pilot burner which is great they also had a pilot lite (the small tube is missing) valve. Sounds like you are repairing them. I would try the burners-how big was the kiln they came from (that I sent you the info on )that you took down(I forgot that info as it was to long ago) You have zero to loose trying them except a few $ and some time. I would try them and see what they do.
  20. I'm working in clay every other week-I thought about full time when the tourist flooded our county two weeks ago and orders spiked but then I though I really like the exrtra time off. So I'm sticking to the downsized schedule.I can always say no to any new business which I have been saying for some time.
  21. I thought that this might be a place for this. You folks know that I create chalices and patens for some church organizations. Last few weeks my contacts at colleges and organizations have been asking about pouring chalices. Seems the church organizations believe there will be a shift in communion services. They are asking for chalices with pouring spouts. Thinking about this I am going to have to make up some prototypes for this situation. I am thinking of a chalice with a shorter stem that I have and a deeper bowl with two opposite pouring spouts. . . for visual balance. I also can see one possibly with a handle, but not sure if they would go for that. Working next week on these, and will post the greenware ideas here. best, Pres
  22. First date - dinner, then to the beach to watch fireworks show - thirty five years, a child, many jobs, five houses ...ago today. We're hangin' in thar.
  23. Converted from natural gas? Repurposed electric?
  24. Hahah, I have seen worse! How do they perform and at 7” is the flame reasonably blue? I assume you have used them on something in the Past. Three holes will get you there as it’s all about how many cubic feet at about 1000 btu per gets there. If the flame is reasonable and can draw enough oxygen to be reasonably blue at upper pressures I would try them as drilled. If they can’t entrain enough air to run clean then yes, replace them. Power burners still will be rated at 7” of gas so 100000 btu still gets a big orifice. With power burners you will need to manage your primary air in reduction a little different than Venturi but usually provides more flexibility. I like power burners so that would be my first preference. Nothing says you can’t try these out though. Either way, if my memory is correct you need a regulator that goes from 2# - maybe 11”. Something like that.
  25. This is the current burner tip with three 1/16 dia drill holes. It can easily be changed to a single 3/16 drill hole.
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