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#32346 Favorite Supply Sites

Posted by SunsetBay on 06 April 2013 - 08:31 AM

I'm in the New England, so I try to stick to the northeast. in addition to Bailey's and Clay-King (which isn't in the northeast, I know!) I've had good experiences with:




Portland Pottery in Portland, ME, is terrific, but not for mail order, unfortunately.

#13037 How Much Do You Sell Your Mugs For?

Posted by SunsetBay on 04 February 2012 - 10:59 PM

As a newbie to selling, I beg to differ with the idea that "beginner" pottery should perhaps not be sold. I'm just starting to sell because 1) people have seen my work and asked to buy it; and 2) to "get rid" of some of my extra pieces (the better ones, of course) instead of having to find more room for them at home. My goal is only to get a little extra cash to help pay for my pottery addiction; I have a paying job and don't expect pottery to pay me a living wage. But back to the point about selling early work: No one is forcing anyone to buy my work. If someone buys a mug I made, I can only assume they bought it because they liked it: it pleased them aesthetically, felt good in their hand. Hopefully they get pleasure every time they drink their tea or coffee from that mug. So who's to say that work was "good" or not? Or even "good enough?" If some stranger liked it enough to buy it, then it's good enough in my book. And if my work improves and I start charging more, I am going to assume that the quality/properties will have changed enough to make people see the differences and appreciate them. That's how I'm thinking about it now. I just don't see the point of keeping my work in my house until some point when--who? how? what? decides that it is finally "good enough" to sell. Just sayin'.