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What $70 Got Me.worth It, Or Not?

24 July 2015 - 06:53 PM

So I had a phone call from an old colleague and student in my adult classes. Seems her daughter was wishing to get rid of an American Beauty AB-18 kiln. Price was $50 with some other things included. I went on line to check on the kiln, and found that the bricks with slight changes would fit the Amaco Gold that I am rebuilding the bottom layer in. Picked up the kiln today, all in decent shape, 230V24A, lid crack 4 varied shelves. There were also several boxes of kiln furniture wire stilts, pyro bars, oodles of brushes, sponges and assorted other items. So when all was loaded in, I gave them a fifty dollar bill, and added a twenty to it. As I told my granddaughter later, I would have felt like I had stolen it from them even though they might have been happy, I would have worried over it, this way I am feeling fine, as I know they are.


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Did I do OK? I think I did, but then maybe I'm just a patsy.


Best, Pres

Stretching Your Limits

18 July 2015 - 09:17 AM

We have seen a lot of discussion over the years about throwing larger, developing more texture, breaking out of slumps, becoming more creative. I was wondering how you prepare for doing something new, or returning to something you have not done for a while. I have been reading a fantasy novel lately where the character is constantly trying to improve his strengths by doing a little more "exercise" each day. I find that when I am trying to throw larger, especially of late :wacko:, I try working with larger and larger amounts of clay over a series of weeks til I get to the point that I am throwing at a limit, then I push for a little bit more. The same goes with shaping(inflating) the form. Larger forms have a tendency to be standard columns with some shaping for the belly, shoulder and neck, but I try to inflate the forms more past what I am used to by careful working of the form to get a much larger diameter even though that causes a loss of height and sometimes collapses completely. There are other examples of how to "stretch your muscles" what do you do?

Reccomendations For Sc White Stoneware/porcelain

26 April 2015 - 09:23 AM

I have been considering a return to a white clay body with Standard Ceramics, ^6 range. I believe the last time I used a white body was with either the 240, or the buff/off white 553.  I was wondering as there are lots of folks out there using SC clays. . . what do you like/recommend. Remember that I can throw, and a challenging, but rewarding clay would not be a problem for me. . . . I think!  I usually split my order with two different clay bodies, a light and darker. This time with a light to medium and a white/off white.




When Do You Know To Start Regular Firing Of Your Kiln?

22 April 2015 - 04:38 PM

I was loading a kiln load up today, glazing as I went, loading each piece as I usually do into the kiln when finished with it. I set of my pre waxed taller pieces aside, working on the patens(plates). I go through a series of dip glazes, sprayed and poured glazes, and some atomized on stains. I then finish the foot ring by using a damp sponge on the foot rings of the patens while on the griffin grip. Chalices are done much the same, in batches of 2 or 4 to match patens. I placed the lid on the kiln(mine is not hinged, but has two handles) leaving a little space up top for early venting. I  also leave out the peep plugs on the top two layers.  All kiln switches were turned to 9 o'clock which is 25% on my switches.


An hour later, I have closed the lid, but leave the switches at the same position. What simple test could I use to tell when to start up the regular firing? This is for the newbies out there, and the experienced folks also. I have been noticing questions involving, shivering, spots on kiln shelves, and other things that this test could help alleviate. Answers folks?

Well Met At Nceca

01 April 2015 - 09:25 AM

By now, many of you have read the thread where I walked into the meeting with my hat off, and no one knew me. So I thought I would post a picture of me with my hat off here. It will be obvious why I wear a hat outside, as there is nothing worse than rain running off of a bald head down your neck. Other side of coin is the blazing sun that can leave blisters the size of quarters especially when demonstrating outside all day. So here is a pic taken with some great personalities that I met, Tom Roberts and John Baymore.