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Latest Studio Tricks And Tips

16 April 2016 - 04:13 PM

I usually have a commercial sponge pad that I used with wooden bats on the wheel when throwing large bowls and plates. Lately I have been at a loss as I could not find it in the studio.  Last week I was throwing plates(patens) for communion sets and was looking again for my sponge pad. Could not find it so I decided to try something new. I put a piece of plastic from a clay bag cut to a square on the wheel with the bat pins under it, placed a bat over top, and used a knife to cut the excess off. After removing the bat, I dipped the plastic into the water bucket, smoothed it back on the wheel head and replaced the bat and threw the plate. It worked just great, and the same piece now has been used for 10 plates. Still will get much use out of it.


Do you have a recent studio trick, or an older one that others may find of use?





Qotw: As A Discerning Potter, When And Why Do You Buy Handmade Pottery?

13 April 2016 - 08:24 AM

Standing in for Evelyne again:


I often have purchased mugs, or plates or other small pack friendly items when I travel as part of my souvenirs for the trip. These get displayed, and often used through the years to remind me of good times. I have also bought pieces from artists that I have heard about and admired their work over the years, when I have met them, or see them at a conference or other venue. These items even though inexpensive remind me of them, and their styles. I have also purchased pieces when I have been at shows or other events where I have been majorly impressed by some aspect or other of a potter's display. These remind me of a style, or a technique that I really relate to.  


So, when do you separate your hard earned cash from yourself to buy a piece, and why? Do you only barter with other potters? Do you not purchase other pieces as you figure you can make it yourself?






Qotw:what Is Your Favorite Redesigned/repurposed Common Kitchen Or Shop Tool For Pottery?

09 April 2016 - 08:51 AM

Standing in for Evelyne this week,


So what is your favorite tool that came from some other place other than a pottery supply store. Something that you have recycled, or redesigned in some way to use in your pottery studio. Some of my favorites are bamboo kitchen utensils that I cut the handles off of to make all sorts of ribs. Another that I find quite useful is a potato peeler to facet the stems of chalices or to facet mugs before shaping. Give some examples of yours, pictures if you can.





Qotw: What Is Your Excuse For Not Getting Into The Studio, Or Not Getting Out Of It!

23 March 2016 - 12:10 PM

So over the years, when talking to folks, and when observing myself, I hear or see a lot of excuses for different things. One of these things is for not getting into the studio. Another is for not getting out and enjoying life, because the studio is your excuse.


So break it down.

            What is your biggest excuse for not getting to work in the studio?


             What is the real excuse for not leaving the studio for some other commitment?







Sitting in for Evelyne, as she is stuck without internet somewhere in NM? Hmmmmm is that an excuse? :) Good enough for me!

Do You Use Cone Packs In An Electric Kiln?

24 October 2015 - 02:41 PM

Okay, so I really pulled a goofy one this last firing. Had everything in glaze load, loaded up water smoked a bit to keep morning made cone pack from blowing up and to allow the recently glazed pots to dry up. It comes to 12 midnight, and decision time. I know it won't be anywhere near ready til early morning if I fie it to all switches(3) on ten, probably 5 am. I decided to put the bottom on 10, Mid to 9, and the top to 7. All this figuring to fire a little on all at 10 when I got up at 7. Next morning 7 out to the kiln, cone 5, 6, and 7 are down. Can't really tell how bad, but glow  is not white still yellow orange. 24 hours later, I unload and find that one teapot lid is glued on, another lid that did not get fired on the pot is glued to the shelf, but other than some darker earthier colors, all is good. Definitely a potentially bad situation came in OK, Lucky me!  


This got me to thinking about my cone packs, and how I am the last of a really gone breed. Still firing with cone packs in an electric kiln. Got me also to thinking that maybe someone would like to see what my cone pack looks like.



Attached File  ConePacks.JPG   208.06KB   2 downloads


You can see the standard fire I do in the middle, the one on the right is Wednesday nights, and the one on the left is one I made at the same time as Wednesday for the next load.