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Qotw: What Form Do You Least Enjoy Creating, Whether Thrown Or Handbuilt, And Why?

22 September 2016 - 08:02 AM

So a few weeks ago we did the form you most enjoy creating. Now clue us in on the form you really don't like doing, or struggle with more than any other.


For me it is pitchers. I really have never found a pitcher shape that I like to throw. I have done pitchers with round bottom portions with a neck out of that rising to a spout. I have done the narrower base rising to a wider high belly then short neck and spout. I have also done some pitchers that used a little reconstruction using an embroidery hoop, and reversing parts 180 degrees. However, I have never discovered a pitcher that I was completely satisfied with. 


How about you, is there a form you can't throw, or make, or one you struggle with design wise, or one you just don't like?





Qotw:how Do They Put Up With You?

14 September 2016 - 09:29 PM

Ok, so I was just reading an old Qotw about "Are we Crazy". I was mentioning it to my wife, and it occurred to me, How has she put up with me over the years.. . . . let me explain. So we know we are Passionately Crazy about clay, but what does that mean.

  • I believed in Rt/Lft Brain theory, it explains much of me. I will go into the shop at evening, and start working, and not realize how late things are until early mid or late morning. Working through the night. Even did that a few times while teaching, not getting in til 2 or 3 a.m. and then getting up for work at 6:30.
  • Firing a kiln up and down without a programmer or a setter means strange bed time antics, alarms going off every few hours, staying out of be til way late, and doing other weird things at night and then sleeping in.
  • Tracking clay into the house on the bottoms of my feet after she has just mopped!
  • Dusty or muddy hands and clothes leaving finger prints all over.
  • Glazing on the deck with materials and pots everywhere when some would like to enjoy a nice day also. ... in quiet, without mess, or splatter!
  • Laundry that wears out the washing machine a few years early.
  • Rejected pots laying around everywhere, for her use, always gets the seconds.
  • Overly persnickity and picky potter that always sees something wrong with a pot she wants to buy, even as I say, I can throw you one. . . Why not?
  • I can go on and on, but I am sure you all get the picture.

So when I ask her how she puts up with me, she just smiles and very quietly says: because I love you. Go figure!


How do those around you put up with it, deal with it, adapt to it or just overlook it?




as always,




Qotw: What Form Do You Most Enjoy Creating, Whether Thrown Or Handbuilt, And Why?

07 September 2016 - 09:18 PM

I think I have often talked about forms, and my love of throwing/making teapots. Of all of the forms I have made, these are some of the most pleasing to me when finished.


Lately though I have been really enamored with batter bowls. My latest ones really please me visually, and function very well. The most pleasing aspect of the bowl is the way the flared rim gets folded down opposite the spout to create a place for the strap handle. Looking down the form is heart shaped. Does this new form take the place of the #1 teapot? No, but it is very intriguing of late.


So what is the form that you most enjoy making?





Qotw: What Single Caveat Was Passed To You Or Would You Pass On To A Newbie?

31 August 2016 - 08:32 PM

When in college, I had shifted majors a couple of times. When I came to Ceramics, I was stricken by the feel of the clay, the sense of accomplishment, and the sensuous engagement I found working in the studio. For the really first time I felt a. . . .knack. I wanted to learn everything, immerse myself in the whole thing with nothing else and became frustrated when I couldn't throw that form or create what I perceived.For a long time I depressed myself with this driven need. Then one day I realized that I should not worry about the now, but enjoy the journey to the then. Some things I will never master, it not being in me, but I have things that I can and should hang on to those, and find help on the few I do not master. In the end, I guess you should enjoy the journey with the clay day to day, it will sustain you.








Qotw: What Is Your Biggest Safety Fault?

14 June 2016 - 07:46 AM

Evelyne could not post the Qotw. . . so I am helping her out.


After all of our discussions on so many of the forums, many have talked about safety in the studio. These discussions will include keeping a clean studio, washing up instead of sweeping or brushing, using respirators when working with dust, using goggles to view the cone packs in the kiln, how to lift and move materials safely, and so many other things. So what in the anonymity of the forum. . . what don't you do for your self safety wise that you should do?  Reason I am bringing it up right now is that I have been trying to get some orders finished up, along with some wedding presents and a wedding jar. However, I am kicking around in a studio that has not been cleaned after the Winter with dust everywhere, trimming craps still on the floor, and overall chaos as I have to step over things to get to the wheel. Pretty bad right now, but hope to get the time to clean as these pieces start to dry.