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Yesterday, 07:02 PM

I really don't like throwing a downer into the parade, but why worry about fixing a cracked pot. Any sort of crack in the pot is just a weakness waiting for something to happen. Could you sell it?  Could you give it away to a friend or relative? So you might use it yourself? If it is not cracked all the way through, sure use it at home, enjoy it until the next one come along. In the long run, best to not get into the habit of fixing cracks for any reason. The time you spend repairing it could be better used with a little more time making a replacement. At the same time, maybe lesson learned.  Hope I don't sound to harsh, but that is my take on cracks.




In Topic: Can Someone Help With Instructions For 20Year Old Stanton Kiln

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

Hi AscotLady,

Welcome to the forums, and a great community for potters both on the beginner side and those more advanced. I hope that you will find this a place to ask and get answers.


It appears you are across the pond from me, but with the miracles of the internet I have found a PDF file that includes information on you kiln. It also appears that Stanton is still in business, so you should be able to contact them direct. 

The link to the pdf is here, in case you have not gotten it yet.



In Topic: Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

Yesterday, 11:14 AM

Easiest for me, out the back door and 2 hrs.





In Topic: Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

Yesterday, 09:35 AM

I won't be making it this year, couldn't fit it in the budget. However, I am looking forward to 2018.







In Topic: What's Your Favorite Blunger?

18 February 2017 - 02:53 PM

My personal favorite is 



this mixer will break up the large and the small quite well, and will break up stuff in the bottom when used carefully. I often reverse the drill when working with it to help clean out if it gets clogged. Big if, as it hardly ever does, but point is it mixes well both ways.