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Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Welcome to the forums, I hope that you will find the folks and resources here on the forums and at CAD helpful on your journey!





In Topic: Lockerbie K Kick Wheel

19 July 2017 - 08:05 AM

Yeah, the kick wheel thing has a little more coordination involved in some ways, The big thing is that you have to get it to speed, then partly center, re speed, then finish center, then re speed then make opening and get all ready for first pull, re speed and make first pull, re speed and make next pull. Now the secret to a lot of it is using just enough water to lube the clay, but not enough to get it to collapse, and using just enough force to move the clay up, and not slow the wheel too much. Practicing this will really improve your skills, and if you ever move to a motorized wheel you will be even better, because of what you learned on the kick.





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18 July 2017 - 09:28 AM


In Topic: I've Thought About Using A Dutch Oven As A Low Fire Saggar. Any Experie...

17 July 2017 - 08:03 AM

I used to use metal cans as a sagger when firing pieces in a trash incinerator. Just for experimental purposes, but there were some interesting results. Too bad the school district decided to eliminate the incinerator and opt for trash service. Had a smokey empty room for years after that thing was hauled out. It was about the size of a 40 cubic foot kiln.  Only reached about 1200F at the hottest point.





In Topic: The Price Of Art

15 July 2017 - 05:59 PM

Unlike some, I was brought up to value the Arts, my Dad was in the Air Force always flying away to destinations unknown til he got back with some Japanese print. a Polynesian carving, a hummel doll, or an English cottage miniature. Perfume from Spain, or Jewelry from France, or Some knick knack from Germany or even a recipe from Fuji or Okinawa. We were 4 kids, a stay at home Mom, and a Sargent, so you know we were not wealthy, but by all means we were pretty rich as they made certain that no matter where ever we were we went to museums, zoos, and parks. All the rest of my life, I have had that heritage with me, and the arts have been so much a part of it that even though I have not had much, I have shared my riches of good art, music, theatre, food and books with my students and family, enriching their lives and my own.



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