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The End Of An Era-In Mendocino That Is

22 May 2017 - 12:03 AM

After selling my work in a small tourist town 3.5 to my south called Mendocino Ca, my current outlet of 16 years is closing its doors. They have had some ups and downs and almost folded a few times but made it thru the big downturn. I drive down on Tuesday and pick up my work.

I’m driving away from being in this town with work since the middle 80’s. I’m not looking to replace this outlet. They are closing due to health issues. It was a consignment shop

This place is known to most in the US from that Tv series Murder she wrote.

For me it’s been some great scuba diving to the south of there and a great place to drop off pottery on a dive trip. I have had some great success in a my 30 some years there and it’s going to be in the rear-view mirror on Tuesday.

I thought about getting into another shop but I caved on the thought as its been a pain to service this far away location the past few years. I had to get tough with them awhile back and I decided  then to try to keep more local.

Like the song from Jackson Brown says all good things must come to an end.

Pottery Display Time

21 May 2017 - 01:43 PM

It must be sales season as I have had a lot of interest in my rack plans lately-seems I'm sending out plans every week now. I have only seen one set actually made and they looked good. She had them made for $450 each for two . I bet she's selling up a storm this spring.

I'd post them here but Pug scanned them to a PDF format so I just e-mail them to requesters own e-mail address .I could not posts a PDF on this site.

Specific Gravity-Glaze Thickness Tools

20 May 2017 - 12:00 PM

Every week or two I mix glazes –lots a of glazes. Having the right tools makes this a snap

There are basically 3 tools to aid you in getting glaze the right thickness.

‘One is the hydrometer

Another is the Graduated ML cylinder-this is filled to 100 ML and weighed

The last is the viscosity cup

I gave away my cup recently and have yet to buy another

They can be had here

https://www.amazon.c...s=viscosity cup


A good electronic scale is also a must

Here is one that works fine and is cheap


this one weighs up to 15#s


I have and use this scale and it works great



With all these devices you mix up the glaze well and then use the tools.

If you have a hydrometer like the small one on right in photo and the photo with the orange type you will need to go buy another as this type is for making beer and alcohol and is not the right scale.

I only included this to show its the WRONG TYPE of hydrometer


Speaking of scales I use the one in the close up photo. Many glazes fall into the 1500ish  range


I have really like the ML cylinder and weighing it as its very quick and less errors. I use it almost weekly on a few glazes.

Most of my glazes have a range and do not need the fine-tuning of these tools but a few are very touchy and I use them every time I make them

A few other notes mix your glaze and let it sit as it take about 6-12 hours for all the small particles to get wet-then remix and measure.

If you have a glaze that settles out do yourself a favor and buy some magma

It’s the best product I have ever found that cures settling

You can get it here


Brent Model A For Sale On E-Bay

02 May 2017 - 10:05 AM

I have no affiliation with this seller just passing on info.

This is an original model A wheel It very small. I own one like this that I use just for trimming.

I paid $275 for mine . I think this one may be overpriced.

I suggest you seal the flakeboard deck especially the edges and the 4 bolts that hold it down if you end up owning one.

I love my tiny wheel as it fits in a corner and is so easy to move around.

Brent re-disigned this model and its much larger now.


Gold Luster Hanovia

27 April 2017 - 10:06 AM

Seems every year we get a flurry of luster questions especially on gold luster.

In the USA it appears Duncan is the last manufacture to carry gold luster.

Here is large bottle of the old Hanovia new and unopened 

Its a little spendy but its cost per gram is very reasonable

I do not know or am I affiliated with seller

just passing the info to you bulk gold users.

Back in the day this was the brand I used-before I gave up luster use

I still remember the headaches.