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Salt Kiln Build And Alternative Roof System

25 March 2017 - 01:47 AM

I found my slat kiln build photos

Alternative kiln roof and metal frame work for a high fire kiln. The metal is all sprayed with high heat aluminum paint

I read an article about 15 years ago from Mel Jacobson using fiber modules he was given .It got me thinking about building a roof from fiber, which I designed around my own needs. At that time I was working on a salt kiln in side yard-it was in the planning stage

Here’s some photos from that build-the fiber is cut in u shapes that you fold-then a stainless steel rod threaded at ends is pierced thru and two iron flat stock bars hold it under tension.

The walls are mix of hard and soft k28 bricks, the floor is three layers-two hard with a soft sandwiched between. The stack is all hard brick and a stainless steel chimney.

The door pipe hinge was scraped from another potters car kiln door and I added the 360-spin feature to it –it’s the best door design I have ever had.

I used heavy steel on the frame as this is a salt kiln and after a decade it’s still holding up well.

Care must be used when handling fiber.

I have never seen this roof design using the fiber folded this way. It would work very well in a reduction kiln and you can span large distances, it has yet to sag at all. In the detail photo you can see the spiked thread ends. The wire is used to handle it and suspend it while placement then removed.

The photos of the group was our 1st fire. I'm the guy on the right in all photos next to kiln.

That was years ago.

Brent Cxc Wheel Jerkiness Fixed

24 March 2017 - 10:01 PM

My CXC has been jerking around at low speeds past year or two. I had gotten used to this impediment . I worked on the foot pedal and this did not change the issue. A few months ago I took some photos of my control circuit board and motor. I finally got around to sending them off to Amaco/Brent asking about a fix. The tech suggested checking the brushes. I took them out and cleaned the powder build up off -keeping them in same plane as they came out. After reassembly I threw a run of small pots and the problem seems to have been fixed. The brushes are from 1982 when I bought this wheel-they are still 2/3 intact .

Simple fix.

Front Loading Electrics

10 March 2017 - 11:12 AM

I have a friend looking to buy a front loader-she asked me about Paragons and Olympics . I suggested Baileys and L$Ls due to the element holders

I think this will be a mostly cone 6  kiln-any suggestions on this??

Neil? Nerd? talk front loaders please .

Fish For Ideas-Indonesia Sea Creatures

09 March 2017 - 08:42 PM

Just returned from a month long trip

Spent the that two weeks on a remote Island which is part of 4 islands called Wakatobi.

If you google this you will find our paradise for diving.

It was a three hour flight east from Bali in  extreme southern Sulawesi.

The plane fly's once a week-we spent two weeks there diving. I dove 3 dives a day and shot 1,000s of underwater photos

I have yet to see them all.

Here are a few-the 1st is my setup-a Nikon D300 in subal housing with two strobes-weighs about 12#s

the second is a bubble coral shrimp

next-leaf fish

poisonous banded sea snake hunting fish

clown fish


crocodile fish

pufferfish close up

pigmy sea horse

fire dart fish


One last note about these shots is this underwater photo thing has been a passion of mine since 1983





Clay Brick Factory In Cambodia

16 February 2017 - 08:39 AM

In the pottery area about 2.5 hours outside Phnom Penh there is a very old brick factory.

This country is built on these type of bricks. They are used everywhere for everything . From buildings to walls .They are usually skim coasted with cement after laying them up..This factory is very old the 5 kilns are huge long camber kilns on a hillside-fired with local wood.

Two of the 5 kilns where firing when we dropped by for a look . One woman was lightly stoking one kiln. They mine the clay from river and extrude the bricks  and slow dry in shade and fire -They haul them up hill by hand and load kiln in side chambers-after firing they unload and carry down the hill. I crawled into one empty chamber about 1/2 way up hill and took the photo looking down hill toward stoke hole-these kilns are a few hundred feet long.This place was all manual labor except for a backhoe and power extruder..The clay is brown until low fired to an orange teracota color. All bricks have 4 holes in them.