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Sponge Holders

29 September 2014 - 09:41 PM

This ones for Babs who asked for a photo of these-the mug photo will have to wait.

As to your questions

I can stuff 86  into a square small box. You see this wholesale order about $1,300 (includes some other forms as well). I take 1000 miles to a show this weekend and pass off to another potter who is at show and he takes them another 500 miles home and the gallery owner picks them up as well as his order at his studio and drives them about 150 miles north to Near a famous spot on the California coast callers Hearst Castle. The fellow we sell to has a gallery in a tiny town nearby on highway 1.

so I can get 86 in a small 15x15x15 box 

Now back to these they all have neoprene self stick bottoms so they do not slide around or scratch . I jig cut them with a small wooden box and a large bow cutter Sherrial mud tool .

I tend to make about 25-30 at a time.I sell lots of them along with other smalls in my booth.Most potters do not work with massive volumes of smalls much especially after so many years but If you want to make a good living smalls are another successful tool and they work for me.These sell almost as good as spoon rests .

Heres some before boxing up today. I take  150 to this next show this coming weekend.

Thanks for the Ginger cookie recipe.I will be making cookies for my trip in a few days.Its one of the things I do connected to shows.The cookies are not for customers but for me.

My electric is in background and I just looked at my log-Its been fired 8 times to c08 this year as I hardly ever fire electric compared to my gas kilns


My 41St Annual Local Show

29 September 2014 - 06:27 PM

Just did my local show a weekend ago . It was my 41st annual  Northcountry Fair as its been going 41 years now. The weather was great. Its a two day with most sales always on the Saturday. This show often is weather dependent and the weather was stellar so the crowd was huge on Saturday. It was my 2nd best show there in those 41 years. There were about twice as many potters this year than the past few years.Its great to have a good show only 5 -6 miles away.

I will add that I'm also on the fairs non -profit board (VP) and have a fair amount of planning time in as well these days-Its always good to give back to the community and this fair is just such an event.

I'm hoping the fair at least broke even we shall see at the next meeting.


My Mug Will Be On National Tv Next Week On Cnn

29 September 2014 - 10:26 AM

Not my face

But one of my mugs-not just a mug but my jumbo mug a 34ozer

You can see it on CNN on Mike Rowes new season opener  show (somebodys gotta do it) October 8th at 9PM

Check your local listings for exact show times

My friend has a Baggel shop where I sell mugs as well.


The story is Mike came up to our sleepy county to film 4 segments at some small busiesses in Humboldt County.

he started at 6.30 am at the Los Bagels and needed the largest cup of cofffe they had-the owner Dennis gave him one of my 34 oz mugs full-he drank 2 in 1 hour. I have no idea what they will edit out out but I'm told the mug is in the show-it will go fast as he is working the front counter with that mug in hand-look for it.

Dennis also plugged my business but I'm sure they will snip that out

This bagel shop is one our best run business and I'm there at least once a week dropping off mugs or getting a bite.


He is just a regular guy by the way-again never met him but was told.

They shot a segment at a chocolate manufacture our famous goat cheese spot and a art glass recycle business

We have some great small businesses around here.



PS I do not expect any business from this just as when my pottery was in a local movie as well-its just another aspect of potting so long around here.

Amazon Local-New Credit Card Processor-Low Rates

24 September 2014 - 03:54 PM

This is a new service for the Large retailer .Its called Amazon Local

They are offering a new card reader for smart phones for 10$ which comes off your 1st 10$ in fees. The intro rate is 1.5%for this year thru 2016 then goes to a 2.5% beating the square up by 1/4%.The intro rate only applies if you sign up before Oct. 31st.

I sent away for the reader via Amazon last week and am going to try this soon.

I'll report back

I have been very happy with the square so this needs to work well to switch-the reader is a better design except it does not fit my mofie.



They have customer support-I spoke with them today

they have a few bugs to work out as well I found out.

The thing with the square is most of the public is familiar with it already.

Recrystallized Silicon Carbide Shelves Are Not All The Same

18 September 2014 - 03:58 PM

Recrystallized silicon carbide shelves are not all the same

After many years of firing to cone 11.

I had to trade out two Chinese shelves due to near failure.

I bought two a few years ago to test along with my 50 advancers.

These where the Chinese ones with and without the relief cuts in them.

Booth where used as bottom shelves as well as throughout the load.

They have both warped 3/8 of and inch or more as well as cracked. The advancers are as flat and crack free as the day I bought them. These shelves have hundreds of fires on them. So when you think why the Chinese ones cost 1/3 as much its because you will need to replace them many times to equal an advancer.