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The Dirtiest Job In Ceramics

21 April 2015 - 11:32 AM

After a 10-hour glaze day yesterday I reminded me of what makes me want a shower the most.


Throwing pots

Making clay

Making glaze

Cleaning the studio

Or glazing wares

For me its glaze day-that’s when I get the most love for a shower.


Ps wood firing is another level for sure



Two Glaze Fires Going -Power Outage

11 April 2015 - 07:27 PM

Well power went out 8 hours into two glaze fires going-good thing it was gas kilns.

Power company says 2,100 customers out of power -no time yet reported on fixing it-its been 2 hours so far.

I love natural draft gas kilns.

On a side  note my natural  gas 12kw generator kicked right in. Looks like a non issue.


My Extra Large Mug Is On Tv Tonight

09 April 2015 - 09:04 PM

Looks  like somebodies got to do it show with my mug is on CNN tonight.9pm west coast time. The Humboldt county part is on the second half of show.He is served the largest cup of coffe he ever had in my mug.

About 3 seconds of fame.Now back to making glazes.



Sponge Holders Or White Rice?

08 April 2015 - 01:48 AM

This is a companion piece to my spoon rest or top ramen thread.

They go with spoon rests and what I can smalls-Smalls add up as they are all just add on sales to other items. I can tuna fish on small sales money with my boat all summer. You could put a child thru collage with small sales.You need other items to sell with smalls to make it all work but lets get back to sponge holders

Dirtroads wanted a photo so heres the deal-I throw these in groups of 30. I jig wire cut them after they firm slightly with a Mudcutter Bow. I like this tool for this job as its the best for my wood jig and cuts smooth with super control(I keep lots of spare wires as they wear out).

I let them dry until firm and sponge them smooth.

I throw them small plaster bats. I sell them for 10$ they sell very well. These are no trimmers-I glaze them wildly to match my other stuff. I display them near the spoon rests next to soap dishes and lotion bottles and french butters (butter bells)

I put neoprene bottoms on so they do not mare and do not slide next to sinks. I buy these in lots or 3,600 as the price is low in quantity(under 30 cents). I have gone thru a few rolls of these already. I seem to use the 2.5 inch size the most. 

You can buy in smaller quantities at aftosa.com

These holders work great on all sizes of sponges and we keep two next to our kitchen sink.

I have sold more than you can imagine over the years now.I can throw them very fast and the jig (made of 1/4 inch plywood) makes the curve cut in seconds.


A Real Dress Code Story-Or How I Became A Potter

06 April 2015 - 08:03 PM

I would not be a potter today without a stupid dress code in High School.This is a true story as best as I can tell it.

Let me tell you my story about unreasonable school bureaucracy and administration insanity.


Back when I was in High school I was a b+ student-not great not bad. Never had discipline issues.

My family where mostly teachers. My mother was a high school/collage teacher for over 30 years as well as a few years with the board of education.

I started to change with the times in 9th grade. That is started to grow my hair long (it was the 60’s) I told the track coach that I was done running circles and he was on his own after having 3 Cortright boys to coach and get his team records that I was done track. (My brother’s and myself all where track stars) over a 12 year period with my oldest brother going on to the Olympics.

In the summer of 9-th to 10th grade my mother suggested me not going to a regular high school as she saw trouble with the dress code? I did not get this point but found a school far away from so-Cal in the San Francisco area called Pacific High school. I went there for my 1st year of high school.This school became known from the dome books  written about its mass of domes built during my period there. It was a small private school and I learned about life in so many ways pubic schools could not teach. My fellow students (guys like pig pen from the Grateful dead) and I for example went on field trips to the Avalon ballroom to see Janis Joplin or the Jefferson Airplane.It was San Francisco in the heyday of change. I do not recall much book learning. I do recall much learning about life. Long story short met a girl lived in New Hampshire with her the last of that year and then flew out west to finish my high school and get out of the city (so-call).

By this time I had a pony tail and sideburns and the high school had a dress code with stated that THOU SHALL NOT HAVE SIDEBURNS BELOW the tip of ear. I think back on this and if I recall it was chiseled onto stone tablets in the principal’s office. Now I should add that my family was forward art thinkers and did not do well with rules that made no sense. Its in my DNA to question stupidity-always has been.

I seemed to be spending lots of time in the dean’s office in 11 grade talking about the length of sideburns and haircuts. Meanwhile I was a b+ student with zero discipline issues. This went on for almost the entire year. This guy was splitting hairs and disrupting my learning. To call him an idiot would be an insult to real idiots.

Again at this time my mother was putting in a two year stint on the board of Education (two years then back to doing real teaching with real students) She suggested I check out the continuation school which used the local JC business and technology and art school grounds in the am. I said I could not go as you have to be kicked out of all 5 high schools in our district to get in and I have never been kicked out of anything. She said she had some pull. I checked out the campus and enrolled the following week. They had a few potters’ wheels in the welding industrial arts building and that is how I got exposed to wheel throwing. I bought a wheel from Robert Brent himself as he was starting out. That was in 12th grade. I finished school early as I did reports and read books outside of school and was an A student in a class of 12 graduates who mostly had serious discipline issues.

I took a private class with another schoolmate from a local potter that year as well. I went on to take five years of art learning everything I could about ceramics while getting my art degree.I was lucky to learn from recent Alfred Grads who learned from the greats of our time and where busting to pass on that tourch of knowledge.


So spending time with an insane dean with insane rules is what changed my life into a full time potter years later.It not even a stretch as I would have never had that opportunity .

And to top off this tale they dropped the dress code two years later. Go figure they must have had a new hire at the top.A real thinker who cared about education.

I still would like to have a few moments alone with that dean just to set the record straight with a buzz cut.I'm sure he is now a retired prison guard.

This is my personal story and is in no way embellished .