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Avatar Issues

19 October 2016 - 01:46 AM

I have had zero luck changing mine. I got to the options button on the photo in my gallery and selected (set as photo) but nothing happens.

The reason we have so many empty faces is this function does not work well. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Its another software issue as far as I can see.

heres my new avatar

at least in theory .


Brent Wheel Model C-Smoking Deal On Ebay

16 October 2016 - 03:47 PM

Its in Maryland and so far is looking like a great deal. This wheel looks like its never seen any clay.

I;m 3'000 miles away from me and I do not know the seller-but its so far a great deal local pickup only means you need to go get it.

Looks like it needs a good home.





Are You Looking For A Geil Gas Kiln?

19 September 2016 - 12:07 PM

I heard about one out west-20 cubic feet -Gas-brick-I do not know the seller and am not associated one bit with it, but it looks pretty clean in the photos.I passed on it myself but if the mods are ok with it you can PM for Details-It was from a San diego school and thats where it will need to be trucked from.I'm just passing on the info.Its 6k. and uses 12x24 shelves.Downdraft and is clean outside-has the DD1 controller .The price is fair as this kiln is 21k new.

Mods if this violates the rules just delete the post.I know this is a grey area? 

My 43 Annual Northcountry Fair-Hope To See Ya-Bob Dylan Was A Part Of It

16 September 2016 - 02:49 PM

Well it my 43 annual local show-Nothing like it on this planet

Heres the write up  below at link and if you are in the area stop by my booth on the corner 9th and Gst

The Parade is at 1 pm Saturday so get there before that-it will take 1 hour and I promise you this is no ordinary parade .

Sundays Parade is also at 1 pm so come early again

If you never have been consider making the trip it will be worth it as you will see things you only dreamed about.

This is a community event and fun for all-admisson is free

I'm have been involved with this show since day one

I guess I'm one of those aliens in this story below

as well as a same old person

Hey its a zero waste event so pack it out if you bring it in.

You will see Bob Dylan's connection with our event at this link





Studio Floor Matts The Best

14 September 2016 - 11:52 PM

Ok thats a statement for sure.

Let me explain

Last week I was BBQing for a few hundred folks at a annual fund raiser for a small village in Nicaragua thats an annual event in Arcata

My small town nearby. The past 30+ years

I'm a tuna guy so you guessed it I'm at the grill with a few friends cooking fresh Tuna for this fund raiser every year

I had to get more sauce and on the way to the walk in cooler I stepped on a matt and was standing in heaven. Later I asked about them.

Now let me say I have stood an many a matt so my feet know something about matts.

these I where told where the best and are indestructible -yes the cost a pretty penny but this week I ordered one of the large and 3 smalls and put them around my glaze area and since today was glaze day I can say YAHOOOOOO they are great.

I have a wood floor but even this is hard while glazing 10 hours on the feet every week . My feet tonight are way better.

These clean up easy and are so soft you melt into them.So if Money is not tight and your stand at a spot for long and you care about your feet I cannot say enough about these matts.

I sold enough sponge holders  at last show to buy these and I like my feet to be happy.