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1227 Element Burned Out

28 July 2015 - 05:18 PM

Well after decades of bisques my #2 element toasted at the pigtail. This old rust bucket has good bricks so I ordered a new element-the other elements appear to look good.I'm not a skutt fan but I'm looking to nurse a few more years on this old kiln.I bought some quality stainless screws to reassemble as skutt uses junk hardware which rusts out very soon.
Next kiln will be an L&L.

Overfired Gas Kiln Today

15 July 2015 - 10:24 PM

Well this happens even to the old timers. I was loading my car kiln and a firing my small 12 cubic gas kiln to cone end point cone 11.
A friend came over to help work on my 250 hp outboard fuel system ( extremely complex )I checked kiln and cone 10 was almost down with a stiff cone 11.
I walked away saying I have to set a timer to remember as my head will be in the replacement of all fuel pumps in complex outboard system.
Starting loading up tools for job and spaced the timer and the kiln. Later my helper came out and said the cone was gone and I had that oh my god feeling. Turned off kiln without looking in. I will know on Friday what it looks like the digital pyro said 2500 even-the most its ever read.
I had glazed the whole load for a hot fire but not this hot. I'll follow up on friday as I/m firing car kiln all day tomorrow .
I feel like a space cadet now-its been a decade or more since I have done anything close to this.I'm glad the whole load is on advancers as glaze will not stick to them.

Business Liability Thread? Do You Recall

03 July 2015 - 01:00 PM

I recall a cheap one day insurance place a few months back that was mentions for vendor insure-Does anyone have a link to that thread?

I need to pass that info on to a chamber of commerce if I can locate it.


Stuff Your Bisque

28 June 2015 - 09:11 PM

This ones about as full as I can get it.


Lessons From Another Potter

18 June 2015 - 10:49 PM

I learned this from another potter long ago.
He makes more pots than I do as he is very prolific not that I'm not he is just a madman-well ok we both are.
Anyway I was asked on another thread about keeping track of my pots at a consignmet gallery.
His method which I to have adopted is once they have them and I have trust in them as owners I never keep track. His attitude is once dropped off-go make more and move forward the pots you made are thier problem (that is to sell). I have found this for me is the best path. On a side note this is for long term existing outlets not one you are just starting.
So say on a gallery I have been dealing with for 20 years keeping track of inventoiory -well thats not my
Job-my job is to supply . Make quaility work and keep them supplied in a timely manner.
Its also a trust realationship and its up to them to let me know in a timly manner whats needed before they run out. I only have a few of these outlets but this is how I run them from my end.
For wholesale its never your issue to keep track.