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Store & Forward Credit Card Processing

21 May 2015 - 08:12 PM

If this sounds like pay it forward well its not exactly like that.It's pay yourself forward.

For those who process credit cards it means that when you cannot access your server (due to signal loss)you can still swipe cards and later download the info when the connection is good.

For many decades now this was only done with wireless credit card machines that charged a lot of monthly fees-Now you can do it on your smart phone.

This is big news and it works well.

say your phone is in a NO service area (some of you city folks may not know this exists) this means the connection is so poor the phone cannot send the data.You still may be able to talk but the credit info say on the square reader is stuck in spin mode.

With the square reader you can now go into your account and put it on store forward and that means you can take acards and when you get into a better area connection wise it sends the data and you are paid.

Now I should metion that this comes at some risk as the cards cannot be verified so you could take a bad card and it will be your loss.

You can now do this with the square and a smart phone-other readers should fall into line soon.

Happy swiping.


Avatar Issues

21 May 2015 - 03:32 PM

Something is wrong with the new software that makes it impossible to post an avatar. 

I suggest to anyone who has an avatar to leave it alone until this issue is repaired. I have been trying for weeks now to get an avatar after trying to upgrade a new one.

I have had little feedback on this except from Bruce so I'm posting this notice here so you leave your avatar alone if you have one.

If anyone can get to the bottom go this please post it here so we know its fixed.

Mark C.

Mug Sizes

14 May 2015 - 03:38 PM

TRJ thread on big mugs and Neils comment made me think of what size do you make your mugs?

Mine are made from these clay porcelain wet weights and hold this much when finished-They are no trimmers meaning no trimmed foot.

These are my 5 main sizes-I also do soup and motion mugs but I'm sticking to standard mugs on this thread.

Since the clay body and thrown thickness all varies whats your mug?



3/4#=8-10 ounces

1#=   12-14 oz

1 1/4 #=16-18oz

1 1/2#= 22-24 oz

2#=      32-36oz

Space Plates

05 May 2015 - 08:48 PM

I had no idea when shooting those fish folks would comment on the space plate on end of table. These two came out of separate kilns one day apart. Both are cone 10 reduction fired on porcelain and are about 10 inch. Each has three glazes with a slight overlap.

Glazes where poured (with a funnel pitcher) and a ear syringe is how I applied my white glaze

These glazes like it a bit cool and unreduced to work best so I put them in my cold spots.

I have been doing these for a very long time on certain forms

I'm in deep space most of the time so they seem a nice fit for me. 




Ceramic Fish Fresh Caught Today

04 May 2015 - 09:21 PM

I unloaded some fish today

I took some junker photos with I-phone as someone wished to see them.

I string them with stainless 19 gauge wire on backs

The 4th photo shows the hanger holes-I put on the backs-If i'm insecure with the hangers I add glaze to attachment as sen with black glaze in 4th photo

All fish are curved somewhat which is hard to see in photos-that way you can place the hangers and they look more real-I use newspaper and it burns out as well as clay supports like on that Angler fish

My reds came out great today as you can see on some functional forms

These fish are schooling for a 3 day show in a few days-they hang on some pro-panels

Halibut -trigger fish -long nose butterfly-seahorse-orca-clownfish-angel fish-great white shark- deep water angler fish

I have been lucky enough to see most of these live underwater while scuba diving of from my boat. I have photos all underwater of most all except the deepwater angler who lives very deep

I have only seen Orca from boats and shore. 

I used to make them as realistic as possiable -now i just have fun glazing them wild

I only take them to shows I know they sell at which is not everywhere (like in AZ.)

All are saltwater species as I'm a saltwater guy.These will go with my tuna and a few others I have already. I have yet to make a freshwater fish

Last photo is from  old 2004 booth in Washington state-shows how I display them