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Two Glaze Loads

25 June 2016 - 02:29 PM

This was yesterdays two glaze loads.

I priced and packed them took some to a outlet and loaded the large kiln with a bisque load which I'm firing today as well as firing my small kiln with my cat -doing a cremation.

I have some new shino like glazes that turned out well in the big kiln.


Clay Studio Hepa Vacuum With Cyclonic Separator

10 June 2016 - 10:34 PM

For my 5,000 post I’m going with a safety topic.

Clay and glaze Dust-my solution.

I have a delta air handler with a hepa filter for shop air but my shortcoming has always been sweeping and mopping every week.

I thought about this a lot and have put together a custom central Vacuum system with an Oneida cyclonic dust deputy.


As you may have seen in Ceramics Monthly magazine Oneida runs an ad on a portable system for about $1200.It rolls around in your studio.

It’s a shop vacuum with a cyclonic filter with an expense Hepa filter.

The cost of Hepa filters is very high for this unit as well as others that I have seen.

I got to thinking about the stronger suction that our whole house vacuum system has and that the noise and dust is all outside. I have installed a few of these systems over my lifetime. I’m a big believer in central vacuum systems.


I did some research and have ordered the parts from 5 suppliers.

Oneida sells the metal dust deputy with 10-gallon metal can that collects 99% of solids as well as a few fittings and a short 2.5-inch flex hose.They also have a few specialty fittings you'll need to complete this system.Cost $200

The central Vacuum is an American made unit online from central vacuum stores called an Imperium VC 300-cost $400 on sale

The central vacuum pipe is from our local electrical wholesale house, which runs a true 2-inch, made by Nutone in 8-foot lengths. You can run as many outlets as needed-my small shop only needs one in the center.

All the 2-inch pipefittings are from central vacuum stores online

The 20 foot 2.5 inch hose is made by workshop wet/dry and ordered thru Amazon.

The hose attachments are ordered direct from workshop wet/dry vacs

This system is dry stuff only not a wet vac.


The vacuum is activated but a low voltage  hooked to a standard light switch in studio next to outlet, which is not the usual way with central vacuums. Usually the metal hose connection activates the connection but since I’m in a larger hose I had to adapt a different switching system as I'm not using the normal vac outlets.

The hose plugs into a special fitting that adapts the 2 inch vac pipe to 2.5 inch hose transition. From here on I will be sucking all clay dust, glaze dust, trimmings that do not make my bucket, whatever, thru the system, which hangs on the outside of studio wall under a two foot overhang. I still need a hinged weatherproof enclosure for winter for this equipment.

The vacuum unit plugs into a GFI in weather tight box that I wired into my studio outlet circuit.

 The dust/clay goes into the cyclonic separator first  which is lined with its own plastic bag before entering the vacs Hepa six-gallon vac bag. The vacuum sucks an incredible 138 inch’s water column and exhausts at the bottom of can

These Hepa filters are $8.95 for this unit.I bought 10 as a start.


I was waiting for a few more parts but they arrived today and soon I will have system complete.

I’ll post the results

This unit could fit into say a basement studio or any workshop either inside or outside-it must be kept dry out of weather.

My cost excluding my outside weatherproof siding box. Is around $800-$900

The filters are cheap compared to most Hepa filters and the unit is fairly quiet as well. It sucks better than a shop Vac.

From here on its vacuuming every week or more.

I'll post some new photos when system is complete-these photos are of rough in.

If you are thinking about getting one set up for your studio you can PM me for more info if you have questions.

Hot Waxer One Of The Best Out There-Dazey 14 Inch But Wait Theres More-

04 June 2016 - 01:18 AM

Over the years I have burned thru a zillion electric hot wax pans. I get them from thrift stores while traveling at art shows.Usually the thermostat burns out first.

About 8 years ago I found a new in box one that is huge -14 inches across. These are no longer made and once where sold on QVC after researching them a bit.

This one has held up to weekly use for many years and I have since bought 2 new spares in the box  as well a spare thermostat . They used to be hard to find( I looked for a few years and bought two) but are currently on e-bay around the country.I like back up and having spares is always my thing but I'll share this with you now that I have enough for my career .

I Have had all stainless ones and ovals and old metal square ones but these dazeys are huge and coated teflon. and hold up well with two layers on the outside. I can dip a pie plate or small chip and dip or a utensil holder into it as the 14 inch is the dipping section.This is the widest one I have ever seen.

They are not cheap but seem to hold up well are are well insulated. I use mine on a metal plate outside the studio door and use paraffin in it which I buy by the case.

You can check them out on the e-bay site if you need a solid large hot dip wax pan.Happy waxing

I'll post a photo in the next few days. See I said there was more but wait you get the 14 inch skillet and a pizza oven as well as a cord and a box that you can pour plaster into even if its old plaster with lumps in it. If you fill the box you will have a plaster wedging table as well as a hot wax skillet and if equipped with a lazy susan you can spin pots on the lid,

Bamboo steamer sold separately. Only 7 easy payment of 19.95 plus shipping and handling

I'm working up to the big 5000k post drum roll please .



They are-


 Dazey Round-a-Bout Chef's Skillet All In One Electric Skillet Vintage NEW 14 inch

Stilt Rack

17 May 2016 - 01:23 AM

double post-removed this one

Molokai Art Center Workshop

06 April 2016 - 10:43 PM

I,m doing a casual clay workshop at the Molokai Art Center April 25th
Pm me for details