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Trucking Clay Snafu Collides With Xmas Season

27 November 2014 - 01:32 PM

Well due to a trucking issue my annual materials and clay shipment came in about 3 weeks late-right before my sales season. Moving this 11 tons last minute into my shed and studio has put a hurt on my body. I usually take time and get this done over time not 5 days as I just finished yesterday.This shed holds about 11 tons of clay as its 8 boxes deep. I stacked them 8-9 boxes high in the back.

What I learned is order really early or do it mid winter .Now that its what I call an inconvenient holiday (thanksgiving) which has always been a pottery making /sales issue time I'm doing my usual kiln load and fire today. This years Holiday is a bit late so my big out of state show is next weekend. I gave up selling on this weekend years ago when I stopped doing studio sales.

Someday I will just relax and enjoy some food.I always wonder what this would be like. Today its mix glazes and get ready for the Black Friday glaze day here when bisque is unloaded.

I can see the light in the end of the tunnel on Dec 25th.Until then its make/glaze /sell pots for folks to enjoy giving to each other.This year s my 35th year of having a x-mas booth in my small town in a shopping center.



Skutt 1227 Band Snaps Loose During Recent Bisque-Gerrrr

19 November 2014 - 08:43 PM

OK bashing brands is not what I'm known for but.
On my 1227 the band which is now a rusting mess as well as all the steel parts (handle-snap latches and bands) came apart on last bisque. This kiln has only been used for bisque and on a good year maybe 6 bisques total ( I use my gas kilns for most bisquing).Its from the mid 90's
This year I have a whopping 7 fires on it so far and the middle band came apart on the spot wields on the tensioning bands-exactly like my one of my smaller skutts did a decade ago. The only difference is my two older skutts have no rust on the stainless steel bands-it appears the new bands are really a very poor grade of stainless. Spot wields just are the wrong thing to do on kiln jackets..I should mention that the older skutts I own have spotless bands as the stainless is a much better quality 
I have only gone to cone 08 in this kiln and have little use on it over the two decades. I live 7 miles from the sea so its not that either.
I'm going to screw this together with quality stainless marine screws before next fire (holiday season is NOW)-just another nail in my reason to buy another brand of kiln for me.
If you are in the kiln market check for spot wields and ask about how stainless is the stainless.
Rant over-
I'm dreaming of an L&L
one last note -have you noticed it always all happens at once

Glaze Fires Are Waiting To Open

08 November 2014 - 01:28 AM

Well it,s smack dab in the middle of x-mas production season.I fired two glaze loads before flying to Santa Barbara for my niece,s wedding. They are slow cooling for 5 days until I get back in a few days.
I,m hoping for zero large earthquakes which can topple my 35cubic car kiln load as well as the small 12 cubic updraft kiln load.
I,m starting to wonder about how they will look.hoping for the best.

Calcining Epk Or Whatever You Need

18 October 2014 - 08:58 PM

I was doing my every 4-5 year wash job and I was loading up some bowls with epk for calcining for my wash formula.

Heres how I do it in some green bowls as well as one cracked bisqued one I use just for this purpose .

You can use whatever form you have as it all just comes out and after you blow or towel out the form its ready to glaze.


Small Stuff Sells-This One Sweet Dish Is From Oldlady

18 October 2014 - 08:41 PM

I still am not easy with calling her Oldlady but she insists it seems.

Here is a dish she sent me next to a dime as well as a ruler. its one sweet dragonfly dish she sells for 7$.Its a perfect stuffer size when loading.

These smaller items add up fast-my guess is she press molds a image into the clay form but she can explain.

Its an green Oribe glaze.