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#74525 Pitting

Posted by Mark C. on Yesterday, 01:50 AM

( It does sound complicated) you said.

welcome to ceramics-always a challenge-never dull-sometimes very frustrating-great highs and some low lows.

Its a long learning curve-takes more than a lifetime I have found.


#74134 Credit Card Readers

Posted by Mark C. on 26 January 2015 - 11:57 AM

I use the amazon reader and the square-this past year it was both-and all on my i-phone(I never have enogh space on sales table for my mini Ipad)

I like most things about the amazon reader-but they need to address a few issues. The rate is lower as I'm locked into the lower promo rate until 2016 of 1.5.

The square is 2.75-later the amazon rate will jump to 2.5% for me in 2016.

The square has almost zero human contact for any issues you may have -with Amazon you can talk to a human.

I only write paper reciepts now to only those who want them. 

That simplifed a lot.

I'm not sure how your % of 4.6 got so high. Thats about what my old wireless reciept printer costs.


Update I looked at what a Ameribanc reader is and understand you high costs now.

If you have an I pad or smart phone dump that reader and just use the amazon reader and a smart phone and write paper reciepts.

That will knock off those high fees.



#74030 What Is Your Biggest Plan , Dream Or Goal For 2015

Posted by Mark C. on 25 January 2015 - 02:04 AM

I never make resolutions-not my cup of tea. I'm a workaholic should I wish for more work or what???

My goal is to slow down with clay gradually and I'm on target-trying to cut a show for next year at least.

I have had this goal for a few years now and have cut 12 shows down to 8-next year 7.

On the flip side my local sales have upticked

I'm stuck at a certain amount of clay past few years moving thru shop and would like this to be a little less in the future.

I cleaned the shop out yesterday and will start back in less than two weeks with clay.sponged all horizontal surfaces washed wareboards. Stacked bats.

Its a bit of a heat wave with almost 70 degree daytime temps this weekend-mowed the side 1/2 arcre today as well.

done some steelhead fishing close by this past week as well.


Meanwhile I'm almost done with fruit tree pruning and will need to spary the trees with dormant oil.

Also have a big plumbng job under house putting in a recurculating hot water system to save water.Parts come in the next week.

Just installed a 1,100 gallon rainwater catchment tank for garden use in drought summers.

I'm about ontrack for work during my break from studio work.

I did put some new one piece aluminum gutters on clay shed and kiln shed a few days ago.

I have a few projects left that may have to wait. seems 6 weeks off is not quite enough.

I need to learn to relax I'm told so maybe thats the thing.


#73739 Community Challenge Idea

Posted by Mark C. on 21 January 2015 - 02:37 AM

I think the challenge idea is strictly for free on this forum -really not part of the Potters Council's  membership

I may have this wrong as I have not read all 4 pages of comments.

But as this forum is open to anyone so would be the challenge idea or thats my take.

Now lets talk about the devil I have always liked the horns and tail and been a stones fan as well.


#73723 Community Challenge Idea

Posted by Mark C. on 20 January 2015 - 09:49 PM

I suggest all users here join up. I have been a member for a very long time. The shipping benefits alone pay the membership fees many times over.My UPS  shipping rate is 20% off if I recall.

The more the merrier-they host great workshops around the country as well. If you subscribe to the ceramic magazines your membership again will pay for itself with the discounts.

How can you go wrong? At least consider it as it really is a great deal.


#73663 When You Throw, What Do You Aim At?

Posted by Mark C. on 20 January 2015 - 10:55 AM

I fall into the some and some approach.

#73645 Does Your Body Clock Have A 'creativity' And 'productivity' S...

Posted by Mark C. on 20 January 2015 - 02:29 AM

It does not matter what 12 hours of the 24 you get your work done in.
I have less night energy now as an older person. I have to time shift my energy levels like at doing shows. My last one was set up 9pm to midnight and agian at 7 am -sell thru to 6 pm-after 3 days pack it up by 7.30 and drive at least two 1/2 hours-so thats buck it up and get it done time.
Often its like that-so studio hours are a snap.If you get up at 3.30 paul you must be toast by 7pm??
If I'm getting up at 3,30am I better be going Tuna fishing or I'm back to sleep.
I like the studio between 8-9 am and try to leave by 6pm-firing later does not count.-all days a week are the same except I try to spend some time with spouse on a weekend-usually Sunday. I work hard in cycles then take a breather-usually after a show for a few days.Its worse in late fall for the xmas season. I make a hole in summer now for more of what I want to do other than clay work.Summers especially ocean summer is short here. I need the sea to be able to play with clay.

#73614 1 Mug Survived - Great Morning!

Posted by Mark C. on 19 January 2015 - 12:44 PM

That is a nice bike mug. Is the silhouette carved in, or just underglazed/ glazed on?

And which background object, are we supposed to be looking at? The shark, sawfish nose, animal bone( vertebrae?) or the ceramic wares on the right or far back?

Benzine-you guessed right on 95%-good job-just missed the brass firehose nozzel cut doown also brass bell edge.
The process is roll thin slab press mold made with bike images pressed into it then cut out with a custom spoke look cookie cutter and slip onto mug body with handle attached. Then after bisquing fill bike space with glaze in small needle plastic squezze bottle-power wipe any over spill. fire to cone 11.
These are porcelain.This was an early proto type-they have evolved since then.

#73547 Looking For Help With Teapots

Posted by Mark C. on 18 January 2015 - 12:27 AM

(Spouts should have a sharp rim, to minimize dripping. Also, the spout will untwist as it's fired, so if you're making one that has an angled cut or something else like that, you have to offset it by about 30 degrees when you first attach it so it unwinds into the right position. )

I cut my spouts and they do twist so as noted you attach with the offset in mind. A sharp edge means less drip.

#73437 Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote

Posted by Mark C. on 16 January 2015 - 02:22 AM

Done-thanks for the heads up.


#73383 1 Mug Survived - Great Morning!

Posted by Mark C. on 15 January 2015 - 01:11 PM

I have a few ideas
1st quit worrying about time throw a good mug one after another and this time Will get shorter
Next this question is more for me-how long have you been throwing ? 10 years or more?
Next consider the other things that take time besides throwing like needle or wood tools or shamy or sponging while working on that one mug? could you be more efficient with this time-ie  less moves with hands
The thing about production work is learning to lessen the moves while still maintaining quality.
I feel it takes a decade to master throwing well unless you really have full time to spend on it-sorry buts thats my experience.
Most folks do so many things to that mug with tools and such that time wise it all adds up.
Weigh your balls sit down and pay attention to all the other things besides pulling clay-try to figure out what you really need and do not need to do.
It would be helpful to explain your process if you want to speed it up-step by step.for example I shammy the lip twice and use use a wet sponge dipped 3 times in the water bucket -use a wood tool for a foot then under cut with needle tool that sort of description 
Saying I throw a 7 minute mugs tells me so very little of whats going on really.
One last note I never time myself-my wife did but what counts is at the end of day you have x amount of work.
I throw a cereal bowl in under 2 minutes and it takes a bit longer the next day to foot trim it.
Keeping quality high is for-most to how fast.

#73330 Accounting Software?

Posted by Mark C. on 14 January 2015 - 03:48 PM

Quicken or quickbooks-you need to tweek it to your needs-Being an artist also means being a bookkeeper-sales rep-chief cook and garbage person.
Some of these tasks are not fun but vital. I have not heard about artist friendly software other than a coton tee shirt.

one last note whatever you learn software wise you will be using ot for long time so pick wisely.

#73316 Gladstone Electrical Wheel Showing E10 On Lcd Display

Posted by Mark C. on 14 January 2015 - 11:59 AM

Power surges usually blow the transformer 1st-I had one last May and both my door bell and forced air heater transformers blew and needed replacing as well as a few in wall timers and my refrigerator compressor .

You should run the wheel thru a surge protector if your area gets hit often.


#73208 Skutt Ks 1027 Firing Help!

Posted by Mark C. on 13 January 2015 - 12:17 AM

Benzine just like his peeps out more than most. In some states people go to jail for this peeping.Not sure about Hawkeye state-I thought I know my states but that one is a new one.

#73115 8 Burners On West Coast Kiln

Posted by Mark C. on 09 January 2015 - 01:12 AM

Always keep the pilot ring on until kiln is dull red hot-that way if a burner get blown out the gas relights without any blow up's of kiln. This will be around 1100 degrees or so.Then you can turn off pilots as the gas will reignite if burners blow out.
This is the safest way to fire with a pilot system.
So if you want a little heat just the liots then the burners on low with piots then just add more gas to burners than after red hot shut off pilots.