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In Topic: What To Do With All My Early Pieces?

Yesterday, 12:57 PM

This is my vote as Chris says

#One perfect solution is to stop firing everything


​this is what all beginners need to do-not fire and keep that stuff-throw in back in the slop bucket

I only have a few beginner works two or three at best.

The hammer is your best friend now.

In Topic: Annoyed At Postal Service

05 February 2016 - 08:59 PM

First as one who has shipped tons of pots (4 soup mugs to Colorado today) I have a few ideas for you.

1st idea-the shipping service you use -all of them are going to throw your package-forget the fragile stickers-that will throw it.

2nd you need to pack it so they can throw the box and it will be fine.

3rd use whatever you want to keep the pots separated so when they are airborne they cannot hit each other. For plates I wrap thin foam or cardboard and stack them tight wrap that bundle in paper or bubble wrap or whatever then tape gun them together so they are a tight bundle. This bundle goes in an inner box padded with whatever product you like

this box goes in another box the outer-sometimes I just make a cardboard inner from sheet cardboard but its separated by an outer box with sever inches of padding .

I can drop the box or kick it and the contacts are fine.I never write fragile or use fragile stickers

Now I can ship with no worries unless they run over the box which they do at christmas time. Thats why I avoid shipping in December

Back to those soup mugs I cut strips of cardboard for all 4 mugs and taped that around them with the top and bottom open

I placed all 4 in an inner box and packed it tight with reused peanuts and taped it up )that box was 10x14 x 6inch box and put it in an outer box  which was 18x14x9-it shipped out ups 4 states away today.

I know they will make it-never any issues.

When stacking plates I limit the pile to 4 to 6 tall as they can get so heavy they could break apart when tossed

I ship dinnerware all over this country with this packing with zero issues

I do not know if they open them at customs?

If so then you are doomed

Hope this helps-keep in mind the postal service is the worst on packages I fell and rarely use them other than single items double boxed-My pots get heavy fast so UPS or Fed ex is priced better.

Plus I have to go to the post office (1 mile away) as I'm on a rural route and can only put 14 oz in the box as a limit  since laws where passed after that crazy guy sent bombs in the mail years ago.

I could go on a rant about the postal service but my mother said always if you do not have anything nice to say nothing.

I did ship 6 boxes on Monday with the post office so I do use them-only they are not 1st choice and those items where mostly non ceramic.

Sorry to hear about the loss-I know how you feel its not the money its the effort that broke

In Topic: Valentine's Day - Marketing/sale Opportunity?

05 February 2016 - 08:30 PM


I have been thinking about your (Divorce Pots)

Over the decades I have made a lot of $$$$ on divorce-usally its a whole new dinnerware set-I must have made at least 6 because of this divorce day that some couples celebrate .

I think divorce mugs may be the next big thing-a mug thats cut in half and a slab on the cut side so two mugs look like one pushed together with a handle on each one-That way each can have their favorite 1/2 when that day comes.

I'm still unclear what to do with these 100 mugs with groundhog heads on the side?

​Did your guy die from old age or did it just get to cold for anything outside?Maybe a stars bale for the next one that shows up.



This whole post of mine is a spoof except for the divorce dinnerware set-I do not have any groundhog mugs or diet heart cutout mugs

I stay away from any custom work.

In Topic: Valentine's Day - Marketing/sale Opportunity?

05 February 2016 - 07:19 PM

My groundhog day mugs where a flop- seems nobody cares about that animal? The movie was too long ago for them to recall the hype?

Maybe the diet mugs with a heart cut out will be a hit for valentines day. When you pour fluids in they run out the open heart cutout.I better get them done soon only a few days left.







Only kidding

In Topic: Dippers, I Need Glazing Ideas For Many, Many Bowls

05 February 2016 - 01:28 PM

You can pour the insides then do the outers with another-or use one glaze then lip dip or three dies so the overlap is in three places or slash glaze them randomly .

This reminded me about 20 some years ago being hired to trim a 48 hour marathon throwathon of greenware fund raiser at a local high school. They where so overwhelmed with pots that needed trimming they hired two pros to trim it all-we did it in one day. What I learned is trimming 100 different potters work is not easy and its not for the weak of heart.

Good luck