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In Topic: Qotw: The Power Grid Has Gone Down In Your Area A...

Yesterday, 06:39 PM


It has happened before: 1859 to be exact. Back then a solar storm fried all the telegraph wires.  Imagine what would happen now?





I recall this event I could not get a response to my morse code call then.I even had 5 bars-

meaning I had gone to 5 bars before the call.

I always thought out was an uprising now I know it was a storm .

I always learn something new every day.

In Topic: Peterpugger Mixers

Yesterday, 01:13 AM

My two chambers do not seal that tight between them and my gauge never drops during either process. If I mix stiff clay some always gets into the small vacuum chamber-soft clay never does.

In Topic: Peterpugger Mixers

28 April 2017 - 02:25 PM


I have the next model larger and pump a lot of clay thru it. I never had your issues.I use only porcelain and have pugged tons thru it.

I always have the vacuum going in all operations-I have yet to mix dry clay from scratch which if I did I would mix that without a vacuum for a few minutes so its wet before vacuum is on.

I never have air bubbles in final extrusions .I think Neil said it best if you stressing out the motors on those other brands your clay is to dry/hard.

I never mix clay for 20 minutes and its always mixed well.I never put dry clay in it and if I did you would need to run it that long or longer. Porcelain does not slake well (get wet and has legs once its dry) So I only use wet clay in the mixer. If I had dry raw powdered clay the machine would mix this well but I buy my clay wet now. My machine does not have variable speeds if it did I would have it on high.

I think this brand is the best on the market and your issues are from to stiff a mix .Jeff in above post said and I agree that the clay that first comes out is whats left in barrel from last time so I tend to cut the first foot off and toss it back in hopper -mix a few minutes and then pug it all out.

I never mix small batches-the thing works best when fuller.

This machine has been awesome and paddles with holes or larger paddles will not make better clay. 

I always load mine as full as I can with zero issues.

My suggestion is mix your clay a tad softer than you have been-use the vacuum in all functions as air is what you want gone for the clay whether mixing or pugging.

Put any water in the front of hopper not the rear so its stays clear of the vacuum .Small amount are better as to wet the porcelain can spin as a whole unit .

Try these things and post the results back so we can help you more if needed.

In Topic: Best Literature To Learn How To Stack A Gas Kiln?

27 April 2017 - 09:49 AM

My friends Geil  downdraft and my updraft both have no bag walls and on both those kilns the burners face straight up.

In Topic: Looking To Buy A Used Wheel In Mi, Oh Or Wv!

26 April 2017 - 09:10 PM

graybeard how many amps is that wheel??