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In Topic: How Are You Surviving This Winter Season?

Today, 02:59 PM

mark, our florida weatherman was pointing out the record rains happening in california.  he said your soils cannot handle an inch of rain in a day so we might be seeing mudslides and the like for the state.  was he wrong?


i know my los angeles friend said she had never been through so much rain as the day she visited me in west va.  it rained for 3 hours or so.

That weather report is for Southern Cal I'm afraid as the state is 770 miles long.So thats  alot of space from deserts- to Huge mountains (over 10,000 feet) and rain forest and a lot in between

I live in the extreme northern coastal section where a foot of rain is nothing for our soils-our rain total so far this year at the studio is over 32 inches and its a dry year for us here. We are on our own well so rainfall means water for us to wash and drink.

I have noticed over a lifetime of being born and raised in Ca that folks from So-Cal never see much weather and freak out when it happens-its just an observation.

Thats why when it rains there there are 1,000 trafic accidents per day.I try to stay away from that part of the state at all costs-the only reaon to go is to by a used boat or as I did a few years ago fly down to UCLA neurology center to see the top man about some migraine issues I have had over the years.Thats about the only reasons I can think of.Just to many people for me. And I was born down there.

This has been our warmest winter in history the paper said for our part of the state.Average temp (DEc-Feb) was 52.2


In Topic: Making Burners Do's And Don't's

Yesterday, 11:25 PM

In your second diagram the burners are all controled ny one valve as the gas is in the tube-thats how my small kiln is except it has 4 on one tube two on another.

My has cast refractory venturi shape burnes -pipes will work but casting them you can get a better venturi.

If you go pipes flame retention nozzels are best I feel for venturi burners out of pipe. 


In Topic: New Work -A Bit Different For Me

Yesterday, 11:17 PM

Fired to a soft cone 11 about 2 oclock in reduction.

The glazes are home built

There are 6 on this set of seven plates

The brown is called red black its a saturated iron glaze with a dash of Mels which has some rutile in it added as well a small amout from my scrap bucket (the bucket I rinse all stir sticks and mixers in) I add a small amout which helps this glaze out . You wull find most scrap glazes are brownish usually and red black

The orange underglaze is Mels

The black is my zacks black that I have posted the recipe here many times-a saturated cobalt Oxide black with only 3 ingredients

The overglaze is called orange and its a rutile base glaze fron Alfreds I think orginally-it was in ceramic monthly about two decades ago-I have been using it since 1973. The white overglaze is called Billy joes butterwhite which I have altered to segment more.

The gold is Palmamar gold from a small J.C. near San Diego which a old collage mate used to teach and may still.

I am not that familair with Glicks glaze work-I think I have seen his book on extruder stuff and think of his forms but have no mental feeling of glaze work for him.

I should have shot a photo of the backs as well-Maybe in the am.

Its go time here for a big show in Az later this month so time is limited during daylight as I have pots to throw dry and trim.

I love this climate at times-I extruded  60 soap dishes was able to hole them and sponge them and dry them all today (not 100% dry yet) all in the sunlight while unloading a few kilns and packing van.

If you live in a snow state you have my condolences. Except you New Englanders you signed up for it long ago. ( I spent 1 winter in New Hampshire) cured me straight away at 15 years old.



In Topic: How Are You Surviving This Winter Season?

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

For us Jan/feb have been warmer /dryer and sunny-I know for most thats not the case.

I have been able to dry pots outside in sun for weeks now

We need rain but its not happening.

Middle 60's to 70's every day

Unloading a few glaze fires midday today.


In Topic: Today Is The Gasparilla Craft Show, Outdoors In Tampa

Yesterday, 02:12 AM

What some of us use and especially in weather situations is a polypropylene rug. The one I speak is a bit special.These are not found easily as the ones I'm talking about are sold in 1 meter sections or 2 meter or 3 meter and are sold folded. I roll mine after the first use as it makes them last longer. I have many three section ones in light green motives which is about 9 feet by 9 feet. They are sewn together in the 3 meter sections. You find them at asian markets or sometimes spanish markets. Look for them in large citys with the specility markets. I have seen them in San Francisco/Okland  Ca. and all mine come from Lee Lees Market in Chandler Arizona.I did buy one in a Mexican Market in Santa Rosa,Ca as well.They are thin- super light and do not hold water or dirt and you hose them off when you get home. Since they do not hold water they dry next to instantly. I put shoe goo on the seams when they are new as the seam threads wear down 1st and they come apart. The shoe goo makes them last for many years. I use two at 3 shows a year no matter the weather as it covers the street. I like to cover the street with them as it makes it look better. I have an emergency 2 meter one in van always for rain its not a great color as its blue and white.

I have rarely seen them online but they do turn up. The 3 meter section ones are around 30$.

They come in many color/patern choices but you want one that is not to busy.

Find a market where english is not spoken and these rugs are not far away.

Heres my emergency one at a show a few years ago-I no longer do this show but it shows the rug well.