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In Topic: Insuring Merchandise To And From Shows

Today, 12:16 AM

Trailer theft is pretty common . I have heard of many such thefts .

Even Jewelers held up or robbed in hotel rooms.

Its the Joys of show stories for 40 years.

It not all a cake walk.


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Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Looks like bloating-fire cooler.

In Topic: Members With Etsy Stores?

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

These are all slip cast items from my past all done in the 70's about 73-1976. Almost 40 years ago. 

The ship decal bottles where for our 200th Birthday for the 4th of July show in 1976-I kept these two from then.

I made the molds and slipped them all-I salt fired  two of them-they are all porcelain fired to cone 10

The decals and lusters where c017

except the take out teapot which a friend made and is low fire but slip cast.

These are all from a long time ago in my ceramic past. It was part of learning all ceramic processes which is important for your whole.

Tomorrows show will be my 42nd straight 4th show-I'm starting to feel the miles.



In Topic: Business Liability Thread? Do You Recall

Yesterday, 02:17 PM

Thanks Paul that was the place-I passed on that info.


In Topic: Members With Etsy Stores?

Yesterday, 10:28 AM

I have along varied career in ceramics and have made many molds myself-In the 70's I to cast antique bottles and did luster and decal work on some -I slat fire others. The molds do take time and on the scale I was working I made less than 24 of each item,
I also in the 80's used to attach a slip cast Rino or buffalo or dolphin (which I made from clay )as a lifter to my hand thrown butterdishs. This combo work sold well but was all small scale stuff. For me slip cast is just another process that I have combined to wheel work. It was not the whole process as you mentioned. I will add that mold work can be very hard and making masters and working molds is a lot of work. On all my small scale stuff I only had a few working molds as it was a limited run.
slip wares are plenty muddy.
As to jiggering its also just another process that can add scale to production. Once the original is made one can jigger knock offs of the same form. I have known a few production potters to jigger.
As you noted folks tend to place every process in some sort of order of eutectics
Clay in gerneral in the art world is a lesser form-we all have felt this.
I personally feel that there are differances between the various tecniques with clay and all have there own quailities.
I think many tend to judge when the words mass produced come into play.
When I did the aromatherpy lamps I felt I was mass producing and they never sold anuwhere except to my clients even though I had no contract to that option.
Its all about perception really.
I will add some photos later to this post of my bottles from the 70's from another computer.
I have a large shipment of pots to deal with this am first.