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In Topic: Does Anyone Pre-Weigh Dry Ingredients For Base Glaze?

Today, 12:50 AM

Keep good notes on bags as this can spell disaster if you get confused later.


In Topic: Small Pink Glaze Mystery

Today, 12:41 AM

My guess is you have a copper glaze nearby or maybe a black copper oxide glaze  which is making it flash?


In Topic: Dress Code Issues

Yesterday, 10:19 PM

I must say Bruce I almost lost my mouthfull of food watching him roll up that platter.

I have never felt a need to make a video until watching this spoof-I enjoyed that more than any other video I have seen linked here.

Now thats informative-I loved the unicorn horn technique as well. I will try that in AM.

I'm thinking of my first video which will show how to turn an electric kiln into a warm salt water aquarium using the kiln elemnts to keep the fish warm. This will be a cutting edge stuff.

I'm working out the deatails of stopping any leaks with clay or maybe a plastic bag liner.


In Topic: Well Met At Nceca

Yesterday, 08:31 PM


The hotel knew more about you than they would admit.


In Topic: How To Determine $ For Used Equipment

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

For what its worth I bought a skutt 1227 manual kiln and a Brent wheel-giffen grip -all misc materials/raw etc for $1,000 in the middle 90's.

I think of used wheels as $300-$400-I have bought over 6 of them and never paid above $300 no matter how little they were used.