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In Topic: New Hampshire Institute Of Art Anagama Build - Images

Today, 12:43 AM

Out west we put a corn husker in every large kiln.

We like our cats.


In Topic: Loafers Glory

Today, 12:40 AM

I'm confuzed why glorify loafers? I thought loafers do not deserve the glory?

Things are different back east.


In Topic: Dang!&*&$#--Having Touble Getting Elements To Lay In Groove...

Today, 12:37 AM

The key is constant pressure on the element  as it goes in as seen in that vid.

In Topic: Undersides Of Shelves Glossing, Blistering And Flaking.

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

This  would be what I would use

it would be better to use discs for concrete/cement

The discs are cheap and you could start on one and see how it went-just use the discs almost flat parallel to shelve surface.

Wear eye and dust and ear protection-

when you are done you will want a shower.


In Topic: Do You Have Any Big Goals For This Fall's Production?

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

Survive another x-mas season

do a salt fire

Let a student use my facilities

finish cleaning out the last part of my covered firing area

Get rid of an older working alpine pug mill-weight 500#s