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In Topic: Shimpo Vl - Lite Wheel

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

 (Given the cost and the fact a good wheel will last your lifetime, it doesn't make sense to me to buy a less expensive "entry-level" wheel and then another more expensive one later. A few dollars spent now will be recovered many times over the lifetime of your wheel. 


so true!


In Topic: Sponge Holders

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

Not sure why one would put a piece of cake in a sponge holder-sounds like one big mess. Put a piece of cake on a small plate with your tea.


In Topic: Making Your Own Glaze

Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Always mix dry into water for dust control-you can fine tune later with more water.


In Topic: Everything In This Photo Sold At 1 Day Festival... Why?

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Its all fall colors.

I glaze colors as to where I'm taking them more than seasons

Desert pots heavy on desert colors Pacific Northwest another color scheme.

Costal or local-you learn this over time.

Your pots have fall and Halloween written all over them-hence they are now gone.


In Topic: Hanging Methods For Large Platters And Bowls?

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

I use the two hole thru foot method as well.

I use stainless steel wire .