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In Topic: How High Did I Fire?

Yesterday, 10:41 PM

(but I don't think it's worth getting welders glasses, so I'm just going to do this by trial and error)
it is worth it to by the protective eyeware-its not much$$ and you will need to view the cones to know anything about where the temps are as far as glaze work.You absolutely need to see the cones thru the spy ports.
Without the visual view of cones it will be all error.

In Topic: Mixing Clay Screw Up

Yesterday, 12:04 AM

I do not know what you can mix at a time but you could make smaller batches-say 50#s of your 300#s and wiegh in the right amount of Nepsy.

I gave up mixing clay when I was in my 30's as it's so much work compared to pre made clay for the $.
Now that I have good sized peter pugger I copuld see makeing some small custom batches only if I felt the need which I do not-now I'm just reclaiming wet clay ,making my own ratio of mixed commercial bodies and changing the firmness when needed. I love this Vacuum mixer.
Back when I made clay for students in school I learned to always work from a check list-same is true for glaze making-that way its harder to screw it up. Not impossible just harder

In Topic: Help! Need An Oven Glaze That Is Food-Safe

15 December 2014 - 04:26 PM

No this will not work-sharpie is for writing on boxes and paper.

In Topic: Quick Consignment Deal - Need Confirmation :)

15 December 2014 - 04:25 PM

It sounds like you learned to take a pass on this type of deal next year.$500 profit for that amount of time and energy sucks.
I got you beat on bone head selling-heres my short list

Things that I have done before over my 40 years of selling that did not work out- others may learn from are-
selling in a mall co-op hand made store for a percentage-bad idea-it went belly up after 2 x-mas seasons.
selling in an inside mall with my booth-rent to high for marginal sales
selling thru various co-ops that all where not worth my time or energy.
Giving work to someone going to a trade show.Real bad idea.
Dealing with strangers in retail who needed me more than I needed them-never pans out.
Giving a NEW shop 30 days to pay me -they where 3 1/2 hours away one way from me -they packed up the store and filed for bankruptcy. within that 30 days- I got 3 years later 10 cents on the dollar lost all my work.
For me the WORD MALL means stay away with my pottery.
Every one of the above deals approched me 1st.
Now I say no to 99.99%-as I have a small amount of open mind left-about.01

I always suggest knowing your outlets well before doing business with them.
You can take my mistakes and use them in your behalf.

In Topic: Quick Consignment Deal - Need Confirmation :)

15 December 2014 - 12:10 AM

I would agree with this
(Then get everything in writing, copies for you both, and good luck. If nothing else, you will learn if this a good business model for you.)
Just be aware of all your risks.