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In Topic: Fine Lines In Waxing

Today, 04:44 PM

How about using the wax in a small glaze applicator like these




In Topic: Fine Lines In Waxing

Today, 04:00 PM

Use auto pin stripe tape to control line thinkness.


In Topic: How Forgiving Is Placement Of Posts Under Shelves?

Yesterday, 11:35 PM

I have a story about posts not lined up back in collage.

Another person loaded the bisque (36 cubic foot alpine kiln) He choose to not align the posts much near the bottom and changed the pattern 1/2 way up. He lit the kiln and left. I was throwing late that night when we heard a huge strange noise from th kiln room-as we approached the room was a mix of fine dust and the feeling something was off. We turned off the kiln and let it cool after opening the door the whole load had collapsed with very little greenware left whole.Seems the top shelve was now near the bottom shelve and all the pots where back to smaller clay pieces once again.


Years later this same guy blew up his home built catanary arch kiln-the two end walls blew out and the arch went up then down into a pile.


Years I bought all his materials as he gave up working with clay.


Now you can fudge some for sure on line ups but do it near the top of the load.

As to shelve on bottom-mine is a full with 1/2 broken shelve pieces on floor under it-the floor is always cooler and a shelve up helps with more heat.I only bisque in this kiln occasionally . I do not have a vent or heated floor

With my 35 foot car kiln to cone 10 or cone 08 the posts all line up always. I take care of my shelves and get long life from them this way. Theres not much reason ever not to have posts line up. Maybe large sculpture and if thats the case fire it on top.

One last note we all learn from our mistakes you will not know your limits until you have exceded them.


In Topic: Handles Make/break Your Pots

Yesterday, 08:45 PM

Handles are a key element for sure but if the form is weak then its weak and a great handle will still be on a weak form.

Getting the form strong and putting a great foot on it and applying a great handle are hard tasks to be sure but each is a key element of the whole if its to be great.


In Topic: First Custom Order! Help With Pricing.

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

My spin is a bit different-

My prices are low to start with so for wholesale (they plan on resale) I mark them down 1/3.

Quantity does not matter-1 to 10,000 same price

Get a deposit-50% is the norm.