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In Topic: New Hampshire Institute Of Art Anagama Build - Images

Yesterday, 11:27 PM

The progress is super-the kiln shed to the foundation the stainless flashing and the kiln itself. I have no idea what these kids pay for this class but its a steal no matter the cost.This baby is really looking clean

How often will this kiln get used?

Great job.Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


In Topic: Undersides Of Shelves Glossing, Blistering And Flaking.

Yesterday, 11:22 PM

This is some type of coating as best as I can tell-

looks like a thick layer of washes.


(I thought kiln shelves were a solid thing, not an outer and inner layer but I also thought there was only one type of shelf till a few months ago. )

Shelves come in many different types and most here on this forum ask about their electric ones as one type-a 1/2 inch mullite with several sides that fit electric kilns

But wait theres more than one type-really


Mullites are cheap and thats what most use in electrics I have found

But their are many types and many thicknesses
They come in hollow core coralites (lighter stronger) which are like honeycomb insides that are hollow.
These also come in standard 12x24 or larger sizes and thickness for higher temps
There are the old standard silicon carbides which where the best when I came into ceramics 3/4 inch was the thing back in the day
Then came the dry pressed high alumina English shelves that I replaced all my older warped siclicon carbides with mine where all 1 inch and warped way less at cone 11 they weigh 30#s each.
Then came the recyristalized silicon advancers that NEVER warp or change and are just over 1/4 inch thick and a 12x24 wieghs 9#s
then the cheaper knock offs from China-I have one on kiln floor thats warped and cracked right now.These are not the same as advancers really.
So when you talk about shelves everyone its best to say what kind you are talking about?
Now as for Babs she is in Australia and I have no idea about that material over there (I have visited Aus but saw zero shelves but did do the Sidney Bridge climb 10 years ago) but have a strong sense its Mullite and there are mullite all the way through except for that coating someone applied and is now peeling off.

In Topic: Cleaning Firebricks-Best Way?

Yesterday, 07:03 PM

Since you let them get wet-most likely they still are wet. You better go real slow heating them up to 212 degrees where steam forms.This needs to be a slow fire.

Soft brick do not do well getting wet-hopefully they did not freeze?

After firing you may still have to brush them.


In Topic: Undersides Of Shelves Glossing, Blistering And Flaking.

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

Thew photos do not show much.

The 4 inch grinder with masonary or diamond blade-I would go masonary as its a bit slower cutting.


In Topic: Brent Wheel Controller Problems.

Yesterday, 06:57 PM

Disconnect the foot pedal and motor wires from controller (Mark them 1st to replace them) and ship that to Brent /Amaco repair-you may get lucky and they will replace at no or low cost.