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In Topic: Kiln Within A Kiln?

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

Bad idea-If you need more work find another potter to fire with.

The hardest part is the right personality for you

I have no success story on this

Maybe set the 1st 1-2 fires up as lets see if this works so you have an easy out.


In Topic: Credit Card Readers

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

I use the amazon reader and the square-this past year it was both-and all on my i-phone(I never have enogh space on sales table for my mini Ipad)

I like most things about the amazon reader-but they need to address a few issues. The rate is lower as I'm locked into the lower promo rate until 2016 of 1.5.

The square is 2.75-later the amazon rate will jump to 2.5% for me in 2016.

The square has almost zero human contact for any issues you may have -with Amazon you can talk to a human.

I only write paper reciepts now to only those who want them. 

That simplifed a lot.

I'm not sure how your % of 4.6 got so high. Thats about what my old wireless reciept printer costs.


Update I looked at what a Ameribanc reader is and understand you high costs now.

If you have an I pad or smart phone dump that reader and just use the amazon reader and a smart phone and write paper reciepts.

That will knock off those high fees.



In Topic: Need Info On Using Old Plaster

Yesterday, 01:29 AM

If it has lumps or feels gritty in the powder state-its not worth the trouble of mild work-As stated a small accurate test is easy.


In Topic: Reasonable Fee For An Accountant?

25 January 2015 - 11:24 PM

Welcome to self employment is about all I can add.

And I thought Turbo tax walked you thru it. (HR block i could see being trouble)



In Topic: Reasonable Fee For An Accountant?

25 January 2015 - 08:42 PM

How about using a business version of software like turbo tax-A potter firend uses that as he is pretty straight forward.You buy a new version every year-under 100$.

I would recommend doing this as its easy and cheap. 

The downside is you get no human input.


My account charges by the form and between my wife and her rental and job and my two business's it about $600.