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In Topic: Bailey Quick-Trim Ii Vs. Giffin Grip Model 10

Today, 11:33 AM

For irregular shaped the griffin has a slider loose 3 leg that can be placed anywhere.Tap centering speeds up the placement process and is a skill all potter should learn like centering .(separate accesorry)

If you need to trim larger forms griffin makes a huge trim tool as well.it hangs on my wall for when I do huge platters.

With all these tools you need to use them when the pot is just right other wise it will deform or crack  it if to dry.

I think trim skills need to be mastered before said buying of tool.


My trim wheel uses no splash pan and is in a corner and I clean up the trimmings after doing a run of pots

Flying trimmings are not an issue if to plan ahead .

In Topic: Paper Clay - I'm New To This...

Today, 11:22 AM

i used paper clay for strength in hand building like my demon dog on my avatar .It worked well for extended arms and legs. Since it has paper in it does not trim great as tools catch on the paper and for thrown forms I would choose groged clay to help warping. Grog even lightly works great at stabilizing warping in forms

I think its better for hand building but you need a sharp tool to cut it.

I had a ton of porcelain groged with super fine white grog and that cured platter warping.


Paper clay is good stuff but for thrown forms I did not like it.

In Topic: Couple Of Ash Questions

Today, 02:34 AM

John are you familiar with these rice hulls in large white bags sold as soil amendment  in garden centers. Used to mulch plants. They are white rice hulls for sure and very light. we buy a tac every 5 years so cover sprinting garden seeds?

Are these the same hulls you think you are using? I can send you some if you want.just Pm your address and hulls away.


In Topic: Cones Do You Bisque The Packs

Today, 02:28 AM

Never bisques one in 40 some years-I pre make them -6-8 of them at a time out of porcelain scrap and dry them on the heater with a pilot flame going so they are always dry.If I'm in a hurry and out of dry ones I wedge vermiculite and poke holes

in they but 99.9 do not get this treatment. I always plan ahead and they are dry.

In Topic: Bailey Quick-Trim Ii Vs. Giffin Grip Model 10

Today, 02:24 AM

I feel exactly as GEP above-most of my work is round and I own 3 of them -I have then set up differently so it saves me time. I had 4 but donated one to an art center on an Island far away.

Both Gep and I are production potters and the bailey would not work as fast as the gif fen grabbing pots so its out

When I need an uneven pot I just tap center it with my hand and use a few clay balls


I suggest learning to tap center and trim first with clay balls before getting either of these as that will keep you from gaining this skill.

After you master those skill go ahead and get one if needed.