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In Topic: Brent Foot Pedal--Ugh.

Today, 10:11 AM

Two things-the foot petal needs ajustment-that flimsy piece you installed has two adjustments on it one is blue one is red-use a straight blade screwdriver.These always need adjusting when installed. These two start the wheel and control the high end speed. Take the foot pedal bottom plate off and with wheel turned on adjust these two plastic knobs. This will cure your issues.Now since this is a new thing for you it may take a few go roounds to get the relationship betwwen the two adjustments as they effect one another.Set the start knob 1st(low end speed) then set the high speed knob. Then the low speed may need to be changed-once this relationship is set right-you can forget about it for decades.Brent has had this part in its foot pedals for 45 years.The guts of a shimp wisper are far worse than this solid aluninum pedal.
If this does not fix it call Brent as it may be your control board (I doubt this but its the next thing)Its a bit more work to install as its a mother board so I suggest someone who works with electronics.or wiring.
I'm sure this is s simple adjustment as there are never right out od the parts bag.

pS SHIMPO IS NO LONGER MADE IN JAPAN its all china and the quality you remember is gone.
Brent is still a USA made deal

In Topic: Blog Advice?

Yesterday, 11:38 PM

I suggest viewing the orginal movie the blob as that is where all blobs started. If I recall steve Macqueen was in it.

In Topic: Look Mark! My Sponge Holder Prototypes

Yesterday, 11:35 PM

The harp you are refering to is a mudcutter from mud tools-which are sold at many clay suppliers or you can order direct here.
All mud tools are well made and work well-I'm not affiliated with them. I just like most of the tools.

In Topic: Cutting Dies From Plastic, Need Advice

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

For round cuts use a hole saw (buy a good brand name as cheap ones are junk) like dewalt or Milwaukee-sets are prices best.The hole is always a tad larger in materials that are soft like plastics.Set it up in drill press for best results.

In Topic: Cheers To Art Teachers!

Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Back when I was in secondary schools our state was in the top 10% now its nearer the bottom
Why you ask?
well lets see -politaians starting with Ronald Reagan gutted the economics of the school system(when he was California governor)-great slogans like no new taxes and make war not love-He started the long road to where we now are-no m oney for schools-big money for defense etc etc. I wish I could say it was only him but the list of clowns is long my friend and what yoy say (Are your youth not the wealth and future of your nation?) is true but we are in a future of blindness in my book (cheeerfull thoughts). Coming from a family of educaters I may know more than I should on this subject.
Its a bad situtaion getting worse-but the way Dirt Roads Cal and Mississippi looks to be tied now as to scores.