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In Topic: Buying A Gas Kiln

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

I looked at their web site are these updraft or down draft that was not mentioned
I,m sticking to my 1st post suggestions

In Topic: Buying A Gas Kiln

Yesterday, 03:15 AM

I would avoid the trash can ( round like electric kilns) and get a front loading gas kiln
The small round ones are to hard to fire evenly
Down drafts at least for me are better than up drafts for even firing
Brands like Geil and Bailey are a better designed and made product. Will fire more even and have a higher resale value.
It's as John said above you get what you pay for.
There has been many a thread on trying to fire an even trash can gas kiln
I think in just pure frustration level alone the better brands are worth it

I have never seen a giel that did not work well.
I have a professional potter friend who has the Olympic car kiln and will say he would never get another one if he knew now what he did not know when purchasing it. The way it's made as well as support with trouble issues from poor design.
I do not know a thing about Bailiy other than his slab rollers are great as those kilns are just not seen on the west coast as they are made on the other coast.



In Topic: Firing With Propane, When To Upgrade Tank?

19 April 2014 - 01:15 AM

If every method works, then just for what is cheapest and/or easiest. Sometimes it's worth paying for convenience.

I would pay for the convenience myself as the larger tank is easiest
You can set it up where they come every so often or when you call them
Inquire on the options- usually they provide the tank for free or low cost.

In Topic: Buying A Gas Kiln

18 April 2014 - 01:20 PM

Before talking brands I would like to know your planned use
Full time potter
Just having fun
Or something else?
This will help me recommend a brand
Also how large cubic foot wise are you thinking?.
Mark on Molokai

In Topic: Clay Scraps Question...

18 April 2014 - 03:30 AM

I as pres believe that working with clay heals wounds faster
I know for me minor cuts heal fast with clay in skin.
If the wound is deep than this is not true as water slows the healing down.
When I had 3 wrist bones cut out 2 years ago I had to keep it dry almost one month.
This is also true with ocean salt water
That helps minor wounds heal faster as well I have found in my years in the sea.
But with deeper larger wounds it also slows the healing down .
For me this is fact not wives tales but your truths may vary.
I seem to have cut hands a lot and now as I am older my skin is thinner and cuts more easily especially on backs of hands.
Something you younger potters will come to later in life.