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Today, 07:04 PM

When customers ask how glazing is done or how long does it take -I say for me its taken 40 plus years to get here. 

The orginal statement really is one I would not like my customers to see as its not about that.


In Topic: Exploding Pots During Glaze Firing

Today, 07:00 PM

That form looks like it has stress and is thin-The form is crackek and it can be from many things-How was it made slip or slabs?


In Topic: Hard Brick Vs Ifb

Today, 06:57 PM

Hard bricks have their place-bag walls- floor supports- all spans like burner ports and chimneys-any place salt or soda is sprayed on.

You get the picture-yes you will need some no matter what kiln is made.

as far as soft brick liner 4 1/2 inches is what you need forget the 2 1/2 way-

My kiln is 4 1/2 soft 4 1/2 hard on the outside-works great-9 inches thick-heats fast cools slow-just what is needed for good glazes to develop.

Bother with hard brick-every potter need a pile in the yard

Have you missed those signboards ads -(GOT BRICK)

they even have them on the milk containers these days


The better question is can you use this ODD size 9x6x3???

This will not work well with any other brick sizes-I would limit my buying them to only floors or chimneys.

You should think about how a normal brick 9x 4.5 2.5 will line up with these and you will see they do not.

Standard bricks are the main ingredients in the recipe for kilns.


I have bought odd sizes over the past 42 years-my 1st batch was two or three pallets of 9 inch hard arch brick the 9 inch was the taper. I had them a few years and sold them all at a profit as I could not use them.

I have some super duty high alumina strange size ones now just for my salt kiln bag wall.

I have had many 12x 12 of various thinkness I have used as floors. My clay staorage shed pallets sit on some now as supports.

One thing I can tell you is with unusuall sized brich you need to have a use for them as they usually do not fit in unless you have a plan.

A kiln chimmey is just such a plan as it can all be made out of them except the damper slot.

Olsen's kiln book shows bricks well so you can visualize these odd ball bricks.

The odd inch thickness makes them much harder to fit into any wall size with standard soft bricks


In Topic: Lettering Techniques - Which Is Best?

Yesterday, 08:21 PM

door #3-works fine.


In Topic: Help For A Newbie

Yesterday, 03:05 PM

Radical temp swings in a wood fired stove-going slow up would be the issue. You need an open toothy clay body for that.