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In Topic: Can This Piece Be Salvaged?

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

The more you want it the less it will make it thru.
Just saying-


In Topic: Source For Wine Glass Tops

Yesterday, 10:36 PM

I once knew a potter who used the libby ones with thrown stems and E-6000 glue for the glass. I am not a wine drinker but always thought wine was best in glass over ceramic goblets.Are you wholesaling these goblets?

In Topic: Olympic Torchbearer Gas Kiln

Yesterday, 10:32 PM

We have read over the past 2-3 yeasr folks who struggel getting a torchbearer to fire evenly. They have posted here many times . I think Larry was the last one who gave it up withy this kiln.These small gas kilns are always hard to even out.
The more burners the better.Mt friend had a few of them for years and he struggled with them.
he goes by-
docweathers-search for him under members (his name is Larry)and send him a Pm about his kiln.


In Topic: 1227 Element Burned Out

Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Element showed up today-2 days from skutt ups. Seems very speedy. I put int in with zero issues.Tested it and got the smell off the new wire-works great now. Back in business.

In Topic: Source For Wine Glass Tops

Yesterday, 01:48 AM