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In Topic: Mounting Extruder To Block Wall

Today, 10:21 AM

I suggest mounting a large piece of 3/4 inch plywood-at least a 1/3 to 1/2 of a sheet to the wall.If your wall is flimsy use the whole sheet. Attach this so it spreads to at least two of those metal inner studs you spoke about. These  usually are on 16 inch centers. Then mount a piece of 2x6 or 2x8  . Make this at least a few feet long and screw and glue or bolt this to the plywood at the height of of the extruder. You should use at least 8-10 long screws for this that will go thru the 2x8 and penetrate the 3/4 plywood .Mount the Scott Creek to the 2x8 and start having fun.

I have a Scott Creek and a Brent myself.

Just remember the kids will hang off this thing so it needs to be strong.They also will put hard clay into it and they hang off it so the force to tear it off the wall is large.

In Topic: Tips For A Successful Holiday Season Of Gift Making

Today, 01:25 AM

They never got the whole set all at once.

Making pots for the xmas season is all about production-Selling pots at x-mas gives you the look at stressed out customers.

Its a great financial boom to sell that time of year but it takes a toll on you.

This year in December I sell 19 days at a pottery booth at a show or on my own-and the calendar has almost 4 full weekends before the 25th this year which means extra sales.

Stress free xmas-I can remember one back in 1976.

All I had to do was make gifts for my family at x-mas.

I prioritized it this way

Mother 1st then my siblings then everyone else.

In Topic: Etiquette For Community Studio, Suggestions Plz!

Today, 01:17 AM

Wow it took a year to get back in-This must mean the log in process must be very slow.

And I thought the Avatar issue was slow.

I never log out.But now I makes sense.

In Topic: Perfect Fit For A Lid.

21 October 2016 - 10:26 AM

Leather hard is the best time to work lids.

The next best time is when they are bisque .Then its sand or grind-not the best things to be doing.

In Topic: Clay Studio Hepa Vacuum With Cyclonic Separator

21 October 2016 - 10:18 AM

As long as you buy a powerful unit(many choices at central vacuum .com) the hose length will make no difference . What you should consider is a shorter hose is easier to move around and weighs less. 

You can het one with a power head beater for lots of carpet. Which needs an outlet at each hose inlet. We do not have this as both our systems are suction powered beater heads. that is the house system as a head that spins for rugs and is powered by the air in hose.

My pottery has a Imperium CV300 Power Unit which is on one intlet.That system will handle many inlets I only needed one.

My home unit is a Nutone brand model which was a 400 something and back in the 80's was the most powerful . 

These units are made for whatever size house you have. I bought one for a house that was double our size and it has real suction.

Now the larger more powerful the louder they are. I mounted my outside is both applications -the hose one is in a water heater shed attached to the house.

I would say a shop vac is a bit noisier but  may be the same as I never put my shop vac in a shed and listened to it?

There will be many choices of brands for you.

I like the Nutone hoses and tools-the Imperium model vacuum is my choice for the suction unit-its made here and Nutones are now all plastic and made offshore. I suggest Nutone hose and tool kits and imperium brand suction units. 

Good luck with the system.