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Yesterday, 09:03 PM

Mike again welcome and at least for me the more the better as to electric kiln experts(which I'm not). As Bruce noted above we all have our bias but more info is better in all regards .

I to hope you stick around. Their are so many with electric kiln questions these days.

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Yesterday, 08:56 PM

Reds are harder to master than rutile glazes.

In Topic: Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Had a manual electric in the 70's on porch of house get stuck in the on position and I noticed it late that night glowing at the joints. I cooked the elements-thankfully it was a bisque so I all I had to do was throw it all away.


More glaze batches gone wrong in the 5 gallon size than I care to admit or can recall.


Let a friend put in a 100 starfish shaped forms in a glaze fire (he was using them for annealing glass between forms in his glass oven) He said the clay was high fire. It was not . It was cone 6 so the piles of forms only slumped and ruined only some of my stuff.


I let a friend light my kiln as I was at the movies he blew the load over messing with the pilot and then turned it off- thank god.

I never let anyone since light it. That was in the 70's


Blown up so many pots in the earlier days pushing the limits I now know what I can do without harm.

Used the wrong fiber on a roof and had to replace it

poured a 1/2 bucket (5 gallon)of glaze into my shoes while not paying attention

Kept the low fire clay outside studio thinking it could never sneak into a high fire load-wrong again it did and it was a mess-had fun with a grinder and lost some work as well.

Threw in a bunch of green waste into a going glaze fire in 1979  to cone 10 and ruined the glaze load (kiln is not a trash burner)

Watched a friend put experimental things like tin foil in his high fire bowls in my fire and all his bowls where ruined(heavy hard learning curve)

Just remember I have a art degree and studied ceramics full time for 5 years and still made these errors. Ceramics it makes you humble.

I'm here today on this forum in no small part so others do not have to learn these lessons in the school of hard knocks.


Whats amazing is still folks are trying to use meat grinders as pug mills and galvanized wire instead of High temp wire  and food kitchen items for glazes expecting good results. Its the horse to water saying for sure.Oh well the school of hard knocks always teaches best.

I have an advanced degree from that school after my BA in art was done.

In Topic: Buying New Kiln, L&l Or Skutt

Yesterday, 07:22 PM

Welcome Mike

We have other manufacture reps as well on the forum . I'm sure the mods do not mind you chiming in so go ahead and speak your mind.

We have a few kiln manufactures on this site

We are all pretty civil around here.

I will ask why my stainless jacket rusted so bad on a mid 90's 1227 kiln and the ones I have from the 80's never have yet rusted.was this a bad batch of jacket material or something else?

One other thing is most manufactures never use stainless screws and they rust within years. I realize a few dollars more for these screws is an added cost but they would never rust.The cost benefit would seem to outweigh the minimal cost.

Looking forward to the reply.


In Topic: Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

I personally had a stilt/post melt in rear lower of my 35 cubic foot car kiln during 1st glaze fire at above cone 10.

The load fell over during the wet glaze melt-lost most of it as well as damage to kiln interior.

This also again happened during an 7.0 earthquake about 4 years later. Also at cone 10-the load fell over but I was able to save about 1/2 of it.

Both of these events I had to unbolt my front door of car so I could get into kiln. I built the car so when the trolly got stuck the door can still come off separate from cart.

These where larger disasters -sure bad glaze mixed up that sort of stuff but the fix was much easier than the above things.


The worst I have witnessed was in collage when a fellow student loaded a bisque in a alpine 36 cubic kiln and offset the posts not knowing they need to be lined up. He lit the kiln and within a hour the entire load collapsed to floor and a huge dust cloud rolled out of kiln room after a tremendous noise . That same person built a large catanary arch kiln which when lighting with propane had trouble and pooled some gas in lower floor area. When he lit it the kiln blew up collapsed the arch after the front and rear walls blew out. He was lucky as he was standing off to side so walls missed him. The arch came down on load and was a ruble pile.-The follow up was I later bought him out of all chemicals and supplies as he was prone to ceramic problems and left the field .



One setback was when I bought the property in 1973 the local gas company speed my from meter to kiln gas line at 1.1/4 inch so after buying and threading and laying 30 feet of this pipe it turned out to small. I had to rip it out and redo with 2 inch gas lines. I leaned that lesson-always use 2 inch for low pressure 7 inch water coluem gas pipe.