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In Topic: Burner Placement In Kiln Design

Today, 12:16 PM

Check your pms

In Topic: Burner Placement In Kiln Design

Today, 11:04 AM

The fold is as long as the roof is needed. That is to say if the bricks are say 30 inches across (the roof hole)

I would cut the fiber 30 inches plus the amount you want to land on the brick top say another 18 inches to cover the two 9 inch walls for a total of 48 inches long . Now those are all 48 inches long and now they are two feet wide so  you decide what depth you want  the roof to be thats where you cut the fiber these will be folded in 1/2 to if you folded them as is the roof would be a bit less than 12 inches about 10 inches-remember the rods go thru this in middle. This roof can be flipped for more life as well. If I recall mine is about 10 inches.

my rods run front to back.

My fiber was 4 foot wide but any two foot fiber will do the same thing.


In Topic: A Glaze That Uses Goldart

Today, 01:07 AM

TJR-I have a bag of goldart with your name in it as I never used it-stop by on your next trip to see the redwoods?

I think scoop glazes are just for us old timers.Scoop size does not matter as long as they are all the same scoop used.


In Topic: Burner Placement In Kiln Design

Today, 01:04 AM

Instead of a top loader how about a swinging fiber door.My salt kiln has a fiber roof which is made from fiber in a better way than layers as most use it. Its cut strips folded to form a u shape over and over again with stainless threaded rod holding the module under compression.Its a great way to make a roof-another potter saw mine and made one on a really large cone 10 kiln as well.This would also work for a door as well.

I got the idea from some modules Mel Jacobson had donated to him from ITC ceramics for a salt kiln article in CM long ago. It's worked so well I would make any roof like it again.My salt kiln photos in my gallery show this roof  if I recall. For yours three rods with steel backing will be fine.
If this sounds like you want to do it I could talk story about the details.The hardest part is the treaded rods and they can be had mail order as well.



PS I build my last kiln with cider blocks on edge the long ways as it shows in Mell PDF with heavy expanded metal over them -now over 10 years later and its works great-kiln is at working level for the back-no bending.

In Topic: No Tare Beam ;-(

Yesterday, 10:58 AM

I have two of them an 5000 gram max Ohaus

and a 8000 gram max my weight from amazon

the amazon one was $34 -they make that is 7000 max for less as well-these all work very well.

http://www.amazon.co...=my weigh scale


These digital scales are so much faster they have saved me lots of time.

This one also look good-


this one looks like my Ohaus