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In Topic: Applying clear glaze over underglaze

17 March 2013 - 12:32 PM

I have been doing some reading and it seems like applying clear glaze over underglaze when it is applied to bisque ware can be tricky. I didn't think to ask my teacher how to do this since I planned to apply all my underglazes before firing to bisque but well the best laid plans and all that.... So I have a piece that did not come out of the kiln after bisque firing quite as I had hoped so I have applied some additional underglazes hoping to "rescue" the piece. The problem I now have is how to apply the glaze without smearing these newly applied underglazes. The next session of classe does not start up again for a month and I'd rather not wait that long to ask what I am sure to those of you with more experience is a simple question. To get the BEST results do I pour, sponge, brush or dip the piece? It is a large platter so dipping might be hard but I could do it I guess in a plastic tub if I had to just not sure if I could reuse the extra glaze after doing something like that or not.

As you can tell I REALLY need help and really really appreciate your time for doing so.


Hi Terry,

No problem with bisque firing the piece again....I do a lot of underglaze work covered with a clear glaze. Although you can certainly apply the underglaze directly on the greenware, I often find that bisque firing the piece first makes it easier to work on, depending on what form it is. Anyway, a second (or even more) bisque firing will not cause any problems and will prevent any smearing or bleeding when you apply the glaze. I prefer to dip my pieces into the clear glaze, and if the platter is too large to fit into the bucket, pour the glaze into a container large enough to handle it. Most of us keep some large containers or basins in our studio just for that purpose.

Good luck!