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In Topic: Skutt 1027 Upgrade?

22 April 2017 - 07:21 AM

On the plug question, the configuration of the prongs is the same for both 208V and 240V. It varies by amperage, i.e., you can't put a 30A plug into a 50A receptacle. The plug on the cord in the picture looks like the proper 50A plug, just an after-market replacement.


208V service is very common (but not universal) in commercial settings but sometimes is 3-phase and sometimes is single phase. 240V is always single phase. It is highly unlikely that you would have 208V service in a residential neighborhood. If a kiln is wired for single phase, the only real difference between 208V and 240V is the resistance of the elements to generate the same amount of heat inside the kiln. 208V elements can be run on 240V circuit of the appropriate amperage (which Neil covered) - it will just heat a little faster and the elements will burn out sooner. 240V elements will work - badly - in a 208V commercial setting. They just won't get hot enough to reach cone 6; cone 06 probably, but not much higher. The solution is easy, just replace the elements with ones designed for the available voltage. If you change them, it would be good practice to mark on the rating plate the new voltage so nobody is confused in the future.

A+ answer - This is perfect. My plan is to test it when I get it - if all but 1 of the elements work I might replace just the 1 at 208 - then when the rest burn out replace all with 240. I've got jenken about 30 minutes away from me. You think I would be able to use their elements? I wonder if they are the same configuration - could save some $ and time that way. anyway this forum is amazing. 

In Topic: Skutt 1027 Upgrade?

21 April 2017 - 11:50 PM

Looking at the photos at the same time you do the elements replace the top ring of bricks as well. You will, need to take them out which will be easy once the elements are gone. The top row is toast and to many are broken. Get these from Skutt as well as your elements all at once-look to see what other bricks need replacing once you have the kiln as well.

@mark - watching this video - it would appear the damage may not need repair. I'm curious if your experience would say to replace those bricks.

In Topic: Skutt 1027 Upgrade?

21 April 2017 - 08:33 PM

Mark, I'm starting to think this deal may not have been as sweet as I was originally thinking :). Looking at the outlet plug it almost looks like it's converted to 240. Or does 208 look that way too? Is the top row of bricks a must have or should have. Curious if I can postpone some of these costs. This is getting expensive fast.

In Topic: Skutt 1027 Upgrade?

21 April 2017 - 03:27 PM

Ok - I'll stick cone 6. I read this is a great one: http://www.lagunacla...stern/wc617.php

As for switching from 206 to 240 - is that just a matter of changing the elements?

In Topic: Zirconium Oxide Question

21 April 2017 - 02:59 PM

Zirconium ceramics (engineering usage of the word) are pretty cool.  Hardness and heat resistance are two strength that come to mind. And yes, most ceramics are formed under a high temperatures using similar equipment as our kilns.


From the chemical side, it is the same element, yes. It is #40 and goes by Zr.

Thanks Matt, I was reading for full hardness it needs to get up to like a cone 15 - do you know if it's possible to get any maturity lower than that? Curious if it can be mixed in with other white clays like porcelain.  Sorry if these are stupid questions. I'm considering making some rings and want something harder than typical clay.