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Bubble Glaze Experiment With Close Ups.

11 December 2014 - 03:08 PM

A while ago I did some experiments with a cone 6 clear in a electric kiln that has lots of tiny bubbles in it when applied thicker, I made some small tiles (about 1 1/8" square) out of black clay so the bubbles would have good contrast and because they're fired horizontal I got a nice even spread of bubbles.

Some tests have additions of Mason stain.


The first tile has white clay inlaid in the black clay with small pieces of a glassy porcelain I have that were placed on top of the glaze prior to firing.

Tile three has 1% Mazerine stain added to the clear with a streak of white glaze on top and a ball of porcelain.

The last one is 4% Praseodymium with porcelain additions.


Close ups:


Tile one



Tile one closer



Tile three



The glaze is:


25 3134

15 Custer

20 Kaolin

20 Silica

20 Wollastonite


Not the most compatible of glazes but bubbly. I don't remember exactly how thick the clear was but at least 4 coats and if applied too thick the glaze becomes too cloudy.

I haven’t experimented with this enough to know if it's useful or practical to do it this way, but found it interesting.