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.... Life is wonderful....!
Oct 30 2011 03:16 AM

AmeriSwedeTriPal Arts

Hello and Thanks Janet/George for your posting on my site. Yes, I am back to work once again... but I must say five broken ribs can certainly take the wind out of ones sails. From your posting, I realized I needed to update my page as I've been up and running for 6 months, though not hardly near 100% until the last two. I checked out your URL and enjoyed seeing your work. Continued success ...
Oct 12 2011 02:57 PM

TriPal ArtsAmeriSwede

Sorry about your accident. When physical health affects your working, it's a bummer. Hope you are back at it by now. We're "TriPal Arts" in USA, Arizona.
Oct 12 2011 12:03 PM

Sandhya BhatAmeriSwede

Hi Ameri,
I m Sandhya from India. i m a beginner and like Ciramic sculpture very much. Could you please tell me what is the basic mixture of ciramic ? ie Ciramic +?+?,.... can u explain me few recepies?
Sep 16 2011 05:22 AM


Hi, just saw you online and thought I'd say hi. I am seeking advice on basic pottery to teach my middle-schoolers. I want to teach them the absolute basic stuff and want to try experimenting with makeshift kilns (the most interesting thus far is a BBQ grill kiln).
If you have some time, I was hoping to get some advice. Any help would be appreciated. In fact, I'm willing...
Apr 24 2011 01:44 PM


Svetlana... you posted...." Please,help me a page About me.
with regards sv...
What is it that you need help with?
Apr 03 2010 04:08 AM