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Any Tricks For Getting Stuck Bat Pins Out?

01 May 2017 - 11:55 PM

I've got this old, Alpine wheel that I got from a retired potter. It's rather "OG," as some might say. It's been great.


But it came with the bat pins on. I usually prefer to throw off the hump, and I'm not a fan of scraped/battered knuckles. They're really stuck. I've hit them with some lubricant, have tried tapping them, unscrewing them, twisting them off with vice grips -- nothing. I'm really sketched out by attempting to drill them out. Any gurus here have any advice? Do I need to take the head to a machinist?





A Question About Flashing Slips

20 April 2017 - 06:59 PM

Hey y'all, I've been lurking for awhile but haven't done much posting yet. 


I was curious about flashing slips. I have a converted gas kiln (which works very well and I got a lot of really good info from another thread in this forum -- thanks!) and am still relatively new at mixing glazes. (Slowly) Developing practical understanding!


I really love the look of flashing slips and would love to incorporate them into my work. Though, being that this kiln was converted from electric and is made up of soft insulating brick, I'm a little concerned that atmospheric firings will flux down the bricks, so I haven't messed with it. The kiln's brick wasn't in the best shape to begin with, but I put some love into it and would rather not be wasteful.


So I'm curious if y'all have any ideas about circumventing the notion of atmospheric firings to achieve a flashing effect? Might one spray ash on the surface of the slip? Mix more soda ash into the slip? Make a solution and simply brush it on top? Are any of these methods viable? 


I anticipate being advised to use saggars, which I'm not crazy about as the kiln just barely breaks through a "medium class" for top-loaders -- not a whole lot of space. Hopefully can circumvent the use of them, too. Holding my breath over here for a guru's advice!