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#124428 I'm Trying To Figure Out How To Make A Pipe?

Posted by Polydeuces on 28 March 2017 - 11:05 PM

You might have to make it in multiple pieces. If you're making a "spoon" style pipe, it's probably easiest to do it off the hump.


Try this:


Get a small piece of clay, isolated at the top of the hump. Open middle, as usual. Pull the walls up, and then bring them together to make a hollow egg. Once you have the egg, push down in the middle to depress the top slightly into the rest of the form.


You may need to use a torch or heat gun to keep the right parts of the clay stable, like the rim along the depression, or leave the clay fairly thick at the top.


Done this way, you essentially have the shape of the "bowl." Once it dries, you can poke a hole through the top "bowl," on the side for the air in-take, and another for the mouthpiece which you might also want to throw separate.


I make something a little similar to this, and have pretty good luck doing it this way. 


Best of luck~!