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Pizza Stone

26 April 2014 - 08:49 AM

A customer is asking for a pizza stone.This is a large slab tile used in an oven to bake a pizza.

The question; Is a bisque tile good enough or do you have to fire it to stoneware? Should it be porous, or should it be vitrified?

Anyone make these babies?

Not to be confused with the Rossetta stone, which is another animal altogether.


An Apology

29 March 2014 - 02:28 PM

Please accept my sincere apology for a couple of posts that I made this week. I corrected some spelling and grammar errors on two posts in this section. I have sent personal apologies to those people that I corrected. It is not my place to be correcting peoples' posts. I am a poster just like yourselves. I in no way wish to discourage anyone on this blog from asking questions. I also feel that in a lot of areas, I can be of help, as I am an advanced potter.

My head was getting a little too big, and people kindly reminded me that I was being gruff. I will not be correcting anyone's posts in future. We all make mistakes.

Sincerely, Tom Roberts.

aka TJR.

Who Is Your Best/worst Critic, Other Than Yourself?

27 December 2013 - 07:34 PM

I was in the studio yesterday unpacking the last of my pots. Day after Christmas. My son looked at a plate and said;"Dad, you really "effed it up on this brushwork!" It was a bird on a dinner plate. The brush had skipped along the bottom line.

My other son called me aside and said in a low, conspiratorial voice; "Dad, I want you to REALLY try your best on this next batch of work."

I said I would try. I thought I was trying my best. They are both teenagers. They mean well and are genuinely thinking that they are helping me.Maybe I need to try harder and do better work in 2014.


Getting The Word Out

11 December 2013 - 03:13 PM

How do you promote your shows/sales? I am in a group of 10 artists and we share printing costs for a professional brochure which we deliver to mail boxes. Apparently this is not legal to do this in the U.S.

In the news today, Canada Post announced that they will cease door to door delivery of mail within the next five years. This is a loss of 8,000 jobs.

How do you promote your open studio sales?

Getting The Word Out There

11 December 2013 - 03:08 PM


I slap mine in newspaper and an old Safeway bag. For bigger items like teapots, people get two full sheets of newspaper, for mugs you get a half sheet of newspaper. I have hardly any plastic bags anymore as we try not to bring them home from the store. Lots of people bring a re-usable cloth bag to the sale.

Its about the pot, not about the package. I am selling from my studio, maybe I would get unprinted newsprint if I was in a four day sale.

Remember to reduce,re-use, and walk softly on the back of Mother Earth.


I have a small comment here. :rolleyes:


It's OK to be "earth friendly" and use newspapers etc. ... but I cringe at the "slap mine and stuff it in an old Safeway bag".

You can do earth friendly with a bit of style that makes you memorable.

First, you don't slap them into newspaper, but fold the paper properly, make it neat and tie with twine or cord.

Add a card with all of your contact info printed on re-cycled paper.

Close that Safeway bag in an attractive manner ... with a twine bow if it has handles or a bit of tape or sticker if it doesn't.

Just because you are using re-cycled materials does not mean it has to look used or recycled.





Holy crow!

I talked to my buddy Steve where I fire my work. He was also in this studio crawl this weekend. He uses a roll of unprinted newprint for wrapping and a Safeway bag. The co-operative gallery where 11 potters sell their work [which he is involved with,as a member] use newsprint and boxes of different sizes. But at Christmas and during their sales, no one has time to do all that fancy stuff. You get your purchase in a bag after it is wrapped in unprinted newsprint. At their studio sales, people are lined up around the block like at a movie premiere. They have have been doing it a long time, and I have never seen a wooden box or a souvenire tile. People are there for the pots, not the packaging.




I am glad this works for these potters, but I think that I will use every advantage I can get!! And I want to know where these people lined up for the pots are!? We have lots of good potters where I live, and none of them have anyone lined up to buy anything. They really, really push hard to make sales and make a living at this. I know they would be green with envy having people lined up around the block to buy their stuff. Where is this??? I'm going to spread the word! :)


Honestly, if you are successful with a plastic grocery bag, and you obviously are, that is great. I think I will need more branding, as I am newer to this. I don't have a reputation, I don't have repeat customers. I do have some marketing savvy and am getting better and better at making pottery. But I am definitely going to need to push the marketing.