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In Topic: Used Pottery Wheels: The Good And The Bad?

Yesterday, 09:11 AM

I like Brents. Have owned the same one for 35 years. Just replaced the main bearing. Good for another 35.


In Topic: Put Name Of Event That I Am Selling Products At, On My Products Sold There?

Yesterday, 09:09 AM

I was at a Farmer's Market last weekend. The tables/boothes rented for $10.00 for the day. People were selling honey, vegetables, soap, natural mosquito repelant, and one guy was selling imported wallets and purses from Nicaragua made out of rubber tires. He was cleaning up.

They will have a juried craft fair in two weeks. Tables rent for $50.00. Nothing imported. Original photographs, watercolours, pottery, jewelery. This is where I sell my work. It is not outside on a gravel road. It is inside a building, and is well advertised.

I think you have to step up and go for the higher end sales and shows. Leave the farmers market for the guy selling corn and beats.

Also, be careful of how many shows you are in. You can really burn out fast on this way of selling.


In Topic: What Type Of Wheel Is This?

Yesterday, 08:49 AM

It's an Estrin out of Vancouver, Canada. Out of business for probably 20 years. Sell for $150.00. Randal wheels up here sell for $650-$700.00.You just don't see them.

Estrins were a fairly common high school wheel back in the day. Been replaced by Brents.


In Topic: Best Clay For Pizza Stone?

26 July 2014 - 09:51 AM

I have a customer that wants me to work on a prototype pizza stone about 16" diamiter. Anyone have any experience with these? What clay is best. Can cone 6 clay and glazes I already have work? If he likes it he may need about a hundred by the end of the year, so it could be worth investigating.


I used stoneware clay that was really soft. I beat them into a frame with a 16 inch square inside opening. Do not glaze them as they need to be semi porous. I made four of them. They are still on my studio shelf. i will let you know how they turn out.


In Topic: Firing Question

25 July 2014 - 11:14 AM

Dear TJR, what I understand is (meisie) want to put sprayed clay in firing without getting bisque the clay first
and I just say it will not give the same result
And if the clay is bisque at cone 5 the porous are v.small and will not take any more glaze

As Babs stated, you are mixing up the cone numbers. Cone 5 is far too high for a bisque as you are making the clay dense, and no longer porous. you should be bisquing at cone 05 or lower. As stated above, I bisque at cone 06.

In my own studio, I bisque at cone 08, or cone07, as I am paying for the electricity myself, and I don't need to use any more than necessary.