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In Topic: Signing Your Work, What Is Your Method?

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

I sign my name with a brush and oxide on the bottom of all my pots.


In Topic: Flying With Ceramic Material

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

I was in Toronto once visiting my sisters. I realized that one of my sisters lives very close to Tucker Ceramic Supply in Oakville ,Ontario.[a suburb of Toronto.]

I was working in low-fire Majolica at the time, and thought I could buy an exotic Fritt at Tuckers. Long story short- I am at the airport ready to board my flight back to Winnipeg. I am holding a large bag of white powder in a zip lock bag. I mean big. Not a sandwich bag. Say 1000 grams of fritt. It suddenly dawns on me that this looks a bit hinky. I also had long hair in a pony tail, and a beard.

I went to the ticket agent. They said to go to special services. I told them what it was, and showed them my receipt. They said to check back in an hour. I was hoping that they wouldn't confiscate it, as fritts are expensive. I picked up my package an hour later-no problems.

I am sure they analyzed it. It looked like a big bag of cocaine.Anyway, my glazing was a success.I have also brought pots back in my carry-on without a problem.

Dry clay would be O.K. too.


In Topic: How Much Testing Or Tweaking Of Glazes Do You Do?

Yesterday, 11:54 AM


I test and tweak glazes all the time. I am working on an ash glaze that runs like stink. I added kaolin to it in a line blend. Lost the rivulets and the shine, so I am disappointed. I always have glaze test tiles in my kilns. This might be a maturity thing. If you are still working on throwing skills, maybe you are not making glaze tests.


In Topic: Personal Pottery Video

Yesterday, 11:50 AM

I really enjoyed it. The centering with the finger was painful to watch, but you got there. Makes me want to make some tea bowls!


In Topic: Non-Legal Ways To Address Copying Issue

22 July 2014 - 02:25 PM

A coffin with all your glaze recipes tiled on... now that is an idea.

Tiled on the inside,you mean?