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Today, 08:44 AM


To restart your manual kin.

1.You have to be there when the kiln sitter drops. Klonk

2.you flip the lever back up and press the silver button in the middle of the lever back in.The lever will not catch, so you gently let it drop back down.

3.Then you have to time your soak for 15 minutes, or you can over fire your glazes.


In Topic: Does Anyone Else...

Today, 08:40 AM

Bag baum sold a feed stores-its the best for dry hands-its for milking udders,


It's at Lee Valley Tools. Bag Balm. Comes in a square green tin.


In Topic: Terra Sig Dried Up. Can I Add Water?

Yesterday, 06:25 PM

Sure. Add water.


In Topic: Does Anyone Else...

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

I wonder if that Working Hands stuff is cruelty-free...I don't wanna buy stuff where my fellow guineas were harmed, ya know. :)

Omg, the reclaim horror stories.. We called that stuff "The Recycle Bucket," (though, it was a big honkin' plastic garbage bin) and man...the STENCH that came outta that thing! It was the devil! I don't know what the heck is in that Seattle Pottery stoneware, but PHEEYEW. My Clay Art Center earthenware just smells like dirt, so I dunno. But anyway, my instructor got stabbed by a needle tool in there once. That was an interesting day.

And you're probably right about me leaning on the wheel. Trouble is that it KILLS my back to squeeze inward, so I tend to go more downward. Chewed hands is the result! ;.;

Don't go inward. Push away from you toward the centre, grasshopper. Feel the centre [Canadian for center].


I'd come and show you, but I am allergic to guinea pigs.


In Topic: Ceramic Planters - Cone 6 Or Low Fire?

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

The organizer at the art market that i do often suggested i make some planter cause everyone loves handmade planters...i agree they love them but they don't want to pay the handmade price for them.

Personally i love the look of terracotta in the garden and in florida the freeze thing isn't an issue but they evaporate the water so fast so i tend to use stoneware.

PSC;Most of us made planters, or make them. The problem is as you suggested. You cannot get your price for them as you can buy 3 nesting stoneware large planters at Home Depot for $20.00. The other issue is that they take up a lot of space in the kiln, and you could fill that same space with big bowls .