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In Topic: New Potter: Advice Appreciated!

Today, 02:46 PM

Chris - I understand what you are saying about the design and the glaze. Any ideas on what would work? I'll definitely be tweaking for awhile. Thanks! I am heading down to the studio here in just a bit to throw some pots. 




Second Pot


1. Thanks!


2. White slip and scrafitto could be a really good look. I'll definitely consider it. 


Thanks guys. Keep it coming. 


3. What specifically do you find amateurish? They certainly are not perfect. In some ways, they are not meant to be. If I was trying to perfectly duplicate leaves, I would have added vanes, etc. But, I am trying to work in my bark-like texture that I enjoy doing into the leaves and do something unique. But, I'll definitely take your thoughts under advisement and check out some leaves. 


5. I might be able to repeat the line. I don't know. The idea was to suggest movement and flow. I feel like both the rim and the design do that. Now, they might not mix together well, but that was the thought. 


Maybe amateurish was the wrong word. I know, or I think I know that you are goingfor a more stylized look of "leaf.'

If you are serious about decorating, then you need to develop a "vocabulary of images that you can draw upon.

In my own work, I use a fish motif, a swirling circle, spirals, banding and patterning. My designs have come from thousands of hours of decorating pots. I have long moved away from the real fish, but I am always looking at images to paint.

Check out my youtube video


You will see me painting a fish on a jar. Hard to do with a camera stuck in your face.

As Simon Leach says, keep practicing.

Tom Roberts

In Topic: New Potter: Advice Appreciated!

Today, 11:07 AM


I like how the flowers are upside down in the first jug, and they bulge where the form expands.

2.You have an arbitrary line above the blossoms that is not needed.

3.The rutile blue on the rim is too strong for the colour of the blossoms.

4. The blossoms could be brighter.

Second pot.

1.Great line. Nice and thick and flowing.

2.This pot is just crying out for an application of white slip and then scratch through with some scraffito.

3.Your leaves are kind of amateurish. I think you have to look at some leaves and get your line flowing.

4.Get a newspaper, a bottle of India ink and and bamboo brush, and make a few hundred leaves. Then go back to the pot.

5. Your cut rim does not relate to your design. Can you repeat the line of the rim in the design somehow?


In Topic: Critique - Worst You've Heard

Yesterday, 07:05 PM

When I was in my first year of graduate school at Alfred, I was making small ,four cup teapots. A sculpture prof asked me why the spouts were so long and narrow. I said; "because they really pour."

He went over to the water fountain, filled one of my teapots up with water, and then would periodically pour water directly onto the floor. Not into a cup or other container, directly onto the floor as if he were peeing in my studio space. I had 7 profs in my tiny space critiquing my work and one of them was periodically pouring water onto the bare floor of my studio, as they discussed my work.

At the time, people were making these huge watering can like teapots like Ken Ferguson's, that didn't pour.

I did eventually graduate with my M.F.A. from there, but it was very stressful, as I was the Canadian guy-not used to that kind of rudeness.


It's been 32 years since the class of 1983. I'm well over it. :D

In Topic: Sub For Epk, Which Is Better: Tile 6 Or Om#4?

26 November 2014 - 09:02 AM

Like Mark said, it's the shrinkage. It will shrink more than the kaolin and will adhere to the pot better. It also has a harder surface.


In Topic: Using Vaseline As Resist

25 November 2014 - 10:46 PM

I used Johnson's liquid floor wax in England. You can also use paste wax. I think Vaseline would be too hard to apply.