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In Topic: Nceca 2015 Providence, Ri?

28 February 2015 - 01:18 PM

I have a tendency to dress when it is something of a dance, or special reception. Lots of my peers never wear dress clothes after retirement. I find a little bit of refinement is nice on special occasions, which includes at least a sport coat and tie. My wife and I have never believed in constant jeans and t-shirt thing after retirement. All of that aside, I love a good dance even though I have two left feet.


Oh yeah, most of you see me with a hat, I do remove it indoors, when I meet a female, or when sitting at a table eating whether inside or out. B)




Good man. In Canada the law states that you cannot be served a beer if you are wearing a cowboy hat.


In Topic: Nceca 2015 Providence, Ri?

28 February 2015 - 01:16 PM

The cow-girl boots were meant for Kansas City. But now I will refrain from buying when I would be the only one to wear them.... IF I come to KC too that is....


Dancing Marcia?? Are you going? My knees are objecting heavily :huh: ...

I bought my cowboy boots in Wichita, when I was there for NCECA. Don't buy them in Switzerland. That would be like buying a parka in North Carolina when you are coming to Canada.

Now I don't know what to wear! Kidding.Jeans, shirt, boots.

In Topic: Some Changes To The Forum

27 February 2015 - 12:01 PM

Hi Folks!


Wanted to let you know that you may soon notice a couple of changes to the forum. We have observed that a lot of postings on studio equipment were being made in the "In the Studio" forum and decided that, perhaps, we needed to make new forum category dedicated to those posts. So we are creating a new forum called Equipment Use and Repair, which will be moderated by Bruce Ciske. Thanks Bruce! We are also going to tweak the names of a couple of forums to make them more clear and intuitive. 


The moderators will be helping to move posts to the appropriate forums in the coming weeks and we think these changes will help make the forum more useful for everyone!


Happy posting!


Thanks, Jennifer. Can you get rid of the spammers? Some days there are up to four of them. Nothing wrong with developing big muscles, but this is the wrong place for that content.


In Topic: What Causes Glaze/clay 'tide Mark'?

27 February 2015 - 11:57 AM

I had a turquoise glaze that I was testing. It had that toasty blush, which I loved. I took it and used it as a positive decorating motif.[see my gallery images for those turquoise mugs] I used a resist technique, and SHABAM!.

The glaze used barium- switched to Strontium. It also has copper.

Soda ash would also cause blushing.

One solution for you, if you don't like the effect, is to glaze all the waty to the bottom of the piece.


In Topic: Living The Dream

27 February 2015 - 09:28 AM


this would have been a great question of the week. I am inching into the half century mark of working in clay. I began raku firing in the 60s. I have always been draw to the firing aspect in clay as well as searching for colors and surfaces that express an idea no matter how abstract.  I have taught for most of my career in clay. I have been fortunate to have had 2 Fulbright awards and traveled and met potters from many other countries. We all share that clay bug! I am satisfied with what I have contributed to my students. I still hear from many of them. I am still intrigued and seduced by clay. I have the best studio I have ever had and good kilns. 

I am still exploring texture and firing processes. Obvara is one of those seductive elements that keep me investigating possibilities.


As my friend Marge Levy pronounced at the NCECA conference, "Keep n, Keeping' on" and we all danced to it. -a Happy Potters Dance!



Made me smile. One of my Gr.12 students came to me yesterday and told me that she is planning on going to art school. What a great feeling for me! My little darlings are carrying on the torch.