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#21245 earth and stone ware

Posted by metal and mud on 24 August 2012 - 11:52 AM

What do ya'll think? If I fire earthenware and stoneware both to ^06 which will be most durable?
I want to burnish the piece, bisque fire it then smoke it in a metal can, which of these, earthenware or stoneware,
will take the smoke better?

I am intested in this question as well. I plan to make a coil bowl out of a red clay--an earthenware clay-- with mica in it in the Native American tradition. An article I read said to burnish, then fire to ^ 08, then place in a wood fire for the smoke effect. Has anyone had fun with this?

#18974 To Be or Not To Be

Posted by metal and mud on 05 July 2012 - 02:04 PM

In our area the Farmers Market is just for farmers-they do not let Crafts in .
As for what do I think if they did- great-come one come all-I started out with just a little experience-looking back I sold all my early stuff which was junk by my todays standards but who cares -I gained experience in the market place- the public bought it as the price was right -now days most of my art shows are highly juried events that only pick what they think is good and thats another subject all together.

As John B. would say, BINGO! You probably thought what you now know was junk was fit for the Louvre back then. Also, very revealingly, is that you say the "price was right". So, basically, you were selling junk cheap. That must have made potters there who had worked for years perfecting their art and trying to get a decent price for their pots feel real good. But, of course, had this forum existed back then and you, as a beginner, had posted your ugly pots here and asked about marketing them you would have gotten the same fawning praise that the kid with the ugly tree vase got here and Teardrop and Trina would have thought the sky was falling if anyone offered even the mildest of criticism.

"Ugly Tree Vase"? you thought it was ugly? thank you! :) I sold that for $85. That means I'll be selling my better pottery for even more!


Crap. Ugly vase. Junk. Noobs. These are words hardly befitting this forum. I am a newb-ie who adores clay and knows she has a lot to learn in the clay world. I sell my items at our Farmer's and Craft's Market because I love making them and want other people to enjoy them and get a tremendous kick out of having customers grab them up in happiness. I would hate to have someone I don't know pronounce my work as no good--so please don't visit my booth. I have a long way to go before I can pronounce myself a clay artist (not a craftswoman), but I will get there eventually, and have lots of fun in the process.

#18863 Was: Etsy or Ebay? Now: When Should You Start Trying to Sell?

Posted by metal and mud on 02 July 2012 - 01:55 PM

I've been thinking about this thread a lot this weekend. I've been having a wonderful time making gift items out of clay--2 and 3 inch lidded boxes on feet, textured and glazed in pretty colors, little Indian rugs hanging from metal racks that my son makes, plates carved with our local Organ Mountains and a moon and glazed to look like moonlight--etc.--different things that just come to me. I had so much fun making them that I couldn't NOT do anything with them. I also know that I need to do a work many times to get better at it; already the lids on my clay boxes fix much better. I am a small business owner and it only seemed natural to sell my items, so last December I got "certified" as a vendor at our Farmer's and Crafts Market. I get such a kick when someone buys one of my--admittedly--imperfect items. They make them happy and me even happier. I use my revenue to buy supplies, thereby supporting my hobby. It's disturbing to me that someone should suggest that we shouldn't put our items in public until many years have passed, implying that the works shouldn't be in public until much better in quality and near-perfect. I view my craft as an incredible relaxation whose result brings happiness to both the maker and the purchaser. After reading some of the posts I started to doubt myself in my decision to put my works in public and my ego on the line, but I had a good firing over the weekend and I know that on July 4th, my next market, some local folks will get a kick out of my little items and I won't stop bringing them to market, for one, nor trying to make them better and better each time. I hope I never achieve perfection because then I might stop.

#13608 Does Anyone Out There Truly Support Themselves With Their Ceramics/pottery?

Posted by metal and mud on 15 February 2012 - 12:29 PM

Believe it and it will be....

or at least ya HOPE it will.... LOL.

I have no plans to attempt to support myself with this endeavor....I just HAVEN'T PUT IN THE REQUIRED TIME TO DO SO.

MUCH respect to those of you who >have<.

What I AM going to do/have done....is that I have committed to 3 Saturdays this Summer at a (Summer long) local (Craft, Klunkery, Wannabee) "Market" and I am going to "test the water" so to speak and see if any of the things I am making have sensory appeal/draw to others. In the end there's really no way to find out but to put it out there and see where it goes....

I can snag other Market days if I choose/once my foot is in the door. Fortunately, as of now, I beloieve that the only other person selling ceramic items is a reseller of some French foo-foo kitchen wares that are imported/not locally made.

if that scenario holds...I may have a snowball's chance in hell of actually making a sale...LOL

In the end the wife supports me and my clay habit and this is all for FUN....so I have it pretty darn good when it all comes down to it!

Hopefully I won't end up next to your booth with my "klunkery", huh?Posted Image


What we are talking about here was published in a book called "The Secret" a few years ago. It is kind of dopey, but I got a lot out of it. Basically put, it rewrites the philosophy of "The Power of Positive Thinking." Think something will be a success, and it will, because you will make it so. If you get up in the morning and think "I'm going to have a bad day," guess what--you will!! Start small and it will grow into a life changer.

Enough philosophy. A comment about selling at a market prompted me to contribute to this thread. I am still a newbie but enjoying the heck out of clay. I looked at my gathering collection of pieces and decided I needed to find them homes, not have them gather dust on shelves. So I got a business number, got approved to sell at our city Farmer's and Crafts Market, and I've actually been selling. Not a lot, but people "out there" seem to appreciate my work. I set out a little cobalt blue bowl last weekend, thinking it was clunky and no one would buy it because it didn't have art and grace and. . .whatever. . .but that is the bowl that sold that day! It was so interesting. I fully believe that each one of my pieces will be discovered by just the right person on just the right day--I just have to be at the Market. It's really fun and rewarding to see people admire my works, and say how pretty they are. Next week something else will be ready to be picked up by its new owner!! I just have to be patient.