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Drop What You're Doing

01 June 2017 - 11:22 AM

Have you seen these NHK sponsored video series on Youtube?!

Both braincandy and educational, I can't stop watching them. I've spam-watched maybe a dozen of the pottery videos and other things like kimono dyeing and lacquering wood and on and on. Stumbled across this stuff by accident yesterday and they're just awesome to put it mildly. Love of the Arts is just a whole different animal in Japan.



https://www.youtube....=core kyoto nhk

Slip Dipping Small Wasp Nests?

27 April 2017 - 08:00 AM

The &*^%! wasps are kind enough to leave me a few of these every winter hanging around the eaves, mailbox, etc. One is about 4" across, the other about 2", open honeycomb shape.

I can only fire at cone 5-6. Trying to decide which color/s of slip to use; I've got white porcelain, a BC white type, a groggy dark brown, speckled buff and a black-black cassius. Not sure what they'll be: object d'art, broken up first for jewelry focals, applied to a wall-hung tile or pots?

Any suggestions on how to retain as much detail as possible yet get the slip to fill all the spaces and coat them nicely?

Should I use one thicker coat or multiple coats? Still not sure if I'm leaving them whole or trimming them into jewelry-size pieces. I'd like to do this in future with vegetable things from nature with a papery, burnable quality so it should be an interesting experiment. 


Organizing Ideas And Inspiration From Others

08 April 2017 - 06:53 AM

Definitely a late-night ramble here, in keeping with the subject. I'm curious about other potters here with more experience and perhaps better systems for staying organized in their heads and workshops, and recording your ideas and processes, assuming you do that. You can skip the rest, it's mostly fluff  <_<.


Just saying, I have no shortage of ideas and the issue is sorting out which ones are worth anything, but, when I get an idea if I don't write it down it may or may not be lost forever. As a result, a couple cheap paper notebooks are kicking around my digs within easy reach at all times. If the computer is on then I'll usually have the discipline to jot it down on a wordpad document quickly, and transfer it later to a more organized openoffice document.


I've got a tv tray next to my computer desk with a 2" high pile of pages torn out of these paper notebooks. Every so often I grab about twenty of these off the bottom of the stack and enter the scribbled ideas into openoffice documents as mentioned, with titles that attempt, with varying success, to tackle the subject of the ideas.

So far I have docs like  "Ceramic Jewelry Ideas 1, 2, and 3, because I collect images off the net which I paste into them (after reducing in pixel and 'physical' size in paint and making them all JPEG files), and regardless the file soon gets so large it takes about 30 seconds to save, whence I start yet another file. There are at least a half-dozen other files of this type with titles like "Sculpture_free standing_wall mounted", "Vessels, 1 and 2" and "Ceramic Utilitarian_Misc"   -etc.

Also I photo my own work of course and upload it into my pc, what there is of it at this point. Bit of a measly file by comparison, as yet. 


As far as the images, just so you know, I save them for inspiration, never to steal. Under the photos I type in notes about whatever ideas it spins off for my own stuff. These image/text files have given me a better idea of artistic styles that I really love (Mid-century modernism, Brutalist, Minimalist, "Boho", Post-atomic, among others) and have often helped me get a better idea of what does and doesn't work visually on a ceramic subject as far as form and decoration.


Seeing what other artists are up to makes me wonder how they did this or that thing I didn't know was possible and sparks questions in my brain as to how this or that glaze technique was achieved, and the like.


Cruising sites like Etsy and Pinterest gives me some general idea of what I could realistically make in my limited home studio and put up for sale with some potential for it selling, for reasonable fees or otherwise. Although this is partly guesswork, and fads in home decor and wearable art come and go, at least I'm not blindly poking around and wasting effort making things that will end up having no audience. I'm not always the best judge of whether my work is appealing to others. If it pays off down the road, only time will tell I suppose.



What To Use For Marking Bottom Of Glaze Tests

05 April 2017 - 07:17 PM

My personal thought is just a contrasting color slip, is this right? Black slip for light color tile, and vice versa.


Redoing all my old shard tests because they are just a mess, I've made tons of small tiles in the clays I like best so far, and they are now bisque fired.

I've already carved in info as to what type of clay each test tile is made out of on the backs, now I need to mark each one after apply the glazes with code for the glaze type I'm using. The tiles are all the same shape/size. Although I'll take pictures of them first, they are so alike in shape/size I'll forget and get them mixed up, I can't just use a sharpie after. This sounds simple enough but I'd intended to use red iron oxide but red in the forums here it can rub off even after firing and I would rather avoid hunting down arcane substances to mix it with to make it permanent.


The pottery store owner suggested black underglaze but I'm not sure he understood exactly what I was saying, won't that stick to the shelf during a glaze fire if it's on the bottom of a test tile?


Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

High Temp Wire Question

02 April 2017 - 12:46 AM

In a nutshell: Can you use this stuff inside of clay as an armature to reinforce thin bits of ceramic work? -Both straight clay and paperclay. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.


Non-essential reading below:


Example: some frillier than usual jewelry focals with narrow 'waists' that won't be possible unless they have some kind of rebar inside. My only other option is to make two separate pieces and attach them after firing by leaving holes in which to insert stiff wire perhaps, anyway that wouldn't end up being the same finished look I want. 

  I have some of this wire in two different gauges, and it isn't cheap, so it would be strictly for small work and I'm not married to the idea 100% due to cost. Also I pay to have my work fired and try to keep things as kosher as possible to avoid ruffling their feathers, heaven forfend I mess up their kilns, they hate me already for bringing them tons of tiny objects. I've asked them directly "is this possible" and got an all-too familiar "do what now?" -Still have no idea.