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In Topic: Anoka Sand Celadon Bowl

01 July 2017 - 05:30 PM

Alchemical wizardry.

In Topic: Qotw: Can Creativity Be Taught Or Is It Something We Are Born With, And. .is...

26 June 2017 - 12:58 PM

I agree with terrim8, but on the whole I don't know.


Still, based on experience, I've known so many people who are completely non-creative I think first you have to born even having an interest in art, let alone whatever it is that gives you the ability to hone a skill. You can also be born creative and have the ability to do art beaten out of you, literally or figuratively, or just crippled to the point you only turn out the occasional bit of art, but can't or won't make it a focus.

For my part, no one in my biological family that I know of can either do art or even cares to look at it. Their walls are literally bare of art and they don't even listen to music, and seem perfectly satisfied that way. My ex was of the type who'd done a few promising paintings in high school but was more interested in other hobbies with his free time and thought painting was 'girly'. I've also known lovely folks in classes I've taken who really wanted to be good artists and enjoyed what they did, they liked the artist lifestyle very much, but to put it kindly they weren't winning any scholarships with their barns and redwoods. Based on that last observation, even when the will and time spent is there, the wall may not always breached into whatever the next level up is, but I think the average person who is really interested can still produce really enjoyable stuff just with practice, even if it doesn't reach into the sublime, and that's fine.

When I first started doing grown-up art, when I was on the right track I would pretty quickly get "In the Zone" so to speak. Other artists I've known also seemed to be familiar with this sense of everything else falling away and suddenly you're connected to your materials, your ideas seem to flow through your hands.

In Topic: Qotw: What Part Of Your Production Do You Feel Is The Most Creative Outlet In...

20 June 2017 - 05:54 PM

That's funny some of our signature icons are taken from the step we feel the most stimulated by.

For me it's sculpting; watching the sketches I've made for a concept come to exist in 3D reality is like having some strange power. If the question had been 'most successful' step, I'd say the drawings themselves, as the clay object resulting doesn't always turn out, however I do drawings all the time for all sorts of ideas, the drawing step has lost it's challenge so to speak. Recently I've been doing some small pieces with no drawings at all, just free-carving into a lump of clay, what I've come up with is a lot of tribal-looking faces that have given me further ideas that I can't wait to try. 

In Topic: Shinos Coming Out As A Rather Flat White. (Gas Kiln Cone 6)

12 June 2017 - 12:23 PM

I have an easy ^6 cheat for this, sort of, since I also love the way 'American' shino looks; but this doesn't include the peachy blush bit: Slip paint your piece with a speckled buff clay first, then use your basic white glaze; I use a fairly inexpensive food safe white that is supposed to be an opaque classroom underglaze, in two layers brushed on with a hake brush. How much speckling and variation comes through depends directly on how thin I apply it, but it always comes out with that sort of pleasing ancient Japanese Wabi look. If I were going for the 'blush' effect, I might try and brush on an area of slip with more red oxide in it. If fact now I'm going to have to try this.

In Topic: Qotw:what Were The Early Warning Signs That You Were Interested In Making Art...

12 June 2017 - 12:12 PM

@Pres, -I appreciate your posting some of the more 'artistic' questions, the technical ones about physical ceramic making are also very useful for prompting me to do my research, but personally were kicking my butt since I have a lot to learn as yet.  ;)  These more introspective questions are a fun variation and also cause me to learn new things, even if it's only inward things, they are still very helpful for me in my artistic process. Ruh-oh, here comes another epiphany...