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In Topic: Case Of An Enlarged Bubble?

18 March 2017 - 12:59 PM

Make a small cone shaped test piece from your 'new' clay body and mount it like a cone in a cone pack.  include it in your next firing.  If you are over firing the test piece should show signs of deforming.   this is a good check out technique for suspect clays.
by 'cone shaped test piece' I mean a pinched piece of clay shaped like an large Orton cone or a large Orton stand-alone cone.

In Topic: Improving Clay Plasticity

16 March 2017 - 10:16 PM



Can you explain how 'De-airing' increases the wetting of the clay particles?





In Topic: Advice Needed! Cone 06 Clay With Cone 6 Glaze - Yikes!

16 March 2017 - 03:42 PM

I would try glazing with the cone 06 glazes over the other "stuff" just to see what happens. My expectation would be some movement of the top coat, so I would plan for the consequences. Also inform the instructor and kiln operator so they can also plan where to put the pieces in the kiln.


In Topic: Qotw: What Shape Do You Prefer?

16 March 2017 - 10:49 AM

Asymmetrical circles and squares for pieces larger than a fist.
Smaller than a fist, “critter” shapes.


In Topic: Glaze Additive/s

15 March 2017 - 07:33 PM

This is from my archive of Clayart discussions:



On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 6:24 PM, mel jacobson  wrote:

i use bentonite in every glaze i have.
even the chinese glazes and shino.

here is a tip.

take a blender, fill half full of water.
add about a cup of bentonite.
blend the hell out of it.
add more water, blend some more.

i mean for minutes.

it will turn to jello.
place this jello in a large empty skippy peanut butter jar.
(my god, don't eat the peanut butter, it is more toxic
than barium.)


store for some time.

add a quarter cup to your 5 gallon glaze.
stir like crazy.
it will dissolve.
   god i hate adding dry bentonite to glaze.
gobs up.
i know many stir it into the dry mix..but often that
does not work.  lumps.
wet bentonite mixes well.


end quote


My jar is a Reese peanut butter jar, but it works OK (so far).