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In Topic: Spectrum Glaze Problem

Today, 06:53 PM

Yikes, that must have been a nasty shock first thing in the morning!


2 of the mugs look like the liner glaze is okay, how and what did you use there? or am I just not seeing the flakes there?


Having this happen with 4 different glazes is odd unless it is the same base with different colourants. Since some of the work only had 1 coat it wouldn't seem like thickness would be the cause. Did you thoroughly mix up the glaze in the jar before applying it? 

In Topic: Cataloguing Glazes

Today, 01:16 PM

If you have a scanner and want a visual record of test tiles without having to keep all of them then lay them flat on the glass and scan a whole page of them at once onto the computer. (snap off the base if you use L shaped ones and write glaze name with a sharpie on tiles)

In Topic: Sponge Holders

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

Jig for cutting the sides out is a good idea. I've never made sponge holders but after reading this thread I'll give some a try. Have not had a customer request for one so it will be interesting to see how they do here. Is the neoprene really necessary if the base is smooth and non scratchy?

In Topic: How Do You Take Photographs And Keep Them Consistent?

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

I found Gimp to be quite good, it's free to so that's an added plus.

In Topic: An "office" Kiln

Yesterday, 04:46 PM

Time to hand out some Darwin Awards.