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In Topic: Fractured Kiln Shelves...

15 January 2017 - 03:16 PM

If the only thing that has changed is the firing schedule then I would put it down to that. I would contact the manufacturer, Resco, send them some pictures then give them a call. If they agree it was from the firing schedule perhaps they would replace at least one of them if there isn't a caveat somewhere advising against this.  


Those pieces are really blown apart, again back to too fast a firing.

In Topic: Quickie Question – What Weight Of Clay To Make A Large Bread Crock?

14 January 2017 - 07:37 PM



min when you make your fermentation crocks do you made a 2nd 'lid' for the weight inside?


Hi Preeta, I used to sell a flat round slab piece separately but they didn't sell well, most just said they would use a couple saucers for a weight. Nowadays most people say they will be using it for a kitchen counter green waste bin.

In Topic: Mixing Dry Glaze With Clay Bodies

14 January 2017 - 07:32 PM

Think that if you try this without firing the pieces inside a bisque bowl like OldLady said you might get sent to the back of the class to grind shelves.  ;) 

If you go your route of mixing clay and glaze I would suggest measuring out the weights of stuff and keeping good notes, plus wear a respirator and gloves. If you are just looking for coloured clay maybe read up on adding stain to clay. Chris Campbell on these forums does lovely work with coloured porcelain.


There are self glazing clays like Val Cushings ^6 Parian Porcelain but they are so low in clay they are very hard to work with. There is also Egyptian Paste for low fire, several recipes in that link. Again though, very low clay contents so really only practical for small hand built stuff.


This is the recipe for the Cushing ^6 Parian Porcelain if you want it to try. 

Grolleg 10

Tile 6 kaolin 10

epk 10

C&C ball clay 10

Minspar 60 (subbed for original Kona F-4)

Macaloid 2


Good luck with your testing, would love to see your results if you give this a go.

edit: lots of kiln wash on your bisque catcher bowls. 

In Topic: Xiem Trimming Tool Set Reviews?

13 January 2017 - 06:52 PM


I will add that Xiem makes the only commercial (non custom carbide trim tools like Bison)



Just in case anyone was thinking of getting one from Xiem, they are being discontinued.

I emailed asking about Canadian distributors and got this reply:



"We have several distributors in Canada but they stop carrying the Carbide tools. Carbide Tools are very sharp but they are very brittle due to the material. Carbide Tools don't work the same way as the tempered steel do. Most customers haven't used the carbide tools before, they often miss handling them. As the result, they broke. We are discontinuing the product line. What you see on the website is what we have left. I love them. I have been using for years now."

In Topic: Black Wax Resist

12 January 2017 - 10:52 PM

It's for doing cuerda seca. The black remains, the wax burns off. You slip trail or brush the wax on then fill in the spaces with glaze. Wax probably won't work to screen with, original formulas were oil based I believe.. (I linked the video mostly because I like the brushes the women are using)