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In Topic: Qotw: • What Are The Ions Of Creativity?

Yesterday, 06:35 PM

if necessity is the teacher of art then my ions of inspiration would be mortgage payments, grocery bills and kids tuition  ;)

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Yesterday, 10:44 AM

I think the horizontal chuck will only work if your mugs have straight sided or straight tapered walls, can't see a mug with a belly fitting on one.

In Topic: Glaze Cracking And Dropping Off Pot Before Firing.

23 November 2015 - 05:00 PM

Babs, why don't you post a picture of the glaze, maybe someone has something similar and they would share their recipe?

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23 November 2015 - 04:58 PM

One thing I sometimes do after I get a board of mugs done is quickly insert (and then remove) one of those red solo cups into the mugs to true them up. If the mug is a bit soft and I distort it while attaching the handle the solo cup gets it back to round really fast.

In Topic: Glaze Cracking And Dropping Off Pot Before Firing.

22 November 2015 - 10:52 PM

Babs, if you want this recipe with talc instead of magnesium carb this is what I came up with.

Ferro Frit 3134............. 48.30
Potash Feldspar............. 19.30
Ball Clay FX (CA1).......... 19.30
Talc........................ 13.00

Silica is up a bit from original recipe. Silica and alumina still below "limits" for functional glaze and boron still high. I used data for FX (CA1) ball clay, I'm guessing that is what you have but I'm not sure. I'm know your materials are going to be different form mine half a world away but this should get you close to your original glaze. If you use zircopax for the opacifier it is going to up the silica levels a bit. Adding 10 zircopax brings silica up to just below "limits" minimum for durable glazes.


Oxide   Formula  
  CaO       0.43*    
  MgO       0.27*    
  K2O        0.10*       
  Na2O      0.20*       
  TiO2       0.01     
  Al2O3     0.20     
  B2O3      0.40   
  SiO2       2.28   
  Fe2O3     0.00     
              Calculated LOI:    2.03
                 Imposed LOI:        
                       Si:Al:   11.15
                      SiB:Al:   13.11
           Thermal Expansion:    7.78