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In Topic: Trying To Figure Out How To Measure Hand-Built Top Before Curving

Yesterday, 11:32 AM

Thanks, ayjay! So I could do it with cardboard, right? And just give it the approximate bend I will have? 


I'm not sure that that's how I'm seeing it.


I'd make the lid too large and then trim it down.


Roll out clay, put over bowl.


Make a flat cardboard template, cut a hole at the centre which is the finished size of the lid, put over bowl (and clay) and trim lid to size.

In Topic: Qotw: Are There Redundant Things In Your Studio?

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

I'm sure there must be some redundant stuff in there somewhere - if only I could find it! :o :D

In Topic: when can I open my kiln?

Yesterday, 11:21 AM

I have very little self-control. I read this topic yesterday and had full intentions of letting my glaze firing cool completely before opening for a peek... That didn't last. I opened it at about 250 degrees. Happily though, everything turned out fine.


This time!


I'm no saint when it comes to opening my kiln, I do usually wait until it's below 100°C, but I got caught out last time.


Fortunately it was only a test piece for some glazes, but it was pinging away whilst stood cooling some more  (nothing else was)  and about a half hour later  I was studying it more closely when with a loud crack it split open for about half of it's height.

In Topic: Clay Weight To Fired Object Ration?

Yesterday, 11:15 AM

If you want consistency, then most vessels are made from a certain weight of clay proportionate to their holding capacity when finished.


A 2 pint casserole takes about 2.25lb of clay and will measure 4" high X 6.5" wide

A 4 pint casserole takes about 4lb of clay and will measure 4.5" high X 8.5" wide.


I got these figures from another website and tested them recently and found them to be pretty accurate. The lids used about 1lb & 2lb respectively.

In Topic: Trying To Figure Out How To Measure Hand-Built Top Before Curving

Yesterday, 11:04 AM

Off the top of my head, (for a first attempt) - I'd make a flat template of the correct size, make the lid oversize and cut the lid to the template size when it's dried a little. Use the template under the lid.


.......or (probably better) make a template with a hole at the centre of the correct dimension for the finished lid, make the lid oversize and slip the template over the top to trim when dry enough.



3rd idea. make a hump mould the right size for the lid.