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In Topic: Xmas Wish

21 December 2014 - 06:12 AM

Subtley, does that have that e?


No, it's subtly, (or possibly subtlety or subtle, depending on what you wanted to say). :)


For Xmas this year I shall try and get my wife out of hospital and home for the day, (it's nothing life threatening),  she managed to contract Shingles which has had a pretty devastating effect when combined with her MS,   she is only in there for regular physio and therapy, none of which are scheduled for Xmas day.


I'd also like to find the time to continue with a little pottery project: I'm halfway through constructing a motorised turntable for glaze spraying.

In Topic: What Are Your Favorite Animals?

10 December 2014 - 07:53 AM

I don't make animal forms, it's just not my thing (apart from being crap at it) but I'm always drawn towards Hares (not rabbits) and Owls.

In Topic: I Added A New Wheel To My Studio! Nice To Have A Classic In The House

01 December 2014 - 03:43 AM

I was just thinking that a Shimpo would be nice for my studio. I like the gear shift idea. Then you don't have to keep lifting your foot on and off the pedal. I have two Brents.




When I bought my wheel  I'd only ever used wheels with a footpedal and thought I would have little use for the hand lever which my wheel has (attached to the foot pedal) but I now find I use it almost exclusively...............


................it can get a bit messy around the knob area.  -_-  :blink:

In Topic: Making Cone Packs

29 November 2014 - 12:40 PM

I rarely have a variety of clays to choose from so I use my standard cone 6 white stoneware clay, I make them in advance and have never had one blow up, they're only a half inch thick at the very most.


I roll a pointy sausage of clay, about 3" long, hold the angled end of the cone down on something level and wrap the sausage around it, never bothered to poke holes in it. Not a pack as such, but I can stand three close together in a line, does the same job.


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In Topic: Glaze Drips-Save Shelf

27 November 2014 - 10:31 AM



 My drips are pretty thick, so grinding will take a long time...


Is there a special way to chip glaze off?


Not with an angle grinder it won't - try a continuous diamond blade.


I used an old (but still reasonably keen) wood chisel, hold chisel at about 45° to the shelf and tap the blunt end with a hammer.


Those that didn't come off easily got the angle grinder treatment.


I'm no expert at grinding shelves but one glaze I used recently as a detail overpour (I used a slip trailer) mostly spat off of the pots it was on and left me with my first shelf grinding job,  it left a couple of depressions here and there - I filled them with kiln wash.