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A large part of any organzation system working properly is how you intend to work with it.

That's partly the problem I was seeing before starting: I'm in awe of just how organised some of you are with regards to testing and record keeping, I just don't produce enough work for that to ever happen for me, not sure I could do it anyway, it would take some of the fun away.


I'm going to run with pretty much my original idea (see post 1) but I'll take a look at the Recipe Centre as per Denice's suggestion too, and I'll probably start another notebook for  all odds and ends and ideas that aren't glazes.  I've also remembered I can also keep glazes stored here


My thanks to you all for your help and suggestions.

In Topic: I Found My Glaze Book Soaking In A Glaze Bucket , It's Hard To Decipher.

Today, 12:57 PM

But these are just blurred out


can anyone fill in the ? on Cop C and RIO and Tin Ox

Cop c   ? Copper Carbonate 0.9
RIO   ?   Red iron oxide 0.7
Tin Ox ? Tin oxide 4.5


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Today, 02:35 AM

Personally I'm a computer person but if you are wedded to the paper and pencil approach I would suggest a good quality three ring binder and fill it with clear plastic sleeves.  Add sleeves as you grow.  You can type up a recipe and include a picture of the glaze on your computer and print it out, then slide it into a sleeve and arrange it and rearrange it as you see fit.  Of course if you are really opposed to computer use you can just right up the recipe and slide it in the sleeve.  You can add notes to the original page and add additional pages in the sleeve if needed.  The sleeve protects against spills, accidental tears, and other assorted disasters.  

This is definitely the kind of thing that I envisage: (you can't have a rummage through a spreadsheet),  but there will be times when I don't want to rummage through everything - so for those paper users out there - how do you index your glazes and find things quickly when you want to?

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Yesterday, 02:22 AM

didn't someone new to clay do this within the last year or so?  it should be findable in the archives or whatever it takes/

You just type Yixing into the search bar at the top and hit the green mungifying glass to the right.





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Yesterday, 02:15 AM

Looks like I might have to read the manual as I couldn't find the self timer just flicking through the menus. I am going to get round to installing the software on my computer so I can shoot from there with the cable going to the camera.

Should I be shooting in 300dpi ? My camera is shooting in 72dpi (or ppi as it says in the metadata) I have the standard lens 18-55mm.

Check out  *drive mode* for the self timer. Single shot / high speed continuous /low speed continuous / self 10 sec / self 2 sec.


I have no idea how many dpi I use, I just choose the largest file under "Quality"