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In Topic: Poppies In London

06 August 2014 - 11:13 AM

So far, they've only installed about 120,000, the intention is to have all 800,000+  in place in time for Armistice day in November when they will stretch right around the tower.



In Topic: Does Your Dominant Hand Dictate Form Or Are You Ambidextrous.

02 August 2014 - 12:06 PM


I was just watching Wolverine on Netflicks. They are in Japan . I notice he is eating from a rice bowl with chop sticks. He is left-handed.He has his chop-sticks in his left-hand.  I repeat! The Wolverine is left-handed. [the third movie or something.]


Nice pots in the flick, too.

I always look out for the wristwatch on the right wrist, it's a good tell-tale.  I don't know if the Wolverine has a wristwatch - just talking generally.


For the righties out there - a wristwatch on the left wrist not only gets in the way when writing, but is harder to put on and harder to wind with the wrong hand.

In Topic: Found A New Tool

27 July 2014 - 10:29 AM



I'll have to check (and come back later)  on how much I use, can't remember at the moment.



I made up a mixture of 5 grams of Tylose to 1 pint of water - I think you could easily use more Tylose, up to10 grams without any problems.


I used hot water and a balloon whisk, it will want to clump up if you don't work fast.


This will make a gloopy sort of syrup, just add some to your glaze and stir it in.


100ml of glaze should only need about 10ml of the mixture - it's difficult to be precise without knowing how thick/thin your glaze is already

In Topic: A Change Of Direction

26 July 2014 - 04:29 AM


Thanks for reminding me, this has been one of my "gunna" projects for some years now!! Oz phrase for going to, some folks have even been given it as a nickname..


You need one of these.


In Topic: Found A New Tool

26 July 2014 - 04:28 AM

. Is there a simple way of making my dipping glaze ok for brushing? I've heard of CMC gum but not sure what it is (UK equivalent ?). Gum Arabic comes in small quantities, so I'm not sure it's the answer for anything other than small pieces and I don't know how much to add anyway? Any suggestions as to techniques to try or products would be most welcome.

I've tried to attach a photo of the aforesaid holey bowl, but my ipad photos are always too large and I have no idea if/how to compress them!

Photos: save at a lower resolution, 90 or 95% will reduce the file size (compress) to way below what it is at 100%.


CMC is available in the UK as CMC, it's also sold as Tylose, it's most common use (afaik) is in cake icing and you will find it most easily in the *Home Baking* section of supermarkets.


I'll have to check (and come back later)  on how much I use, can't remember at the moment. What it does is prevent the water from being sucked out of the glaze by the bisque, this gives you more time to apply the glaze.