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#56087 Looking For Other Potters With A1-At Deficiency

Posted by SShirley on 04 April 2014 - 03:22 PM

The clay studios in their imaginations must be a very clean and calm place.  Mine isn't one of those.  There is dust, mess, aggravation, frustration and annoyance, tempered with just enough bliss to make it all worthwhile.

#31233 What are you hoping to get out of NCECA this year? Or, why are you not going?

Posted by SShirley on 19 March 2013 - 02:19 PM

I'm not going. I went once when it was in Phoenix and hated it. It felt too much like high school. All the cool kids gathered together and some of us were on our own. But seriously, it costs too much. I'd rather spend that money on buying books, tools, videos or going to workshops. I did like all the exhibits though, and some of the presentations were nice. It was frustrating though, that some good things were going on at the very same time so you had to choose one or the other, so I felt like I missed out on a lot.

#26755 Wishing for online sales venue

Posted by SShirley on 21 December 2012 - 04:02 PM


I most certainly did NOT ask the Potters Council to do it. I just suggested MAYBE and that it would be a good benefit for the membership.

Do you read these things before you fly off?



It would have been so nice if you had simply suggested checking out Artful Home or Big Cartel and not come across as a condescending, preachy you-know-what. I have to admit that your initial response hurt my feelings, as I was not asking for you (or anyone else) to build my business for me. I was not asking for an easy way, and I don't understand why you would assume that I was. I had just seen that British site and wished we could have something like that here. That's all. I think you blew it way out of proportion, and especially after what you said to Jim. Nobody was suggesting that you personally jump right in and build a site. I do hope you were just having a bad day (we all have them) and that this is not typical of your personality.


Thanks, SShirley, for the link. It would indeed be great to have such a site on this side of the Atlantic. What makes it great is that it is highly juried. Any thing less than that and it would be like Etsy where you search for "ceramic mug" and the first 30 results are stuff that should embarrass a kindergartener.


Have you visitied Artfulhome.com ? This type of thing already exists. It's pretty tough to get past their jurying, and it isn't cheap either. If you want to benefit from their marketing know-how, you have to pay for it.

Sorry to be such a downer about this idea, it just sounds like some of you think there is supposed to be an easy way. I live in a busy metropolitan area with a good economy, and there are plenty of potters around here who are waiting for "someone" to make it easy. It drives me nuts. And before anyone conludes that I don't want to help other potters, I have a class of 10 advanced potters who I am working very hard to teach about the business side of pottery. I am certainly not telling them there are any easy answers. I'm also not teaching them that good venues don't exist.



You did ask for the Potters Council to build the site for you.

My goal was to add some realism to an idea that didn't sound very realistic. I apologize that I did so in a way that sounded condescending.


#22935 Pottery Display Rack

Posted by SShirley on 01 October 2012 - 07:41 AM


Great pictures! You really could work out some useful plans from these. I am a drafter (real job) so if you need any help putting plans together, let me know.


I shot these today after applying a hand oil refresher finish before putting it up for winter as I already have several of these units in my van.
I have had so many requests about this rack I thought this would clarify its build.
The wood on rack support is silver maple as well as the strong backs glued to the birch plywood.

The rack (not shelves) is pegged on top for top shelve behind mug rack which is also pegged as well on top and bottom full shelves. The middle shelves are universal and fit in any of the three spots. The top shelve is cut up so one has to fit in just right at an angle to fit down. The bottom shelve is a bit narrower.

The rack folds flat and opens like a big W.

My newer racks have a water borne finish that never yellows-this older one has an oil finish that does darken over the years but is easy to add a new coat.

The plywood edges in front have silver maple glued to them for strength so they do not sag with pots on them. They nest flat when you flip the next one to nest.

I travel with 2-3 of these to all shows and have had one at a gallery for years.

The tiered nature really shows off pots well as every shelve you can see the work, as they do not cover each other. These have been to shows now for over 20-25 years and I have yet to see any like them. I also have more straight up and down racks.

This rack has a footprint of 6 feet wide and 30 inch's deep-There is a wood slotted piece that fits the bottom middle for rigidity that not in the photos-it slides over the hingein back.

If you want larger photos PM me thru this site.


#22644 Combating burnout?

Posted by SShirley on 25 September 2012 - 11:57 AM


Yes, throwing feels great. I hate taking orders because I never know if I will feel like making them or not. I have a lady here who wanted 10 plates, all different. Surprise me, she said. Now that is an order I could love, but so far I have managed to finish 5 of them. She keeps asking for the other 5 and I haven't gotten around to glazing them.

I love you tube videos. I'll look for the ones you mentioned to add them to my subscription list.



Sylvia why don't you take a drive to Wichita and we'll get together and I'll show you some new glaze layering combinations I have come up with. I haven't used them yet on any of my work but I am willing to share with you just to get you out of your funk. Denice

I was in a major slump this year as well. I moved studios after 26 years in the same space, and didn't feel like unpacking the boxes in my new space. I started building tables and shelves. Then I built a deck and a fence for my mother-in law. Now that the weather is cooler, I will be spending more time in doors. People keep bugging me for orders."Where are my plates?", or "Remember those mugs I ordered, not the white ones, those orangey ones?" [Shino]
I don't have any Shino mugs left, and Christmas is coming. I hopped on my wheel yesterday and made a dozen mugs. It felt great. Sometimes you just have to get right out of there. But not for too long.
It also helps me to watch other potters on youtube.I like Doug Fitch,Tony Clennel, Rogue potters of Minneapolis.
Don't worry, it'll come back.

#17624 Have you ever made a utilitarian piece to serve one particular food? | May 28...

Posted by SShirley on 30 May 2012 - 07:44 AM

I used to make a dish for baking chicken. It was a low bowl with pouring spout and handle, and a neuclear reactor shaped thing in the center that the chicken fit over. (Like a beer can chicken.) I decorated it with chicken footprints in sort of a dancing pattern and called the thing my "Dancing Chicken" pot. You could fill the center with broth and spices and the flavor went up into the meat. I sold quite a few of those before I got bored with them.

And then there are chip and dip sets. And dog bowls.

And a dish shaped like a fish with a fish carved into the bottom. Guess what that one was for?

Have you ever made a utilitarian piece to serve one particular food?

Occasionally I have made a pot that turned out to be just perfect for one particular vegetable, fruit, or other food.
It was just the right size, shape, and color. Usually it happened by accident, but I thought
it would be good if I could do it by design!! Have you ever made something that turned out
to enhance the serving of one certain food??? By accident or design??? What size, shape, color??

#11296 Special Orders

Posted by SShirley on 24 December 2011 - 02:23 PM

Well, it all worked out pretty well. The waterfall did pinhole just a little but otherwise is good. The underglazes bleached out a little on the peanut bowl, but it's still recognizable as a peanut so I think she will be happy.

#11101 potters stool

Posted by SShirley on 19 December 2011 - 09:31 AM

At a workshop, someone (I might have been Tom Coleman) said the best stool for throwing was a drummer's stool.

#10963 What pottery related gift are you hoping for this Holiday Season? | Nov. 28,...

Posted by SShirley on 13 December 2011 - 08:33 AM

I want the Steven Hill video and a couple of new kiln shelves. And some elves to do a good cleaning in my studio.

#10618 Bailey Quick Trim Bat

Posted by SShirley on 29 November 2011 - 09:14 PM

I tried to think of a cheap way to mimic this system, since I can't afford to buy it. So I got a pizza pan at Wal-mart for 97 cents, and four welding magnets at harbor freight for $5. I partially wrapped the magnets with scraps of foam held on by carpet tape. The pizza pan is held to a bat with an old bat grabber. It works GREAT on pots that aren't real tall. I haven't tried it on anything tall yet, but I have my doubts. If anybody is interested, I can post a photo.


#10196 wire for decoration?

Posted by SShirley on 13 November 2011 - 09:05 AM

I have used nichrome wire on pots, as have some of my friends. I'm attaching a photo of one of my beaded cups. U-Shaped pieces of nichrome are pushed into the clay when wet and fired in place. I have another friend who used upholstery tacks as an accent on a pot and they survived a cone 10 firing.
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#9830 Great video

Posted by SShirley on 01 November 2011 - 11:57 AM

Here's my list of You-Tube subscriptions, in no particular order:









fong choo - canderoso




One group that I do NOT watch is anything from Expert Village. I have a mental block against accepting anything from anybody who claims to be an expert. I'm funny that way. Sort of like those people who claim to be a Master Potter. I'm immediately skeptical.


#9642 Reputation -2?

Posted by SShirley on 26 October 2011 - 10:27 AM

The whole reputation rating seems silly to me. I don't know why we need to rate/criticize each other on these forums. I didn't know there were ratings either, and checked mine and found out it is a 2-Neutral. I have no idea why yours is a negative two. I did a search and found something from a board administrator saying "And Chris is correct in the Reputation/Rating... if you feel a particular person posts good answer you can rate the post or you can go into their personal profile and give them rating using the "Stars". I went into all the posts I could find of yours and didn't see any negative ratings. But just now I posted lots of stars to yours anyway, just to try to pull you up out of the doldrums. I can't see that it helped though.


#4785 Understanding Glaze Recipes

Posted by SShirley on 27 January 2011 - 03:08 PM

Do you have Excel? I have an Excel spreadsheet that you plug in the formula and it figures out the correct amounts for larger batches. I can send it to you but I can't seem to attach it here.


I am new to mixing up my own glazes and would like to mix up a five gallon bucket of glaze but don't quite understand how to do that via the percentages in recipes. if someone could point me in the right direction that would be deeply appreciated.

thanks in advance.