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In Topic: Those who can, do, those who can't teach

24 June 2013 - 02:42 AM

Another time, guidance had my class, and that taught by the other teacher, in the same room, at the same time. She thought I had started teaching the class in the new room I moved into. The room was good for drawing and such, but it was a Ceramics class, and Ceramics had always been taught in the other room, where the kiln was, the wheels, extruder, glaze storage, project storage racks, you know everything I'd need. I told her, that I had never said, that I was teaching that class anywhere else. She said, she couldn't see why I couldn't teach it in the new room. I told her, it was because I'd have no space, and she disagreed. So, it wasn't just that she made an error, but that she was telling me that she knew better, what would work for teaching my class. I was not amused. I'm fairly certain, to this day, the scheduling "error" was not a mistake, and that the shared room conflict was intentional.

Interesting! This is what happened to me, because of a creation of a new school inside the old school. (in Germany, so I don't explain the details).
But for more than half a year, "suddenly" three crafts courses had to share two working rooms, and I was forced to take another room, normally a storage room (no windows..no good air circulation...!) because the other ones had to use the woodworking tools available in the normal rooms.
Of course, no washing facilities in our room.. so what about clay working without water?? Kiln is in an extra room, working tools in another room..

At the moment, I'm just waiting for this rest of schoolyear to end, for the situation now (I joined in one of the other working rooms with my clay class) is unbearable.. loud, noisy, crowded...

To avoid this I go outside with my students, last thursday doing barrel firing in my yard (while a thunderstorm was passing by *smile*), next thursday go to icecream shop to test our new icecream cups.

Infact, it is only an afternoon art class, but under these circumstances, how can you teach anything?

Well, the still life wasn't their cup of tea, so they rushed through it. Later on, when we do projects, where we select the subject matter, they had ideas, but the shading suffered,

I know about these problems with trying to teach new methods to pupils, but they are not interested in the project, so they miss the new technique and can't use it for the next project, where it is necessary.

Because clay work is mostly about "producing" something, some of them tell me they have "enough stuff at home", they don't want to create new things.
But they are not willing to do the "production" for school exhibition or wall decoration either.. so it is only an excuse for not doing anything.

Blame the system, the teacher or the children? I don't know, but I stop doing these courses this summer.

It'll be my hobby again, maybe working sometimes with interested adults or selling some pieces on ebay, etsy, dawanda etc.

In Topic: Painting and decorating non-fired ceramics

22 June 2013 - 12:57 AM

If your ceramic will stay in the house for decoration only, you don't have to put a seal on it.
Just be careful to take colours that don't fade out in the light.

I think you are using ceramics which were fired once to be painted? Or do you want to to the modelling yourself?
Normal acrylic colours are okay for once fired ceramic pieces. I don't now about their use on stiffened paperclay or only air dryed clay.

It's fun doing it, for "what you see is what you get". It is like a 3D screen for you.

In Topic: Those who can, do, those who can't teach

22 June 2013 - 12:43 AM

and that is the hunger to be a life time learner with the questing attitude of a young child.

Thank you, Pres, this statement really makes my day! It is much about my attitude in life. :)src="http://ceramicartsda...ult/smile.gif">

In my opinion, to be a good teacher, you must not only be an artist, but you have to rethink about the methods and skills to be able to explain them in a good and encouraging way. Teaching tools usage can be one part of this. How someone (the learner) than gets the best results may be a very personal way.

And I agree, some persons are really no artist and it's difficult do try to teach them. But sometimes I am sooo surprised to reveal artistic skills in a beginner that only had to be discovered and trained. That are the moments that reward you for all the bored ones in a clay course that were send to be there but don't want to. :Dsrc="http://ceramicartsda...t/biggrin.gif">

In Topic: Slabs for Kids

14 May 2013 - 03:32 AM

Do you have some pictures of how the students created their goblets? Just to get an idea how this project turned out "in reality"?

In Topic: Slabs for Kids

14 May 2013 - 03:29 AM

I like the idea of the "poison goblet" it might inspire the kids to do some more decoration on it to create "magic" atmosphere. ;)src="http://ceramicartsda...ault/wink.gif">
I'd like to try this one with the children of my schoolgroup.

I tried some easy slab projects with children (roll out, stamp, cut, form over plastic foil and a plastic mug) before christmas in 2010
Attached File  Teelichthalter Plattentechnik bedruckt.jpg   108.71KB   50 downloads

and an upright version:
Attached File  Christmas candleholder.jpg   106.55KB   59 downloads

and for Halloween some ghosts (foldes slab for body and arms and attached ghostly head)
(my example)
Attached File  Ghosts.jpg   180.32KB   52 downloads

seven year old boysAttached File  Tristans Gespenst.jpg   105.82KB   48 downloads:
Attached File  Bens Gespenst.jpg   104.73KB   37 downloads

These ghosts were created by my son and a friend.

In the school group (11/12 year old to 14/15 year old children) I have mostly the problem of very unmotivated kids because they just want to "chill" instead of being in school in the afternoon.
It is a "working group" without marks, but obligatory to attend. :blink:src="http://ceramicartsda...ult/blink.gif">

I'd like to get more ideas for teenagers in the puberty.. :rolleyes:src="http://ceramicartsda.../rolleyes.gif">