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#100158 Knitting Bowls

Posted by Jo-Ann on 19 January 2016 - 01:01 PM

Yarn bowls are my absolute favourite to make, I enjoy making each one different depending on my mood.

I use stonewear clay, throw a little thicker and cut just before leather hard. I wrap the top in plastic and dry upside down. Sometimes I will use paper wedges to support the swirl part if I notice some sagging (the wedges just burn up in the kiln) 

after I bisque I sand the swirl as I once used a yarn bowl that didn't have a perfectly smooth swirl and it snagged my yarn and really annoyed me while I was knitting lol so now i'm mindful of how smooth the swirl and inner bowl is. I use a small sharp blade and hand carve all of my cuts, which is why I cut just before leather hard, I find that while there is risk of sagging for me its easier to carve when the clay isn't so stiff. Yarn bowls are my biggest seller. I personally don't like, wont use and wont sell a warped bowl but that's just me being picky. Slow drying, a gentle hand when carving and paper wedges for support helps me avoid warping. 


Here are a bunch of bowls i've made.

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#35814 Amaco "Potter's choice" glazes

Posted by Jo-Ann on 24 May 2013 - 12:32 PM

None of my tile samples worked, I made them all with three coats, I tried 4 and 5 coats on my pots which have all turned out well except for running, especially the ancient jasper.

This first one has 5 coats, as you can see there was a lot of running but the colour is perfect.
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This one has four coats, less running colour is still okay but still some drips.
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when I did the three coats it was like you said muddy all of theses were fired to cone 6, all holes and lid closed tight and I have a down draft vent.

The frosted melon worked very well this has 5 coats and no drips or runs but when I fired the test tile I had a pot glazed in misty mountain blue next to it and the frosted mellon got some yellowing, I thought it looked fine but if you don't want that on your pot you should be carful what you fire next to it.
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The olive speckle needed a thick coat as well, this plater started off with four coats and the streaking was terrible sorry i don't have a photo of that but I decided to put another coat of glaze over the already fired piece and refired it, this is what I got . . . I might try another coat and another fire tho
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This one is glazed in smokey merlot I think it's called, I'll go look and update that if I'm wrong, I have four coats on this the three coated tile test was muddy
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I have a bunch more and a few layering photos if you want I can post those too but but it seems to me the four or 5 coats is what is required with all the Potters choice glazes I have . . . Now maybe what I personally think is a thick coat is actually thin by Potter's Choice standards and that's why I need to put more . . .

The other colours I have are fire brick, palladium and Art Deco green

If you are going to layer you might even want to try more than 4 coats like for example the bowl in this photo is glazed with 2 coats of frosted melon and 2 coats of firebrick I personally don't like it and might try putting another coat of firebrick or even something else just to experiment. . . .
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