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Kiln Will Not Fire

05 December 2013 - 11:22 AM

I work at a collage that has a 1988 Alpine kiln, Natural draft, Model ND-16, and the ring burner will not stay lit, which sets off the flame failure sensor. we have replaced the photo sensor, and the UVM control box and the highfire /soak switch. All the relay look clean and with no visual sign of shorting out. The kiln has been looked at by a kiln tech, to no avail. Someone in Tenn. said that it works off of micro volts and if there is a break anywhere in the wiring system (talking about a microscopic crack in the plastic coating covering the wire, not the wire itself) that will allow a single electron to escape and that is one to many for the electrical system. The power light on the control panel fluctuates. That does not seem right to me. I cleaned the key operated, power switch, but it still fluctuate. Would installing a new power cord make a diff?   when you test the currant on both sides of the wiring of the photo light where it hooks into the panel the meter bottoms out like there is 500 volt going through it. you get the same reading at the control box. Why? Where would it pick up another leg of power or is that something to do with the way the photo light sensor works? We are to the point to where we are going to bypass the system and install a baso valve with a thermocouple, so we can fire the kiln and give the students their wares. Any advise would be helpful. They hope to replace the kiln this summer.  thank you. Ain't clay fun, Kabe