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In Topic: Kiln Will Not Fire

06 December 2013 - 04:08 PM

The bottom bricks are sort of falling out the bottom and I think if they get a new kiln it will be a down draft but I'm sure they will save the good brick.

In Topic: Kiln Will Not Fire

06 December 2013 - 01:56 PM

We have replaced the UMV controller that is on the outside of the electrical panel and checked all the lugs where it plugs  in. It is a fireeye and we have replaced that. In fact when the eye sees fire it drops to 400 volts, maybe it we hade four eyes on the kiln it would fire. The ring will stay lit for a short time then the flame failure light comes on, that was why we thought it was the fireeye. Like someone said it is not the solenoid because it will open to lite the ring burner, it just will not stay open. We have repositioned the eye so it could get a better view but it still will not stay lit. My son, who is a electrician, said that there is no way we can get that many volts off of a 110 circuit. I have no Idea why we get this false reading. We even tested it with two different meters to see if it was repeatable and it is.  A co-worker of mine recommended the tongue test like how you do a 9 volt battery but I declined. We did call Alpine but they said they don't work on this old of kiln anymore,  although they did direct use to the parts we are using. The kiln tech who worked on it also changed out the control box that is inside the kiln. We are baffled as to what is wrong. We ordered a valve with a thermocouple and we are going to bypass the photo-eye system and set it up like a water heater. The kiln the instructor used at college was set up that way. The valve may be here Monday.   I do believe that whatever produces the 500 volt reading is the problem, but I do not have the training to chase it down.  At this point the instructor has a complete semester of bisque  students wares and about a week left to get them glazed and fired. Bummer for everyone involved. Ain't clay fun, Kabe  Thank you again for the help. On the bright side the school may get a new kiln this summer. We need to nurse this one through for one more semester. This one was installed in 1987.

In Topic: Mural and tile making

06 December 2012 - 09:55 PM

Wow!!!! I'm in love!!! Thank you for sharing this.