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In Topic: Public Studio Vs. Lone Ranger

09 December 2013 - 11:40 AM

I've been throwing, as a hobby.... selling at one or two shows a year, for 15 years.  I built my home "studio", slowly.  I had a junky old wheel, and a junky, firetrap, old kiln.  Then moved up.  I bought a new wheel, and a better used kiln.  Then I bought a 10 x 16 barn... insulated it, then a new computer controlled kiln.   One 'major' purchase every few years.    Pottery is my art therapy....  I'm looking to have fun, and maybe to support my habit.


I toss in a community arts center class to learn new techniques and meet new people every few years.    Go into it with the assumption that you are there for the Ideas and the people.... And any pieces you actually make there, and actually get home?   gravy.     


I like to take my own bats, and take the wet pieces home, to trim and dry.   I drive an old junky suv... flip those seats down and haul tons of stuff.  In all the classes I've taken, driving 35 minutes home, with 8 or more wet pieces on bats in the back?   I've lost something like 3 pieces.   This also makes attaching handles, altering, and stacking, easier than going back to the studio.   I can bisque at home, but the art center I take classes at, fires to cone 10/gas, so I do depend on them to glaze fire.


I am lucky to live close to Brackers.... they have a once a month demonstration by different artists, and everyone knows to not ask me for anything on "Second Saturday"!

In Topic: Electric Kiln Choice

26 August 2013 - 12:41 PM

If you're two hours from KC, you're only a little further to Brackers Good Earth Clays in Lawrence.  (only a mile off of the turnpike - North Lawrence exit.)    Awesome place.  Family owned.  Awesome people.  I bought my Cone Art there, and 18 months and 80 firings later, I'm still 100% happy.  They have Skutt, L&L, and ConeArt, and guided me thru the whys and how comes.  






(I do not work there, nor am I a family member - although they do treat me as if I was.)

In Topic: Starting a Glaze Supply

13 March 2013 - 06:16 AM

I use a lot of Opulence. My current fav is Smokey Mist. Available in 5 pound bags, every one I've tried has sprayed, dipped, or brushed well.... although I do prefer to spray - especially clear.

http://shop.brackers...OrderBy ASC&p=1