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Question About Skutt 1227, L&l E28T-3 Or Equivalent

10 July 2015 - 01:38 PM

I have a customer who is thinking about buying an L&L E28T-3, which is the same size as the Skutt 1227, 28 wide by 27 tall. He wants to use it for cone 6 work. When run on 240 volt, single phase power, these models are only rated for cone 8. Skutt is telling him that it shouldn't really ever be fired to cone 6 much at all, that they are made for low fire work, while L&L says that they tend to burn out elements faster than normal at cone 6. My experience with my customers has not show this to be true. They seem to hold up just fine.


So my question to all of you is: Are you using a kiln of this size, which is rated for cone 8, to do cone 6 firings? Any issues?