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In Topic: Studio Floor Protection / How High Should My Kiln Be Off The Floor? ?

Today, 09:08 PM

THIS is the type of blower motor used on many of the downdraft vent systems.

In Topic: Overlapping Glaze Movement, Eek!

Today, 09:02 PM

If you put the second dip on while the pot is still saturated from the first dip, it is likely to crawl. The first dip should not be totally dry, but dry enough that the pot can take in the water of the second dip without ruining the grip of the first dip on the clay.


That raspberry recipe likes to crawl. It needs to be on kinda thick to get good color, but that thickness tends to cause crawling with some glazes.

In Topic: Uh Oh, Clay Drying Out In Pugmill

Today, 08:52 PM

Leather hard, or wetter than bone dry, clay has a hard time taking in water, so you'll need to let it set quite a while. If you can get to the clay, put some holes in it to help the water penetrate.

In Topic: Choosing A Kiln - 6 Cubic Feet Or 7?

Today, 08:44 PM

23x27 inch kilns are the most popular size, but lately I've been selling a lot of 28x18 inch kilns instead. Same cubic footage, but easier to load, and the wider diameter allows for more efficient use of the space. Most people never make pieces over 18" tall. My 'big' lidded jars are generally 16" max, and it's really hard to sell things of that size in this economy.

In Topic: Choosing A Kiln - 6 Cubic Feet Or 7?

Today, 02:49 PM

It all depends on if they need the height or not. Always get the kiln you'll need in 5+ years, not the kiln you need today.