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Yesterday, 03:17 PM

I have several cone 10 glazes that I dropped to cone 6 with just 3-6% Gillespie Borate. It's worth testing. If you're firing gas, you can still fire reduction, and your fuel savings will be very noticeable. I've read that it takes approximately the same amount of gas to get up to cone 6 as it does to get from 6 to 10, and I believe it. It takes a crapload of fuel for the last 150F degrees creeping up to cone 10. That's a 50% savings!


A little off course, but no too bad. It's all related!

In Topic: Over Fired

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

In 23 years I've never used wash on the sitter parts, either, and never had a problem.


One thing that can happen is that over time the sitter rod gets worn out. It either degrades and gets thinner, and/or it warps, both of which can cause it to malfunction. So take a good look at the sitter rod and make sure it's not bent or thinning.


If the cone melted a bit and stuck on the support bars, take them out and file or grind (carefully) them clean, or replace them, before firing again.

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Yesterday, 08:56 AM

I use the Spectrum Lime Green. It's good stuff.

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Yesterday, 08:54 AM

The only good cure for over flocculating or de-flocculating is to increase the amount of material and water, so as to dilute the effect.


I had an algebra teacher named Mr. Disco.

In Topic: Fritware?

Yesterday, 08:51 AM

All my feldspars, kaolin, silica, whiting, dolomite cost 0.70~ per kg and the cheapest frits I can find cost 4.00 per kg minimum for what they call 'standard borax frit'


The only ferro frit I can find is 3110 at 6.14 per kg.


I didn't think about element life too much and probably don't have enough experience with kilns to make a good opinion :D I just feel its slightly 6 or two threes. Reducing cost in some places increases it in others. No AC needed in the UK, especially up in Newcastle.


Bummer on the frit prices! Are they all imported?


Here's an example of one of my cone 6 glazes with very little boron (frit). It's a fake ash glaze of sorts, but doesn't run into rivulets. It goes on very nice, and will have matte and semi-glossy areas depending on thickness and how it's cooled.


S-4 Blue

Dolomite  1.87

Custer Feldspar  48.56

Whiting  28.01

EPK  12.29

Flint  6.35

Gillespie Borate  2.91

Rutile  4.50

Cobalt Carb  0.75

Red Iron Oxide  2.00