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In Topic: Wood Fired Bisque 06-04

Today, 10:10 AM

Go slow so you don't blow them up, and keep it oxidized. Lots of air. You want to be sure to burn out everything that needs to be burned out in a bisque, and you don't want to be glazing over trapped carbon.

In Topic: Ceramic Ink, Crayon And Underglaze

Yesterday, 08:41 PM

In my opinion it's not worth making your own underglazes. Commercial underglazes are plentiful, work very well, and can be purchased relatively cheaply, especially when they go on sale. In addition to all the testing that will be required to get a homemade underglaze to work the way you want it to, it will take numerous rounds of testing to work out the colors and a lot of wasted money buying stains that won't be right. Plus underglazes are saturated with colorants, and it may not be all that much cheaper to make your own once you factor in the cost of the stains, especially reds and oranges.


I use Speedball brand underglazes. They are quite cheap and work very well. Sign up for the newsletter at www.Clay-King.com and watch for their sales. Several times a year they'll have Speedball products at 40%-50% off, which gets them down to about $6 per pint or less, and they usually need to be watered down a bit so it's a really good deal.

In Topic: Corbels

Yesterday, 10:06 AM

I would make it decorative, not structural, no matter what type of clay you use. You could design it to cover a structural member. Use construction adhesive to mount it. A groggy body would be most forgiving, or paperclay.

In Topic: Crazing - Commercial Glaze

24 June 2016 - 10:50 AM

You can do the same test by adding the silica and kaolin to a specific amount of wet glaze, then calculate it out for the big batch. I would take a pint of wet glaze and test increments of 5g each silica and kaolin up to 25 grams each. That will likely fix this batch, but you'll need to run new tests with dry material for the next batch.

In Topic: Ventilation System Needed?

24 June 2016 - 09:15 AM

Lots of nasty stuff I can't pronounce. HERE is an MSDS for one of the popular gold luster products.