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In Topic: Applying Kiln Wash

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Always put a shelf at the bottom, on short stilts (broken kiln shelves work well). It will help insulate the floor and save the floor in the case of runny glazes. Cost of replacing a shelf: $25-$50. Cost of replacing a floor: $200-$350.

In Topic: Adding Brushing Medium?

Yesterday, 04:47 PM

Forgot to add: To the gallon of CMC/VGT solution also add a 1/4 teaspoon copper carbonate as a preservative. Otherwise a lot of the gum will get eaten up by bacteria.

In Topic: White Crystals On Fired Vase

Yesterday, 04:46 PM

So..... is there a BEST cone 6 white clay body which works well for carving. I am North Carolina, so most of my clay comes from Highwater in Asheville. I can get Standard. I have heard that Highwater clays are inconsistent. I am sure I am not the only carver out there. I want smooth enough to do delicate work.


Highwater makes great clay, and so does Standard. If you need totally smooth for your carving, you could try Standard 240. If a little fireclay won't bother you, try Standard 630 which is more forgiving than the 240. You could also go with porcelain, Standard 365.

In Topic: Grinding Clay, Use A Hammer Mill?

Yesterday, 09:17 AM

Why not just slake it down in water, mix it and screen it?

In Topic: Creating Homemade Stilts

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

A short piece of element wire in your normal clay will work just fine. I've got a batch I've been using for years.