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In Topic: Is Low Fire Clay Easier To Hand Build With?

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

One of the problems some people have hand building with low fire white clays is that they dry out quickly due to the fact that they have a relatively low percentage of clay in them compared to most clay bodies. I hear this complaint from teachers all the time. And they really aren't happy with the Texas talc everyone is using now.

In Topic: Newbie Help On Buying A Used Pottery Wheel

Yesterday, 07:50 PM

Take classes. There are a million little things you'll do wrong that a teacher can correct while you're learning. You won't be able to do that yourself. By all means buy a wheel and practice at home, but the lessons are very important. There's a lot of crap in the internet that will only confuse and hinder you.

In Topic: Adding Brushing Medium?

Yesterday, 07:47 PM

The copper will not show up in your glaze. 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon of CMC mix, which then only becomes 30% of the water in the glaze. It's a minuscule amount of copper.

In Topic: Is Low Fire Clay Easier To Hand Build With?

Yesterday, 07:45 PM

The temperature range of the clay is a non-issue. It all depends on what's in the clay body.

In Topic: Can Anyone Help Me Fix This Glaze Problem?

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

The glaze is too thick/viscous to flow into that corner when glazing. With a runny glaze it will melt out, but with a stiff glaze as that appears to be, it won't flow out.