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In Topic: Cost Of Replacing Elements

Today, 04:26 PM

APM elements last longer, however it's an expensive replacement if one fries due to a glaze drip or such.


I charge $75 per hour for repair work. A Skutt 1227 will take 1-1/2 to 2 hours to do a full element replacement. Definitely 2 hours if bricks are being replaced too, which usually there are a couple.


Different brands require more or less time. Skutts take a while because of the need for element pins, so in addition to the time spent putting in pins, I also have to remove the lid and top ring in order to reach the bottom ring and see what's going on down there. Paragon replacements are usually quicker because they only require pins if an element is being difficult, but some Paragon models have pricey elements. I can do all 9 elements in my big L&L in less than 1-1/2 hours. Manual kilns or any kilns that don't have a hinged control box take longer as well. Lots of factors at work.

In Topic: Massive Crack In Single Firing

Today, 04:16 PM

That pot is really thick. Definitely a contributing factor.

In Topic: Wood-Fired Turbo Kiln

Yesterday, 01:56 PM

A friend of mine has a fast fire down draft wood kiln that has 2 fireboxes, one on each side and the kiln itself is 4 inches of fiber. Fires in about 10 hrs and is about 60 cu ft stacking space. He uses scrap wood from several different sources.

The kiln looks like a sprung arch style, all fiber no brick for the shell.



I assume he's not getting a lot of ash effects? Fiber does not typically hold up well to wood ash and vapor.

In Topic: Electric Kilns Now Described In Cubic Feet, Why?

Yesterday, 01:43 PM

It also helps for bragging rights.


If ya say "I spent the week loading and firing my 200 cubic foot anagama kiln." it just sounds better than "I spent the week  loading and firing the big kiln."


A friend of mine built a duplicate of my gas kiln, except he built his one brick taller so that he could always brag that his was bigger.

In Topic: Changing The Firing Range Of Porcelain

Yesterday, 12:46 PM

I would do all the measurements dry if I were you, so you can have consistent results and accurate tests.