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In Topic: My Cone 5 Glazes Don't Vitrify At Cone 5?

Today, 05:07 PM

If you were bisque firing some pieces along with the glaze pieces, then you were firing to cone 05, not 5.


You should not leave the lid cracked during the firing- you're just wasting electricity and you could cause the controller to get an inaccurate read. Crack it at the beginning if you want, but once it's above a few hundred degrees you're not gaining anything. In fact the top of the kiln will be colder than the rest. Leaving the top peep out will work just fine, or if you're running a vent then you shouldn't be leaving anything open because you're just spoiling the draft of the vent.

In Topic: Gas Kiln Not Exceding 1500F

Today, 02:59 PM

It should definitely go hotter than 1800F. Lots of possible problems, but we'll need some more information first. Are you using natural gas or propane? If propane, do you have the correct regulator on the tank? Is the tank freezing up? How are you setting the gas pressure- full on, half, 10%, etc.? How are you setting the air on the burners- open a dime, 1/4 inch, etc.?

In Topic: Clear Glaze Forms Bubbles At Edges & Rims

Today, 10:06 AM

Have you tried a different clear?

In Topic: Narrowed It Down To A Couple Wheels?

Today, 09:26 AM

Giffin Grip



In Topic: Are Cone 5/6 Ceramics Correctly Referred To As "stoneware"?

Yesterday, 12:45 PM

Stoneware can be mid range 5/6 or high fire 9/10. Same with porcelain. Be careful when you buy commercial glazes, because many 5/6 glazes and 9/10 are referred to as high fire stoneware glazes. Always look at the cone number.