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#9089 Peel me off this velcro seat...

Posted by Big Electric Cat on 10 October 2011 - 11:12 AM

Thanks to everybody for your kind words and helpful suggestions! I am late getting back to this thread because we did a so-so show over the weekend, and I was absolutely exhausted, as there were "extenuating circumstances" (one of our cats) to make me tired.
Anyway, thanks to your ideas, I was able to get out to the "garagio" and work, and was able to finally obtain a shape that I have been chasing for the past few years. It's close enough anyway, so it's a keeper!

The first pic shows the pot after some trimming, and before I cut it off the bat. I threw it upside down, as I do many of my pots these days, as I like to throw unusual, deep feet with funky profiles, and I find that easier than trimming them, especially when they are taller.

Posted Image

The second pic shows the pot almost at it's final shape, still needs lotsa work, but it was 1030pm last night when I finished and took these pics.

Posted Image

Looking pretty good, so thank you all for your help, gonna make some pots in a different style next, more along the lines of one of my favorite potters, Rob Sieminski.

#8892 Let's list our MUST HAVE Pottery Books

Posted by Big Electric Cat on 28 September 2011 - 12:21 PM

Too many to list, it's like asking me to list my musical preferences. I learn a little something from almost every book on ceramics that I read.
Ahem, however,

Kingery, Bowman, Uhlman (1976) Introduction to Ceramics Wiley Interscience
Hesselberth, Roy (2002) Mastering cone six glazes Glaze MAster Press
Davis (1987) The Potter's Alternative Chilton Press
Lane (2002) Ceramic Form Rizzoli International
Watkins, Wandless (2004) Alternative Kilns and firing Techniques Lark Books
Perryman (2004) Naked Clay A & C Black
Perryman (2008) Smoke Firing A & C Black
Barbaformosa (1999) The Potter's Wheel Barron's

This last book is really an odd but interesting bird, it contains some techniques and forms that are not usually seen in an introductory book, at the end of the book it is more intermediate/advanced, as I know from experience. I wish more books would do this, instead of the usual litany of "how to wedge, how to center, how to open, how to throw a cylinder, a bowl, etc". It was originally written in Spanish and translated, so some of the translations are a little stilted, but it really fires my imagination. Kinda hard to find, but inexpensive if you do ($5?).

#8849 If you could easily hire someone, what pottery job would you want them to do?...

Posted by Big Electric Cat on 26 September 2011 - 06:29 PM

I would hire them to get my supplies, reclaim clay, and clean the studio. Oh, and also apply labels to my stuff when it came tiem for a show.