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Aloha Pres, The set up is more expensive. I was lucky to find a used large gas kiln and have it moved to my home studio. I brought all of the other equipment with me. Materials are difficult, most mainland companies only ship here UPS Air=$$$. I order my clay and some glazes etc. from Laguna, they ship via pallets. No stores here. Yes, I do use the large Bailey and hand sculpt too.
Oct 16 2011 11:07 AM


Just on the big island last year. Always wondered about the cost of setting up a studio in the islands. I imagine clay can be expensive.
Nice pieces, Are you using a Bailey extruder? One of their standard dies does the sea shell/bowl sort of thing. Used it in the 80's for some stuff, but not as nice as yours.
Oct 15 2011 10:40 PM