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In Topic: The Piece or the Glaze?

16 January 2012 - 03:16 PM

Chris is so right. And I also believe that an artist needs to find some glazes that are unique, especially when in shows with other local potters, it is sort of like "Everyone wore the same dress." at some shows. In fact all of our work should strive to be unique and it sounds like Beth has conquered that part by following her insight and making garden and architectural art. Posted Image

I would love to see pictures of some of your garden art Beth. Do you have a website with photos?

Well, I spent ten minutes this morning looking at the best/worst dressed at last nights golden globe awards so I am feeling uniquely qualified.
There are all these beautiful people with well toned, shapely bodies and they can still manage to look terrible in the wrong color, the wrong style or the over designed dress or suit. Same thing happens if you put the most glorious outfit on the wrong body. So I guess you have to develop the ability to see clearly, edit with purpose, listen to the right people and fail many times before you nail it.
Same with pots. Each element has to complement the other and the ability to do this comes with time to train your eye to be a good judge of what you are seeing.

In Topic: my person update (non pottery related)

28 December 2011 - 10:14 AM

OH DEAR! Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations.That is an awful thing to happen anytime, but just before Christmas is worse yet. I guess in the end, it could have been worse. You could have landed on your head when you fell, or your house could have completely burned down. Hopefully by now all is well.

For those who have seen some of my recent posts know that my house about burned down about a week ago. lost power to my furnace, all my upstairs.. it hasnt been fun.

This weekend I was supposed to install a new breaker box and update all my wiring but plans fell through. I decided to temporarily fix the wiring in my box so I had my furnace. This decision came after lastnight when I had it so hot in the house with the woodburning stove that it was unbearable... I love having my stove but stink to only have it to rely on, its hard to control the heat. The repairing of the wire to fix my furnace was easy and no big deal but coming up the stairs from the cellar I fell from the last step up, landed on both knees, smashed my face into the wall and put my hand through a window in the mud room! I was very lucky not to cut my hand but a small piece of glass did imbed itself into my forehead, not a big deal, I was in a car wreck years ago and still ocassionaly pick small shards of glass out of my forehead, this one came out easy. My knees are sore, thought I broke my thumb but I mostly hurt my pride. At a friends house this evening I tripped on something on his porch and about flew off of it catching myself on the guard rail. He was over today when I fell UP the stairs, both times I thought he was going to pass out from laughing so hard... haha funny!

I have been so busy I am not even sure If I mentioned that a small forum I started a few years back for a hobby was hacked earlier this week. I had to have someone help me get it back up and running, ALL the pictures were lost but luckily we got it back up with all the posts... it shocks me there are people out there with nothing better to do but hack websites for fun.

On a positive note i am pretty much over the flu and I WILL have the electric fixed soon. All in all life is STILL good. I really cant complain because I COULD have burned my house down, I COULD have hurt myself bad with one of my falls today and believe it or not.. the hacker could have done worse damage.

Sorry for the post that absolutely has NOTHING to do with pottery but I figured some would read it and feel lucky for whats going on in their life and the rest of you can get a good laugh!!

In Topic: Buying first kiln

28 December 2011 - 10:05 AM

I have never done anything other than high fire. My first kiln is the same kiln I use today. It is a large gas kiln that I bought used. I was in University and Guild programs for 8 years and ^10 was all we did. I fell in love with Southern Ice porcelain... the rest is history. I use other ^10 clays for larger pieces though. I think a small kiln is a great idea for a first kiln. I often wish I had a smaller one to do test tiles etc. but even with that, I would need one that goes to ^10. I really think you need to decide what temps you want to fire to and go with the kiln that works for that clay and glazes. It is nice to have something that works for everything, but if you are starting out small, that is not always possible.

In Topic: Special Orders

28 December 2011 - 09:56 AM

The waterfall came out great. Looks like something that would sell regardless.

I take orders, but usually with the 90 day requirement because I have a really large kiln and I fire only when it is full. I think being willing to take commissions is a good thing. I would rather make something that I knew someone really wanted and it is also a deeper connection between the artist and customer. I also charge 50% up front.

Also, I take note of what people do order and generally try to include more of them in my stock unless it is just something really customized like the peanut bowl.

Well, it all worked out pretty well. The waterfall did pinhole just a little but otherwise is good. The underglazes bleached out a little on the peanut bowl, but it's still recognizable as a peanut so I think she will be happy.

In Topic: Salt Firing in North Carolina?

26 December 2011 - 06:52 PM

Thanks! I will check it out. I would go for it if there were no other options and if it was a large kiln.