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New Elements Are In

10 June 2014 - 07:52 PM

After hundreds of bisque and Cone 6 firings  my Skutt 1027 was beginning to lag down.  Time for new elements.  Having never done this before I was a bit concerned not with the actual process of replacement and rewiring, but with getting the old elements out without tearing up the element channels.  Thank goodness the 1027 is sectional, and I could put each section on the bench and work with good view and not with my bu...up in the air while bending down in a hole.  I learned the trick to getting the elements out without damage on the first one.  Don't just pull...carefully twist the element out of its channel.  Little back and forth twisting motions.  Did not damage a single channel.  Probably over zealous in the use of the element pins, but Skutt sent a whole lot with each element so I used more than what was first in it.  New thermocoupler, cleaned the outside case, painted the stand, cleaned and oiled the exhaust vent, it almost looks like a new kiln again.  So tomorrow a breakin firing with cone packs to check everything out.   

Raku Burner

25 March 2014 - 10:03 AM

I have an old Gare kiln  about 3 cu/ft that I am planning on making a raku kiln out of.  Since I'm a little flush from good Christmas sales I want to buy a Ward burner.  Which of these burners do I want? 


"With 1-8 PSI, the MR750 Single System is rated at 54,365 to 153,768 BTU's,           The MR100 is rated at 68,347 to 193,303 BTU's.


Probably will run them on propane, have gas available but will wait to see how all goes learning to fire the kiln.  Have already bought a digital pyrometer. 


Thanks for the help.

First Time With Underglaze

11 December 2013 - 11:35 AM

Picture is my first attempt using underglazes.  Granddaughter is a freshman at Vanderbilt, and I wanted to make her and her roommate something for Christmas.  Used B-Mix 6 already bisqued with Amaco underglazes.  Put 4 coats on then sprayed clear over it.  I was pleased with the way they came out, no smearing and the underglaze is bright.  Really surprised me since my hands shake and doing fine work is total concentration to paint a straight line. Attached File  P1000817.JPG   87.04KB   5 downloads

Red/orange Autumn Leaves

17 November 2013 - 03:36 PM

The leaves are finally starting to turn here in East Texas.  Some of the gums and maples have a beautiful red / orange color that would be a great glaze.  Is there such a combination in Cone 6 OX?

Would love to make a set of mugs like this, great for coffee on a cool autumn morning. 

Bottom Is Cupping Up

25 September 2013 - 09:03 PM

I was loading a bisque fire today and noticed that a 7" covered casserole that I had made about a month ago was cupped upwards in the middle instead of being flat on the bottom.  Why did this happen?  I put ware on sheetrock to dry, place the lid on the casserole, and if it is real hot outside loosely cover with a plastic sheet. ( We have just dropped into the low 90's after a month of close to 100.)  Using Laguna Speckled Buff, quite a big of grog.  The bottom is about 1/4 -3/16 thick, and I compress it well.  I am thinking the bottom dried too fast in relation to the rest of the casserole.   Any thoughts?