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Qotw: What Means "imperfection" To You?

Today, 10:19 AM

"Finding Beauty in Imperfection"


(Akira Satake)


What comes to mind when you read this sentence? A philosophical answer? A picture of one of your "imperfect" pieces? Imperfect beauty found in nature? I am curious....


Happy week everybody



Qotw: Is It "hands Off!" In Your Studio?

18 October 2016 - 10:37 AM

Good morning, afternoon, evening forum friends!


I am happy to announce a new question by our member Nerd:



(but he didn't tell us what exactly we may not touch in his studio).... Hmmmm.... Nerd?!!


How about in your own studio? List the top five things visitors aren't allowed to touch. For me it's:


1) the brick on the floor on the left side of my wheel. It's perfectly aligned with my left foot.

2) the switch for the spinning direction of the wheel

3) the scissors! (I hope my husband is reading this thread!!)

4) the top shelf of my cabinet (it's hanging loose....)

5) the washing machine (does that count?)


Have a wonderful week everybody!



Qotw: Ceramics In Action Pictures Anybody?

12 October 2016 - 04:45 AM

Good morning my friends. Here in my Italian home the weather is still fine and the temps approx. 19°C. But I hear that in Switzerland it's only 9°C and grey in grey. Sadly I have to drive back to Switzerland coming Saturday...


Today I have a new guest. Sydney Gee, who is new in the QOTW forum part and who is very welcome to the club! Her question is the following:


"I was wondering, has there been a ceramics in action forum board or qotw? I was thinking it would be cool to have a discussion where users can post photos of their pots in action, serving at weddings, morning mugs of coffee, planters...etc."


Well, yes, we all have ceramics in action, don't we?! Come on, brag a bit and show us your works in action.


Good idea for a question Sydney. Thank you!


Have all a happy week



Qotw: Are You Ransacking Trash Bins?

05 October 2016 - 04:53 AM

I just can see one or the other raising an eyebrow reading my QOTW :lol: :lol:


Others may laugh out loud, yelling YESSSSSS. And maybe there is one or the other saying "Me? Well... Ehm....never say never.....". Still others blush, look quickly to the left and right and ask themselves "how does she know?"


I know because I am doing the ransacking quite regularly. Not in normal trash bins of course (that was only written in the title of this QOTW to get your attention), but construction waste bins, skips, dumpsters etc. During the Symposium in Barcelona I found a few things in dumpsters I could use, and some of the Symposium group, mainly Robert and Steve, brought collected construction-waste-a potter-still-can-use almost every day. It's normal. It's us!


How about you? Are you or are you not rifling through dumpsters?


Happy week to everybody!





Qotw: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall?

27 September 2016 - 11:19 AM

Dear friends


I thank Pres from all my heart for taking over the QOTW for me for the time I was abroad. I had a good time in Spain, but 3 days into my Symposium in Barcelona my mother-in-law died in Switzerland, and the good times were saddened a bit.


I am back now and my question for you is: are you looking into a mirror while throwing? For checking on the shape of the object you're doing? Mirror or no mirror is a very personal thing I've learned. I myself am throwing without mirror, but my neck sometimes is hurting from bending my body to the right....


What about you all?


Love from Switzerland