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Qotw: Are We Potters Crazy?

Today, 10:51 AM

Two days ago I started a kiln... high fire... at least cone 8. You must know that the weather here is nice, well more than nice, it is summer and hot outside. I would say around 86 FF. Combine this heat and the heat of the kiln and you get the temps we have in the kitchen when I open the door to the basement, where the kiln is. When my hubby saw me programming the kiln he blanched. Next thing he said is: "you potters are a crazy bunch"! "Why can't you start high fire kilns only in wintertime??"


Yesssss, we are crazy! And what my hubby said in his distress was a compliment in my ears.


QOTW: Can you remember what people said to you, or about you as a potter, that sounded rude, but was, in your ear, more a compliment than an insult?


Enjoy what ever you do!



Qotw: Would You Laugh At Me If I Told You That I Am Using A Gg?

22 June 2016 - 06:46 AM

I remember, years ago, when other potters were here on the forum, that a few started to laugh at people who were using technical devices or, heaven forbid; a splashpan. I use a splashpan, otherwise I'd have to paint my studio every time after throwing.... And a month ago I bought myself the best technical device ever (well, not ever maybe): a GG! (sorry but I may not make advertisement here, but I guess you get what I mean). I make uneven chawan (remember: beauty lies in imperfection) and can't center them satisfactorily on my wheel. So GG is helping me now! In addition I can use it for carving my bi-discs in centering them on the GG and let the wheel spin very slowly, and then carve and use the movement! Very handy for lots of my ideas.


How about you? Are you using technical or other devices you know some people would laugh at you if they know?



Qotw: What Would Be The Title Of A Clay Book Of Yours?

08 June 2016 - 06:08 AM

Good morning, afternoon and evening my friends


Glazenerd has another funny question for us. BUT, as he writes to me: "I pose them with humor, but they are really intended to make people think about their craft".


So here is what Nerd is asking us to imagine:


"The Clay Publishing Co. has awarded a contract to write a book on your favorite subject about the clay arts. What will be the title of your new book?"


You all have a wonderful week!


Evelyne (and my guest: Nerd)

Qotw: Are You Already "thinking Big"?

01 June 2016 - 03:23 AM

Thank you all so much who wrote something nice or funny in the last QOTW about Tom. I still miss him muches!


I know this weeks question is a bit "Delphic": There is an e-course on the net called "THINK BIG", moderated by Molly Hatch and Ben Carter, which is mainly about "if you want to get further with your art, THINK BIG!" In the e-course you'll learn what to do and what NOT to do to be successful on the market. I attended both e-courses and think they are worth the time and money.


Then Antoinette Badenhorst is offering e-courses about how to work with porcelain, and lately she engaged guest teachers in her online classes, among others our own Marcia Selsor!


Marcia now is my next QOTW guest and is asking you all: Do you attend workshops? Would you sign up for online courses if reasonably priced? How do you feel about workshops and/or online courses or webinars? I'd like to see more discussion about classes like Think Big and want to know if the forum members are aware of it.


Are you aware of online classes on the net? I know we had a similar discussion lately, but I think it is important for the e-course providers to know if there is an audience for their ideas, and what kind of e-courses you would want to attend.How much you would be willing to pay. What you expect. Etc.


Have a good week everybody!



Is There A Community Challenge No. 6?

25 May 2016 - 01:44 AM

I was scrolling up and down the topic list and couldn't find the community challenge no. 6...


Joel? Anybody?