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Qotw: Do You Have A Question For Us?

21 March 2017 - 09:12 AM

My dear friends


The time has come to say goodbye... well, no, that's too melodramatic... Let's start again:


This will be my last QOTW. From next week on, my dear colleague Pres is taking over. It was two very interesting years with you all. Thank you from all my heart for your contributions, posts and for your loyalty!


Some of you helped me out when I was under time pressure and sent me ideas for questions, and all helped with the moderating. My kudos to you!


QOTW: would you be interested in submitting questions for your fellow potters? Don't send the questions now, just give me your thoughts about including the forum members more in the QOTW.


I will stay on the forum and will meet you again on Pres'QOTW thread.


A big thank you to Pres for immediately saying yes to taking over this thread. You are a dear friend, Pres!


Love to you all! :wub:



Qotw: What Shape Do You Prefer?

14 March 2017 - 02:02 PM

Dear fellow potters


Days and weeks fly so fast.... sigh


My today's guest is... tataaaaa.... our one and only and much beloved oldlady!


Her question(s) for us is the following:


What shape did you like most when you first started out? Have you made it recently and if so, do you still like it?


I myself started out with trying different shapes because I was still looking for an own language in clay. Later I discovered the tripods and the bi-discs and that's what I still like doing.


What about YOU?


Warm wishes for a nice week ahead.



Qotw: How, When Or Why Did You Start With Working In Clay?

07 March 2017 - 02:29 PM

Good morning, afternoon and evening my friends


This week I have another guest. It's RonSa and his question for us is:


 "How, when or why did you start with working in clay?"


I myself (this is Evelyne again) started alsmost 20 years ago, after I had to stop playing the piano and being a piano teacher because of problems with the right knee and the wrists. First it was kind of a therapy, but soon I got hooked and I learned the m├ętier from scratch. I still know: this is what I want to do till I am... well, approx. 105 years old.


How about you all?


Have a good week and thank you RonSa for the question!





Qotw: Are You Afraid Of The White Gold?

03 March 2017 - 11:16 AM

Hi everybody


I apologize! I was so excited that my hubby drove me to my Italian studio last Tuesday, and that I could mount and descent a few stairs with my broken-then-fixed-foot, that I (shame on me) forgot the QOTW. Mea culpa!


We do an easy one this rest of the week, ok?


Are you afraid of working with porcelain? Tell us about your first porcelain throwing, your experience, your tips and hints for beginners etc.


Thank you and have a good rest of the week and a wonderful weekend



Qotw: Are You Throwing Wearing Bling Bling?

22 February 2017 - 11:57 AM

Hello my forum friends


I love that "word" - bling bling. I learned about this Hip-Hop expression listening to a terrible shrieking, also called: song (well I was tied to a chair by my nephew :rolleyes:, so I had to listen).


My question has nothing to do with Hip-Hop but with throwing on a potters wheel, or hand building. I often see videos of people throwing with rings on their fingers, bracelet and watches on their wrist or necklaces dangling inches from the wheel. Before I start in my studio, I always first have to remove every jewelry I wear, even my wedding band. I cannot work wearing bling bling.


How about you? Are you wearing jewelry while in the studio?


Carpe Diem everybody!