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Qotw: Is The Cleaning Fairy Still Available On Etsy?

09 February 2016 - 01:51 PM

A few weeks ago I've read in the forum that some of our members change the filter in their respiratory mask only .... once in a blue moon :o


This let me to the questions: how often are you cleaning your studio?... changing filters?... are you taking the vacuum cleaner to the floor or are you sweeping it with water?... is your throwing wheel full of scrap for ages, or are you cleaning everything after every throwing session?.... are you - well, you get the picture.


Come on, fess up.... :D


Have a happy week! We just had a big storm....



Qotw: When Did You Last Use Nature As A Design/mark/whatever…?

03 February 2016 - 01:50 PM

Ooops, I am a day late. Sorry. Life got in the way....


This morning I tried, for the first time after the 2 surgeries, to throw on the wheel. Awwww, no good. It still hurts too much. So what I did is I went for a walk in the woods and collected different tree barks to use in future on objects.


When did YOU last use nature for your ceramics work?





Qotw: Can You Show Us A Cute Picture/video Of A Potters Kid?

26 January 2016 - 06:16 AM

Our last QOTW, and the "problems" a few of our potter mothers and fathers have with visiting children in their studios, gave me the idea for this weeks question:


I'd like to see the kids "playing with mud" (I know, I know, one doesn't say playing with mud anymore.... ;) ). It can be a picture of your own child or a picture/video found on the net. It should be cute and show the future clay masters....

If you don't want to show the face or your child, that's understandable. Take a pic of the hands or feet..89619eb394.jpg


Here is my contribution. Kids making moooooonsterssssss.....


Btw: if you'd rather take a pic of your clay obsessed cat or dog or parakeet.... feel free.


Have a great week everybody!





Qotw: Can You Work Undisturbed In Your Studio?

19 January 2016 - 09:09 AM

After 4 month of abstinence because of my carpal tunnel surgeries, I decided to start, slowly slowly, to hand build a chawan again this week. I just wanted to go down to my basement studio (part of the laundry, part of the wine cellar - you remember...) and prepare some black Spanish clay, and what did I see? My husband made a hot wash early this morning and the whole laundry is full of white and clean linen.....  :angry: Goodbye to working with black clay for the next few days....


Are you sharing your studio space as well, or do you have a room for yourself? If sharing, how do you cope with the need of others?... (a husband for example who is always doing the washing when I want to work with black clay....And don't tell me to do the washing myself ;))


Have a great week!



Qotw: What's Next On Your Bucket List?

12 January 2016 - 11:20 AM

Here we go again, a New Year, a new router (the old one burned through after a lightning bolt hit the telephone mast) and a new QOTW. Thank you Marcia for taking over the QOTW last week!


Is everybody here having a bucket list? And what I am most curious to know: what's next on your list?


A new kiln? A journey to the moon and back? Giving to the poor? Trying something totaly crazy? Or????


Have a great week everybody!