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Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

23 August 2016 - 11:22 AM

Good morning forum friends!


I am happy that Nerd helped me again with another of his QOTW's.


Now it's confessing time again: What is the biggest epic failure in your pottery career that taught you the biggest/best lesson?


*Pottery is one of a few avenues that failures teach you as much as success, perhaps more.


Who will be the ice breaker?


Have a wonderful week! I will be off to Barcelona Thursday (2 week symposium, 1 week congress). Marcia will be in my symposium too as well as other Potters Council members! WooHoo!


Pres is taking over the QOTW for the next 3 weeks. Thank you very much Pres! I appreciate your help very much!!



Qotw: Are You Showing Us The Best Piece You Made When Starting With Pottery?

17 August 2016 - 01:51 AM

Good morning my dear forum friends


My next guest is our one and only John Baymore (drum roll!! ...because in another life John was a famous drummer!). He asks us the following:


"Could we ask people who have been working with clay for at least 5 years, part time or full time, to post a picture of one of their best pieces from the FIRST ceramics classes that they ever took, whether that was a community ed class or college or with an apprenticeship or of course also if they are totally self-taught. I mean from their first 6 months of working with clay.

I think it would maybe be interesting to have a look back at where people started out..... and we can see where they are now... and if there were any "connections" that still showed in that path".


Oh yes, that would really be interesting to see and to discuss. John will be here to help me co-moderate and look at the pics that, I am sure, are rolling in like waves during high tide (that's my bit of poem for today...)


We are curious and are waiting patiently (NOT!) for the ice breaker....


Have a marvelous week everybody!


Evelyne and John


Qotw: Are There More Male Or Female "well Known" Potters?

09 August 2016 - 01:05 PM

Hi my friends, summer is almost over here in Switzerland. Already cold winds and lots of rain....


I was chatting with another potter the other day via email and a great QOTW came up. Here goes what the fellow potter asked:



QOTW: "Most of the potters on this forum and on similar websites everywhere else seem to be female.  Yet, the majority of "well known" potters seem to be male. Is that true, or just my own interpretation? 

If true, what is the cause"?


Something to think about in earnest.... What is your opinion?


Happy week to all of you!





Qotw: Clay Poem Anybody?

03 August 2016 - 10:41 AM

Awwwww, I am a day late. So sorry. Life got in the way big time...


We have (happy dance!) another great question from Glazenerd for the coming week. A real challenge! Get ready for a surprise. Here is what Nerd has for you:


"Potters are a creative bunch, always expressing themselves in the pieces they make. Perhaps it is time to use words to express the art we make.

QOTW: Write one stanza or an entire poem centered on any aspect of the clay arts"


Did I promise too much? A challenge indeed. My pencil is sharp, now how to start a clay poem.... Hmmmm....


How about you all? Are you already writing away?


Nerd did, and that's what he sent me (it is rhymed to "Twas the Night before Christmas"!... and it has to be finished still....) Here goes:


The Kiln Song


Twas the night of the firing,

And all through the studio,

Willemite was growing,

Even though it is pseudo.


When up through the controller,

The temps they did climb,

Even though my old elements,

Laid over like dimes.


On copper, on cobalt, on ZNO,

For tomorrow after is the art show,

On titanium, on silica and mango,

No time for reduction on this load.




Qotw: Are Our Expectations Too High?

26 July 2016 - 09:51 AM

Good day to you my friends.


I love it! Chilly, one of our forum members, wanted to reply to a question of another member (regarding a glazing issue) and thought "hey, that could be a good QOTW"! Thank you Chilly for sending the question to me and for being my guest for this week!


That's what Chilly sent me:

Pottery seems to be an art/craft where newbies have expectations greater than their starting skills.

When we first learn to write, we don't expect to produce a best-selling novel;
When learning to ride a horse or bike, we don't expect to take part in the Olympics the same year; Our first time at baking doesn't produce a three-tier wedding cake;

Why are expectations different for pottery?


Have a great week everybody!


Evelyne and Chilly