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#91020 Qotw: Is Your Artistic Practice A Product Of Genetics Or The Environment?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 18 August 2015 - 08:04 AM

Good morning America, good afternoon Europe, Africa and South Africa, good evening Australia and Asia


This week I am happy to present the question of another guest, our forum member Tom, aka TJR. He has the following question and challenge for us:


Is your artistic practice a product of genetics or the environment? Are you an artist despite your family or because of them?
In my family, I grew up in a beige house. Beige, carpet, drapes and couch. My mom added numbers together to relax. My dad was like McGiver, creative, resourceful,ingenious.
I am an artist, my sister is an interior designer, my other sister is a photographer.

What's YOUR story?



Thank you Tom for the idea of a great QOTW topic!



#90830 Hello From Oklahoma

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 14 August 2015 - 11:00 AM

Welcome ShellS! My friends Marcia and Tom already said it all. We will be here for you, and hope you can teach us one or the other thing too. Don't be shy around us. I am living in Switzerland, ok, in a town, but there are not many potters around here. So this forum is family to me too.


Btw: Ceramic Arts Daily is also a great source


with bookshops, DVD, downloadable DVD and, hey, check out Potters Council:


with lots of benefits.


Hope to see you around often.



#90828 Qotw: Which Song Plays There In The Background?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 14 August 2015 - 10:47 AM

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary. But!.... we are a couple already for 35 years. Now isn't that something!


Ok, back to our QOTW topic. I made a self-test today: you all know that I work without music or audio book or news or whatever that's stealing my concentration. So today I tried to listen to different kinds of music while trimming marbled pieces. I was listening to soul, rock, hard rock, country, classic, classic guitar and to "ländler" (landler) music. Ha! You don't know landler? This is the music I was growing up to. My grandparents, living in a mountain village, and quite a few of my uncles played that music at home. Here is a sample of that kind of music. I am sure you are laughing your head off about those weird Swiss people:



Outcome of the self-test: I stay with no music in my studio! I couldn't concentrate at all....



#90632 Qotw: Which Song Plays There In The Background?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 11 August 2015 - 10:02 AM

Sorry people but it's way too hot for a serious question. It's in the 107 F here and humidity towards 90 percent.... :wacko: (And I like to remind you: no AC allowed here. Please have some pity....). 


So this weeks question is easy: are you listening to music, radio news, audio books or maybe to your neighbours quarreling while working in your studio?


I myself am listening (involuntarily) to the latter way to often IMO.... :rolleyes: If they aren't quarreling, I love the silence in my studio! So no music or whatsoever for me. Silence and concentration. How about you? 



#89578 Community Challenge #2

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 26 July 2015 - 05:10 AM

I am already in the starting blocks for Challange #3 :lol: ....



#89576 Qotw: Would You Show Us A Picture Of Your Working Space?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 26 July 2015 - 05:01 AM

Rae: Diesel's pics are still upside down for me... I hope somebody turns them right side up.

Yes, you are completely right. A portable wheel and trash bin kiln is all we need, except clay, glaze and few tools. Or, instead of tools, our own hands! There is still a Gypsy coming to our home 2x/year to sharpen knifes, scissors and lawnmower blades. So if we would go from town to town, from street to street, with our portable things, we would be gypsy potters. Not a bad life! I would do it in the summer time. NOT in winter though.


Marci: I know where you live, and I think it's one of the hottest regions in North America, isn't it?!


Btw: I didn't want to start a discussion whether we in Switzerland and Europe are the better carers of the environment than others! I think it is absolutely essential that we care for our world. But everybody can start at his home and in the neighbourhood. With small and everyday things. Where I live in Italy for example, all the other homeowners (our neighbours) have big swimming pools. They don't live in those houses mind. Those are only holiday homes for them. So the swimmingpools will get used only for, say, 4 weeks in a year all in all. I think this is a waste of water that brings tears to my eyes. Of course it is hot in summer in Italy, but my hubby and I didn't even discuss about the possibility of building a swimming pool. No way we would ever build a nonsensical thing like a water tank to cool our skin in. Think of all the people who have not even water to drink or cook. So, you see, also European people can be absurd in building luxuries. Ok, end of ranting.... (It's out of topic anyway...)



#89130 Stretching Your Limits

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 19 July 2015 - 04:03 AM

I am struggling with the feet of my tripods and have to practice and pratice..... Since I want to give every tripod a special foot that relates to the form, it is hard to find feet forms that arent warping in the kiln or giving me other problems. But strangely I am always thinking of even more complicate feet forms than thinking of simpler ones. That's me, always looking for trouble.... :lol:


Good topic Pres!



#89128 " What Makes A Teabowl A Chawan" << John Baymore's N C E...

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 19 July 2015 - 03:55 AM

I have been at the original lecture in Providence and can tell you all that every one of the 31 minutes is worth it! Thank you John for a wonderful lecture and for the link to the video.



#89127 Happy Birthday John Baymore

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 19 July 2015 - 03:52 AM

(I know this is off topic and should not be copied or repeated, but John is such a valued and long member and has done so much for Potters Council, that I think that's ok with the admin. So: )



Happy Birthday to you dear John!



Thank you for everything you've done for PC and thank you for your friendship.


May all your wishes come true.




Evelyne and many many others...

#88588 Qotw: Would You Show Us A Picture Of Your Working Space?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 09 July 2015 - 03:11 AM

Wow, you all have so much space, so much light, a pug mill, air condition (!!!!!), colorful walls...... What great looking studios! Congrats and thank you for sharing. I hope that there will be still more forum users showing us their working space.


John: too bad you are our of pics! I would have loved to see your work space.


Marko: what's wrong with the vessel/pot? I think it is very nice. No wobbling. Why don't you like it?


Marcia: you will have problems to find a retiring home with so much space for a potter. You rather stay in your home!


Diesel: is that the name of those 2 cuties? I bought the poster a few years ago at the Jeff Koons exhibition in our Beyeler Museum near Basel. It is such a good start to a clay-day looking at those two bears.


Yesterday I drove to my Italian home. Heatwave also here. And, as in Switzerland, aircondition is forbidden in Europe in private homes. So we just have to suffer....


Sweaty hugs to you all!



#88471 Qotw: Would You Show Us A Picture Of Your Working Space?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 07 July 2015 - 01:13 PM

Boy, how fast the weeks fly by.... I just wrote the trash bin kiln question of the week and - zip - it's another Tuesday and here we go again....


Some of us work in their own studios (my dream!), some work in the garage or in the basement. I know a famous French ceramist who works at her kitchen table... My this weeks question is: where are YOU working and would you post a picture of your working space? If possible with a current piece you're working on in the picture too.


I myself work in the basement of our house. I occupy half of the laundry room and half of the wine cellar :lol: (no kidding!). My kiln is in the corridor of the basement. In the picture below you see the laundry room part (with a tripod under progress).


Now I'am curious how YOUR potter's workplace looks like!


Have a happy week (we just had a 2 weeks heatwave - sigh - with temps in the 104 F during day and 90F during night)...



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#87780 Qotw: • What Is The Best Advice Anyone Has Ever Given You?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 26 June 2015 - 08:08 AM

Thank you everybody for telling us what best-of advice you got in life. I'am tempted to copy/paste all of the above and make a pdf out of it. We could print it out and hang on the wall in our studios. How about that?! A lot of your posted advice is so encouraging!


One that is daily in front of my nose, so that I don't see it anymore, is a postcard from a friend, writing:


Life is short - live your dream!


I hope the sun is shining too were you live and that you can enjoy it!



#87681 Qotw: • What Is The Best Advice Anyone Has Ever Given You?

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 23 June 2015 - 11:18 AM

This weeks question is not only (but mainly) about clay and our insecurity at times.


The best advise I myself once got was: Never give up.


Similar to what Nelson Mandela once said: "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"


Did you get good advice too in your life? Would you share it with us?



#87422 Gustavo Pérez

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 19 June 2015 - 07:42 AM

Thank you Judith for sharing the video! Well, that's some dream studio of his! So much space, so much light... sigh...


Oh yes, that was a wonderful demo we got from Gustavo (together with Linda Christianson) at NCECA Providence. I didn't know my colleagues Pres and Tom were in the room too. I was sitting spellbound for 2 hours in the second row and could almost touch the objects Gustavo made. He is a very humble and nice person. I met him at the IAC conference in Dublin, and then again this year in Providence. In Dublin we sat at the same table over lunch and discussed ceramics, what else. A person that not ever put on the airs of a star.


(whispering to Tom: the "girl apprentice" was a boy. Long, pinned up hair and female feature, but definitely a young man.... ;) )


Chantay: oh, he made tools out of box cutters three and fivefold, to be able to cut parallel lines without messing up the clay. See my QOTW of April 14.... How come you have a surgical blade? :D



#86806 Community Challenge #2

Posted by Evelyne Schoenmann on 09 June 2015 - 05:25 AM

Final Entry - Evelyne Schoenmann


Here comes my contribution. A plant pot without the plant (apart from the leaves outside the pot...).


Grogged stoneware, sand rendering, 1x fired in electric kiln to cone 7. No glaze (clay color turns yellow when fired high).


Becky: you don't have to send the brownies all the way to Switzerland ;)





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