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In Topic: Qotw: What Makes Something Qualify As Hand Made?

28 July 2015 - 09:31 AM

John: we already opened Pandora's box with a smile on our face. We definitely open a can of worms too! :lol:


Amy: those are some very interesting thoughts of yours. Your example of the quilt: I wonder if there is some Guild that says what is original (what is allowed and what not)?

In Topic: Qotw: Would You Open Pandora's Box?

28 July 2015 - 09:24 AM

Rae: well yes, waiting is sooooo trying (for me at least). Are you good at waiting?


Lee: I don't know should I laugh out loud or wheep. So sad the box is broken, but such a brilliant picture for the topic! Thank you.

In Topic: Community Challenge #2

26 July 2015 - 05:10 AM

I am already in the starting blocks for Challange #3 :lol: ....



In Topic: Qotw: Do You Still Have Your First Piece?

26 July 2015 - 05:04 AM

I like the glaze Joel! Including the spotty blue and the irregular blue/brown patches!

In Topic: Qotw: Would You Show Us A Picture Of Your Working Space?

26 July 2015 - 05:01 AM

Rae: Diesel's pics are still upside down for me... I hope somebody turns them right side up.

Yes, you are completely right. A portable wheel and trash bin kiln is all we need, except clay, glaze and few tools. Or, instead of tools, our own hands! There is still a Gypsy coming to our home 2x/year to sharpen knifes, scissors and lawnmower blades. So if we would go from town to town, from street to street, with our portable things, we would be gypsy potters. Not a bad life! I would do it in the summer time. NOT in winter though.


Marci: I know where you live, and I think it's one of the hottest regions in North America, isn't it?!


Btw: I didn't want to start a discussion whether we in Switzerland and Europe are the better carers of the environment than others! I think it is absolutely essential that we care for our world. But everybody can start at his home and in the neighbourhood. With small and everyday things. Where I live in Italy for example, all the other homeowners (our neighbours) have big swimming pools. They don't live in those houses mind. Those are only holiday homes for them. So the swimmingpools will get used only for, say, 4 weeks in a year all in all. I think this is a waste of water that brings tears to my eyes. Of course it is hot in summer in Italy, but my hubby and I didn't even discuss about the possibility of building a swimming pool. No way we would ever build a nonsensical thing like a water tank to cool our skin in. Think of all the people who have not even water to drink or cook. So, you see, also European people can be absurd in building luxuries. Ok, end of ranting.... (It's out of topic anyway...)