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In Topic: Confess. How Many Of You Colored Outside The Lines As A Child?

Today, 07:24 AM

I had an early grade school encounter (1st or 2nd grade?) that affected me for YEARS. We were given a plain very simple bunny printout to color. I cut mine out glued it to colored construction paper, added a cotton ball tail, puffy clouds, flowers, grass. I gave it an environment to live in. Once done the teacher came by to collect them. She was furious with what I had done, I did not do as told and simply color the boring bunny. She made an example of me before the whole class. It was awful! From then on I did EXACTLY what the teachers said to do. For years I hid my "real" drawings. I knew I HAD to create but that fear of being ridiculed kept me hidden. It wasn't until my husband joked that the bed was getting higher on one side than the other because of all the art I kept shoving under there and that maybe I should dig out some and sell it did I even try.

All of this is one of the reasons why my signature almost always includes the quote, "The world is but a canvas to the imagination"

Embrace the world obliterate those lines and create what your soul tells you to.



That's an exact example of how children get bent to the ideas adults have of mediocrity. Pugaboo, take that Art out from under your bed!!

In Topic: Creating A Ice White Porcelain Clay Body

Today, 07:17 AM

lala: thank you for updating the profile. I was wondering whether you live in Europe, getting the Witgert porcelain.

In Topic: Do You Touch Things In Museums?

Today, 07:13 AM

Irene: 3 cm away from the painting and the alarm didn't sound? Lucky girl! You managed that guard very well! Thank you for your story.

In Topic: How Often To Clean Your Kiln?

Today, 07:10 AM

I have to admit that I vacuum the kiln (inside) after every firing, because I often use sand and marble dust on the clay. 

I check the elements after every firing.

I use new kiln wash on the shelves 1x/year. But I don't do glaze firings very often, only bisque and high fire porcelaine without glaze.

I think you are doing very good, Pugaboo, to be so organized. Kudos!!



In Topic: Humor: The Best Way To Learn!

Today, 07:00 AM

You know, I find it a pity, and sad, if we can't laugh about ourselves anymore. We all started to throw at one time and had the same problems as shown in the video. I found (and still find) it hilarious to see how I myself maybe looked or talked when I started to throw. I think it essential in life to be able to laugh/smile at faults we made in the past and how we were able to surmount them. Like every student will after a time of practise! I really hope that students who see this video are laughing too, pointing, saying: "that is soooo me"...


I just found this: "To laugh at one-self means to take one-self seriously while simultaneously being able to open up your mind"