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In Topic: Sugar/candy Raku

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

Here in Europe the couple Ed + Ine Knops are famous for their great Raku knowledge. Maybe you could send an email to Ed, asking him whether he knows something about sugar Raku?!







In Topic: The Dangers Of Advice Without Experience

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

Tyler, I think it's necessary that, from time to time, one or the other should bring up that theme (rant) of yours. It is important that people get the advise to only give advise, if one has a knowledge (out of experience!). Questions like: should the wheel turn clockwise or counterclockwise we all here on the forum can answer. But if a question concerns chemical elements, salts, minerals, metals etc., most of us should let the real (again, out of experience or schooling) experts answer those questions.

And, of course, what John said: check the source.


Thank you for being so honest in telling us your embarrassing stories. Great way to learn being humble!



In Topic: Ceramics In Tuscany Iv Trip

Yesterday, 08:15 AM

If possible (and if I may creep in the PC group for a few hours of course)  I'll come to the Obvara demo of Marcia.



In Topic: But, Dear, It's Only $36M And Our Anniversary Is Coming Soon

10 April 2014 - 11:31 AM

My husband told me yesterday to please stop doing pit firings and please please start doing hens and chicks :D


And, oh no, don't donate it to Ai. He will slap home paint on it..... I'am still angry at him.....



In Topic: Firing Organic Additions To Clay

10 April 2014 - 11:22 AM

Marc: yes, exactly. And thank you for the compliment! Very kind of you.


Kathy: awwww, a hood vent or a bendable "chimney" out the window is a must! Don't endanger your health.