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In Topic: Qotw: Is Your Artistic Practice A Product Of Genetics Or The Environment?

Today, 11:29 AM

John and all, this is so interesting! Not for the first time do I read a sentence like this: All I know is that when I touched clay in a ceramics 100 undergrad elective course in college.......  I had found "home".

It happened to me too, at the "methusalemian" (I just invented this word!) age of 45. (John, I was an interior decorater and then a musician too..).


Maybe the clay is looking for us?!

In Topic: Qotw: Does Your Work Have A Feminine Or A Masculine Look?

Today, 11:21 AM

Tyler: the story of the Freddy Mercury performance is a great way to show that: how we see something doesn't have to be the way somebody else is seeing it. And so: you can wedge "yourselve" into the clay as long as you like, if somebody wants to see a feminine part in it, they will and they do. I just find it interesting how we do it unconsciously....


Lee: yes, it's, in the end, up to the viewer. But isn't it interesting to go through our work and look for femininity and masculinity? .... and think about the time we made that particular piece? Maybe the time "when" we did a piece is telling us a lot about the shape we decided on?!


Giselle: well, that is another possible answer to the topic question: maybe we make what we think X, W or Z would like? And I love to read that your hubby "ordered" a special planter for his boss. That is a big compliment from him to you IMO!



In Topic: The Great Pottery Throw Down

Today, 11:03 AM

Chilly, you are right of course. It shouldn't be pirated. But if I write to our TV station and they ask me how many people would be interested in looking at people doing pottery.... :wacko: ...


And their answer would be: "we can't buy a series just for a few potters in Switzerland".


So, byebye Great pottery throw down....

In Topic: Ceramic Opportunities In Europe?

Today, 10:56 AM

Hello Dennison and welcome to the forum!


Could you please describe more precisely what exactly you are looking for? For how long? Which languages you are speaking? Where in Europe you want to stay (north, west, south, east). The more we know the better we can help. I know schools and studios in Europe, but I need to know more in which direction your ideas go. Keep me posted. Greetings from Switzerland.



In Topic: The Great Pottery Throw Down

21 November 2015 - 11:56 AM

:lol:  Yeaaaaahhhh, thanks Pugaboo for the link. Just watched Episode 3. I must admit shamefully that I was making fun about the Pottery throw down program when it started. Now I think we all can learn a lot about looking, listening, imagining, working under pressure, camaraderie and having fun with clay.


Thank you to all here who provide links to the videos! Keep them coming please....


Paul: I have problems to understand the English version of the rock star!