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In Topic: Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?

Yesterday, 04:08 AM

oldlady: thank you very much for the explanation (and for the correct terms...). You know, I once bought Bill van Gilders tool you mention. Great tool! And regarding the putty: in the meantime I know that something similar here is named Fimo. But I don't think that you can put Fimo in the baking oven?! I guess it just hardens when you leave it in the open air....


Giselle: I just told oldlady that we can buy Fimo here in Switzerland, but I don't think you can bake it.... I had a look at your stamps. Impressive! here is already a maker's mark thread somewhere... Let me see.... 






karenk: since we are many here who are doing raku, would you mind posting a picture of your tile-tree? I'am very intrigued! Are you first taking the whole tree out of the hot kiln and then the tiles?



In Topic: I Have My Garden Of Shame

Yesterday, 03:57 AM

I just want to comment on the word "shame". Nothing we do that doesn't meet the MOMA standard is shame. It isn't quite what it should be?... we can call it second or third. But personally I feel that when you put all your might and will into doing something, and it just wasn't your day, that's no shame! All your pieces are precious. One maybe a bit more than the other.


And what karenk said, of course :)



In Topic: Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?

02 May 2015 - 08:12 AM

Giselle: thank you for the videos! I have bought his hack saw blades (5 different shapes) and I am very content with them. Super sharp!! That is such a nice story Giselle, you setting up a pottery studio together with your retired father. I wish you two all the best and a happy time together. Is your Dad a Potters Council member too? You two could profit from all the benefits!


I like to read how many tools you are making yourself. Kudos to you! We don't have Sculpey here in Switzerland. What would that be here? What is the material?



In Topic: Is Your Art Influenced By Ancient Works?

02 May 2015 - 08:02 AM

Alabama, I'am defilitely intrigued and I would appreciate if you cold post pictures. So no real pit but a so called misnomer pit. How long are you firing the pots in that woodfire? I will send you a how to do list by p.m. (tomorrow or Monday) so that you can post pictures faster...


Lee: that is certainly a plus, living in towns with such a lot of museums. Only a few weeks ago I have been in the MET in N.Y. and the MFA in Boston, in each of them a whole day, and I fear I have seen but a very small part of the museums. The tribe art is very interesting and I think we can learn a lot from them. Are there really shapes we didn't invent yet? Hmmmm, that would be a perfect Question of the Week question.

In Topic: Do You Touch Things In Museums?

02 May 2015 - 07:49 AM

sparklingmango: thank you for the positiv response and for the encouragement to touch things in museums. Also that other museums have possibilities (and encourage people) to touch is great. If I'am in England one day, I will come to your museum!


I was a bit reluctant to answer this post because I don't want to hurt mregecko's feelings. He is totally against touching things. Tell me sparklingmango: are the pieces in your museum not protected with alarm systems? The big bowl I touched was standing free, not behind glass, and it still was protected with an alarm. Different museums handle this question very differently I guess.