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In Topic: Shoulder Tendonitis/Bursitis

04 April 2012 - 11:25 AM

I'm too young to have these kinds of issues!

Since I got my wheel at home, I'm noticing that my right shoulder has an ache.... kinda right inside the joint and sometimes the dull pain goes down to my elbow.

I'm 100% certain it's related to more time on the wheel. I asked my friend, an orthopedist's assistant, about it, she said it was probably tendonitis/bursitis of that shoulder tendon/bursa.... But there's not a lot that can be done, short of surgery, which I'm not anywhere close to needing.... that, and NSAID pain relievers (Advil does help).

Surely, some of you all suffer from the same issues. Does anyone know any exercises that can help reduce stress on that joint? I'd rather not grow reliant on Advil. I don't like to take meds if I don't have to, and would prefer a more proactive route to helping with this.


Hi Melissa, coincidentally, I had shoulder surgery in November, 2011, due to the same maladies you have. You need to ice your shoulder. There are exercises that you can do; however, I suggest that you stop for a little while, as it won't get better unless you treat it. Also, make sure you are using your arms and hands properly while using the wheel. If you are not, even though you think so, it can harm you. Please take care of it now, because it will get worse. I of course, had a tear on my shoulder, which did not help. After surgery, 4 months ago, I am still on physical therapy and I am still have bursitis, tendonitis and a tear somewhere else. The doctor wants me to lay low for some time, therefore I can't use the wheel yet, and someone is helping me with the alb roller, etc. Ibuoproferin or Nsaid medication helps with inflammation, but most importantly, you need to lay low for a while. Ice it and look in the internet for exercises you can do at home. If it continues, please go and see a doctor. As you had said, you are too young. It will not get better!

In Topic: Disappointed in my new wheel

15 March 2012 - 01:33 PM

Whacking a wheel head to true it up is not anything one should ever do-EVER
As this is a new (demo) purchase and after talking to the owner (not e-mail) tell him you will pay the C/C process fees (up to 4-5%). Be polite and firm as selling a wheel with a bent shaft even as a demo is not ok.
Call the owner (not-e-mail) and offer the C/C processing fees. I looked up your post on this as I had sent you a PM on my thoughts.
I could not tell weather this supplier had the VL wheel? if they do they can sell that to you and still be happy. If its with someone else to bad for them.
You still hold all the cards as you can call your credit card company for up to 2-3 months and contest the sale as bad -mention the faulty wheel and that it was 7 years old.(no one should ever sell a wheel that need hitting with a mallet) They will refund the charge to you if you have paid it already-if not contest before paying-either way you take the wheel back to supplier after talking to your c/c company.-Tell the owner you would rather let them make this right but only give then a very short time to make it right.
Give him a chance before doing this.
I am sorry you had to go thru this. If it was me I'd want to use that mallet on something other than a wheel head if you get my meaning.
When you use a credit card you have most of the rights so do not let this get you down as you will come out on top.

Yes Mark, I appreciated your thoughts. And did take them under consideration. Thank you.
My gut told me it was the wrong thing to do right after I'd done it. Perhaps that's why it took me 8 days to set it up.
This supplier was unwilling to meet the price on the VL-Lite. He said "that's a good price and I can't match it". He was willing to do a deal on a demo Skutt, but not anywhere near the price I could get from Clay-King on the VL-Lite. And now, with my experience and his demo wheels, I'll not be going that route again.

I would hate to burn this bridge, so I'm really hoping the owner and I can work things out. But there is another supplier in town that is nearer to me.

Look, it is the owner who needs to be concerned about burning bridges, not you. Your only concern is to get what you need at the price you can afford. I imagine that Mr. Owner is playing on your gullibility. Go elsewhere if need be. Anywhere you spend your money will support someones business. Local shmocal, if they are willing to rip you off.

Don't worry anymore. Call the credit card company and stop payment that charge. This is one of the benefits of paying with a c card. Do not spend anymore time dealing with the seller. You did not get what you paid for, and they do not want to respond to you. Believe me, after the credit card starts corresponding with them, they will pay attention to your problem. Please do it very soon, and forget about trying to reason with them. Sometimes we get what we paid for, and I know it was not cheap. Good luck!!

In Topic: Hi, sgraffito questions to ask

15 March 2012 - 10:12 AM

Morning everyone,
I'm using the method of sgraffito to design my doodles into my clay tiles as part of my senior BA thesis. I've been using glazes which are think to thin and both glazes have been put through an fine shifter. As an result, my sgraffito designs arent showing as much! They either melt together the glaze that is, or the designs are fuzzy and hard to make out! Should I be using slip instead of glaze? I'm not sure what to do for now and your commits would very much be welcomed! Thank you all in advance!

P.s. I've been firing at cone 6
P.s.s. I couldn't upload my imges, with my iPad sorry :0(

I have done a lot of art work using sgraffito designs. I love it; however, I use underglaze and greenware pieces. The first fire after applying the underglaze is at 019. Then I do the design and fire the piece at 03. Of course, because you used an underglaze, you most now use a clear glaze after that second fire and fire it again. To fire follow the cone instructions for that last coat of glaze. Try it, and let me know. I have pictures to share if you want me to send it to you, please write to me at [email protected], and I will provide my final results. Hope this helps.!! I am trying to send you a picture of one of my final products. All my sgraffittos are my own designs.

In Topic: What music do you listen to in the studio?

17 August 2011 - 04:38 PM

I am just curious is anyone has specific songs, or types of music they like to listen to while working in the studio? I remember that when I fist did pottery in Japan my instructor always had music playing in the background. So what do you listen to?



I love to work with music. For the most part I like classic music, and love opera. However, at times, I also play Lady Gaga music. I think it will depend on how you feel that day. Good lick with your listening!!!

In Topic: If you were a piece of pottery, would you be sculptural or functional? Why? |...

03 August 2011 - 08:17 AM

[quote name='Chris Campbell' date='01 August 2011 - 09:12 AM' timestamp='1312207948' post='7710']
Thanks for the great responses to our first question!

We are looking forward to reading what our Forum friends have to say this week. Don't be shy, we all want to hear from you.
What is your take on this next question ...

If you were a piece of pottery, would you be sculptural or functional?

I will be a sculptural piece. I love art and to look at it make me happy. That said, I love to create pieces that are functional. Go figure!!