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Recipes From Britt's Mid Range Glazes In .xml Format.

27 June 2015 - 10:08 PM

  I have John Britt's book Mastering mid-range glazes and love it. 
  I would like to look at some of those glazes in Insight but I really am NOT excited about hand entering them.   Does anyone know of a source of his glazes in  .XML format so that can be easily uploaded into Insight?

Lid Making Tool

12 June 2015 - 01:23 PM

  I tried Peters drop lid making technique. I could never get the clay centered enough on the hump  mold..   So I extended the idea a bit. I put three small countersink bolts from the bottom of a plastic bat,.   1 on center and 2 of them about 1.5 inches out from center. Then I made a series of hump molds on top of that bat (so I was sure the pin holes were lined up),  similar to Peter's, for different size lids. 
You can put a slab of clay over it or just a lump on top to center and shape.
  This gadget makes very thin, even lids quickly. The thing I like best is that you can add knobs, and decoration in the same operation.

$40 "envirovent" For Electric Kiln

12 June 2015 - 01:05 PM

  Here are some pictures of an "enviroevent" that I built for my Skutt 1227 kiln 
  Total cost was about $40, most of which was for the blower off of ebay. 
  It works very well.

$20 Vertical Slab Roller That Takes Very Little Space.

12 June 2015 - 12:57 PM

  Here are some pictures of a small vertical slab roller I built, which takes almost no studio space.  I have it mounted on the end of some steel shelving, but it could be mounted on a wall.. 
It requires no welding  and just a little drilling and bending of. strap metal.   The most expensive part was the canvas. It is powered by my big foot and 200 lbs
  If anyone is interest, I would be glad to explain it in more detail.

How Does This Potter Produce This Effect?

09 June 2015 - 12:16 PM

When I was on vacation in Springdale Utah, we went to some art galleries? 
  One guy was doing some pretty fantastic stuff, so I took a lot of pictures.   I've been trying to figure out some of his techniques. 
 One of his procedures that I can't figure out is how he's making the white slip lines sag so evenly in two or three spots. He does similar things on a lot of his work? Two pictures attached.
I have tried dragging a feather, stick or brush over the parallel lines of glaze. This produces a more smeared or narrow pattern vs the even movement toward the center of the platter.
  Do you have any idea how he makes this happen.